Friday, January 6, 2012

There be Dragons....

Okay - so sometimes I remember to throw in the extra stuff that's more fun than it is important. Except that we're still having problems saying our "r's" around here....

It's getting better - but there are times of speed talking that an interpreter is needed.

Or a babel fish.

A tic-tac-toe game with J-man led to Mini-E's insistence that she get to play, too.

Except -- She cheats.

I kid you not.

Of course, she's also not very good at it. She's 5 and I'm still (mostly) smarter than a 5 year old. 

There was only one place to play, and she knew it. That one place for me to put my token and win the game... 

Except.. there was something in the way.

Her finger....and .... another tactic

"You can't play there mom..... It's scary."

She won by cute default.