Thursday, June 26, 2008

Consistency is the Key

G-man has been consistent in telling me that something was wrong with his eyes. They would get blurry and he would complain of headaches. So, I took him to the eye doctor.

I was a bit nervous about taking him to the place we go - because it's an assembly line kind of place, even though they do treat children.

As I was sitting there watching G-man turn in circles in front of the giant mirror (he was talking about dizziness and the fact that dizziness comes from the fluid in your ear spinning even after you stopped).

In walked the optometrist. I love this guy. I've seen him every time I go in for my eye exams. Twice I went in during a serious state football game. He was Ti-voing it. (That's a verb, now? Right?) and he didn't want to talk about it.

He took good care of G-man. (Yes, Jesus Loves me!!)

G has a bit of an astigmatism. He's neither near sighted or far sighted. He'll need the glasses when doing a lot of school work or video gaming.

Today we picked them up.
He was looking down and I thought -- wow. He's got such great eyes. I had to snap this one:


Monkey Giggles said...

He looks very nice in his new glasses.

Growin' with it said...

how adorable he looks! and i bet how wonderful life looks for him now. glad you found all that out for him.

Anonymous said...

I remember when my boy got his first glasses. He was in 1st grade and it broke my heart. His beautiful eyes!!! I hated covering them up. Then I saw how cute he was in them and it made me feel so much better.

He still wears them, and he is 17 now. And he is still cute :)

So is your boy. Cute as can be.

Paula Vince said...

When I started reading this, I immediately thought it sounded like astigmatism, which I have too, although it wasn't a problem until I was in my late twenties.
G-man sure does look cute in his glasses and I hope he's proud of them.

Halfmoon Girl said...

Great glasses and beautiful lashes!