Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Professor...

Guess who's home??
I took this picture on Friday - I wish I could show you how fast that little tail was wagging.

Then there was the mob scene at the door. He's barely gotten it shut before he's squished in hugs. Sometimes, it's a one hug at a time, other times, it's not.

It came to my attention that you might not know what The Professor looks like.
Today - on his 39th Birthday - I thought I'd show you:

Drum roll please

Allow me to introduce you to the Professor.
He got his blog nickname from a former co-worker and it suited him so much that I had to use it for his moniker. He's got the teaching gift.

Today, he is 39.

I told him last night, "I'm going to blog about you."
"Me?" he sounded a bit worried, "Why would you blog about me?"
"To talk about how wonderful you are."
He just chuckled.

I gotta tell you - he's not perfect - but he's perfect for me.
He will do the dishes, laundry, babysit the kids so I can get out (often times he encourages it), he'll work so that we can homeschool, he'll cook dinner, he'll mow the grass, he even helps me with stuff that might need to be done for my parents (his are two states away.)

He's got God's Heart. He encourages me when I'm down or blue.
He never thinks of me negatively.
He thinks I'm pretty.
He loves me - and allows me to be me (which can be pretty trying for him, I'm sure).

If I were a balloon, he'd be the weight I'd be tied to. He'd let me soar all I wanted and manage to keep me grounded.

he lets me call him when I'm frustrated.

He treats me like a queen.

I am just nuts about him.
Today he had gifts. Tomorrow we go out to celebrate.
I hope his 39th year is a great one.

Happy Birthday, Professor!
I'm glad you're mine.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Consistency is the Key

G-man has been consistent in telling me that something was wrong with his eyes. They would get blurry and he would complain of headaches. So, I took him to the eye doctor.

I was a bit nervous about taking him to the place we go - because it's an assembly line kind of place, even though they do treat children.

As I was sitting there watching G-man turn in circles in front of the giant mirror (he was talking about dizziness and the fact that dizziness comes from the fluid in your ear spinning even after you stopped).

In walked the optometrist. I love this guy. I've seen him every time I go in for my eye exams. Twice I went in during a serious state football game. He was Ti-voing it. (That's a verb, now? Right?) and he didn't want to talk about it.

He took good care of G-man. (Yes, Jesus Loves me!!)

G has a bit of an astigmatism. He's neither near sighted or far sighted. He'll need the glasses when doing a lot of school work or video gaming.

Today we picked them up.
He was looking down and I thought -- wow. He's got such great eyes. I had to snap this one:

laundry Dog

Shaggy is the best dog for the laundry pile. I just had to snap this picture of him asleep on the laundry.

Mini-Me has told me that he's the perfect dog. He likes to play AND snuggle. She was playing with him and I kept hearing her say "I'm so glad we have Shaggy." "Thanks for letting us get a dog!" "I'm so glad we have a shih-tzu!"

Today, she was sitting on the couch, making water molecules from construction paper oxygen and hydrogen atoms, and Shaggy snuggled up next to her and put his head on her foot to snooze.

He's just the perfect dog for our Laundry Pile.

Now if we can just get the cat to agree....As she watches from on high -- wondering how she can get the fish, get rid of the dog and let the hamster out of his cage.

Birthday Recap

I'm still recovering from the fact that G-man is 8, I just had to recap his birthday. It was quite the adventure. It started as it always does, "What kind of cake do you want?"

He wanted easy. He wanted a cake any boy would love.

He wanted blue.
He wanted superman.
I can do that.

In retrospect, I laugh at my confidence.

The night before, my brother (Uncle Kick-butt) and I went shopping. I found drumsticks and a mini-flashlight, and my brother bought him a game for the wii. He wanted to buy THE. Perfect. Gift. It couldn't be second best. It couldn't be just liked. It had to be, hands down, The. Best. (it was.)

While out and about, I picked up supplies to make the blue, superman cake. I made up the cake. I prepped a platter for a great presentation....and I turned the cake upside down...and well...

It wasn't pretty.
I wanted to cry.
I almost did.

I called the professor and told him that I was going to go to the store and just BUY one.
Then I came to my senses and decided I didn't want to load up 4 kids on a hot day - just to run to the store - on a very busy day - when they needed naps..
and yes, that's the way my brain works.

So I made another one.
Attempt #2 did not fall apart on impact.
Then I decorated it...and well, I can be a perfectionist.

I didn't really like it - but it tasted good. The kids liked it... I guess that's all that mattered. It does look good for icing out of a can.

He also only had a few requests for his birthday and he got them. He wanted spy stuff.
He got some. (we spent a very long time playing with them, too.) and He wanted a wii-remote (or wii-mote for those of us that are easily amused). He got one from Grandma.

Over all, he was pleased. And surprised when he opened up the critter box that I'd kept from PetSmart..and found a raccoon.
Webkinz, that is. Named Sly Cooper. After a favorite PS2 game.

All in all - he had a great birthday.
And he's having a blast being 8.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Guess who is 8...

He came to me today, with much excitement in his voice. "I'm 8 today! I can't believe it! I'm 8 today!"

I can't believe it either.

G has boundless energy that can not be contained. He overflows with creativity and exuberance. And a love for Jesus that can not be faked or imagined. He will be passionate for Jesus when he gets older because he's got quite a lot of it already.

He has decided that he wants to be an architect/builder/spy when he gets older. For his birthday he requested spy equipment and a wii remote of his very own. (He's getting both, shhh, don't tell him.)

I'm not entirely sure what schooling we need to have in order to be that combo of things, but it will happen if he wants it to happen.

As you can see, he's already working on his costume for the future. (He did end up modifying the feathers to pipe cleaners to be laser guns)

He is G, the dragon-slayer and un-containable.
And you know what? My eyes tear up at the thought -- I wouldn't have it any other way.

Happy Birthday, G!
I hope you Enjoy being 8!!

Edited to add a conversation I just had with him: I'm so glad to be 8! I feel.... Bigger!
"Really?" I asked. "Do you feel different than you did when you were 7?" (Thinking to myself that it was all of one day ago.)

"YEAH! I do. I'm Bigger and I'll get to play different games." I did not laugh. I am proud of that. He was so EARNEST and sincere..I just had to say, "Well, I'm glad."

Then as he helped carry in the few groceries we needed for dinner tonight (Tacos!) he said: "I feel STRONGER!"

8 is going to be a fantastic year!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Birthday Gift??

Maybe I should have asked for THIS as my birthday gift.
I can see sooo many possibilities.