Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Looking for Yellow

If you remember (and if you don't that's cool, too) I have a thing for yellow.

It's the color of Hope.

When Toby mentioned looking for yellow after my last post, I started looking....and realized how boring my neighborhood really is. It's mostly green. and flat.

No yellow...and I wasn't sure where to drive to discover yellow... so I decided to discover yellow at home...

So what follows is part of my hunt for yellow...

Golden Delicious Apples - oh, look. Behind the faucet, a yellow scrubber handle
Yellow pages arrived just when I needed a picture of something yellow. Cool.
BananaGrams!! (Yes. I know the fish tank needs to be cleaned. shh. Focus on the yellow)
Yellow Fruit Roll ups

G-man's Rubber band ball, with Yellow rubber bands..

When I told the kids what I was doing - they offered to help. ... They offered TOO much... So I had to be selective...hard to do in this tiny room.

and then there is:

It's an underwater explorer vehicle...

Otherwise known as a yellow submarine...

And one thing I can promise..... whenever we're looking for hope in the midst of a struggle - The Sun really will shine. The waiting isn't easy - but I know it's out there..