Monday, September 28, 2009

Atmospheric Pressures...

I wrote yesterday that I knew that what my problem was. I knew it was atmospheric.
I even went so far as to ask if there was a full moon. :-)
There wasn't -- but I was still right.

I know ... no...that's not right..


That I can handle things, kids, life while The Professor's gone. It's a good thing, too, because he'll be gone again in October.

I know that I miss him because he does so much around the house. He's the one that keeps my grounded when my thoughts and daydreams keep my head in the clouds. He's the one that listens to my deepest thoughts when things are not going my way. He remembers to make drinks for the kids. He remembers to clean out the sink ... he'll clean out the cat box.

And while I miss him -- my life does not end when he's gone. I am capable.

Most of the time. Most of the time I meet his absence with a determination.

Friday, the blues started. I don't know what else to call it - except maybe a low pressure system hovered over my house. The kids felt it, too.

Sunday it all culminated...all to keep me from church. Seriously. It almost worked.
I could have had church here in the house.

God really isn't bound by a building... but I had a divine appointment. And I decided to press on.

I worshipped my heart out. I praised. I shouted. I rejoiced. My kids had fun. (They were still wired at 10:30pm.) In those actions, the atmosphere shifted. Holy Spirit blew some clouds away and this morning, things are different.

The low pressure system that pushed on me has lifted. It had to go. It really did - and I don't know why it was here in the first place -- EXCEPT, to steal my joy, to make me dread the week ahead, to make me opt out of going to church, to ruin my day, to rob me of time with my kids, to put chinks in my relationships... it was one heck of a low pressure system.

I heard someone say today, "....Then Faith starts to rise up - and you realize that you've just come through something..and you start to worship from that new place."

I liked that.
It ministered to me.
I feel like that. I feel like that today -- that all of what has happened since Friday -- the challenges, the oppression, the was all part of "something".

I just came out of 'something' -- and my faith is rising up new
and all is well with my world.

I like the following video.
It really does show how clouds keep moving - the wind keeps blowing - the earth keeps spinning. Even the worst of storms pass over.

And the calmest part of the storm is in the center of the eye. -- but that's another topic for another day.

This whole atmosphere thing - it could preach.
I know several others have preached and taught on it..

for me - I'm glad that it's a new week.
I'm glad that things are yellow again. :-)


Katidids said...

Awesome post! Your right God is wherever you seek him.What is even better is days like yesterday and your children were part of it. I love it when he comes to visit...unless I'm in trouble LOL!

TobyBo said...

how I wish I knew enough coding to comment in sunshiney yellow. :D

Mother Mayhem said...

Glad that things are yellow! :o)

Dapoppins said...

I feel like I have just come out of 10 years of bad weather. Look, is that the sun?