Thursday, May 31, 2007

A totally random Day

It was a totally random day here in the Laundry Pile. Isn't it amazing how holidays can throw off the mental map of your week?
We had speech therapy on Tuesday. (Which I kept referring to as Monday)
We had Dentist appointments for Mini-Me & G on Wednesday. Which seemed like Tuesday.
And today -- well, why should today be any different?
We did a wee bit of school work this morning...and then in a moment of free time - the kids started bickering. So we went to the post office and pharmacy. We got home and I had a brilliant thought - Hair Cuts!

Mini-E was looking at me through her bangs - so I called to see if our favorite place was open - and we got an appointment for 40 minutes later. We dash in the house to get diaper bags and shoes.

The postoffice and pharmacy trips were drive-up affairs - no shoes necessary.

G, J-man & Mini-E all got hair cuts - and we came home and the littles took naps and the bigs did school work.

I looked at our next curriculum and tried not to feel daunted at starting a new task - because I don't feel I've done a very good job with this last task I had.

I'm still not sure what our ratio of school days to non-School days will be like...but we'll definitely be doing something this summer.

I'm way behind in my blog commenting and I'm sorry. I've been reading lots -- especially when I eat - but that doesn't give me oodles of time to comment. I'm here - and enjoying my blogger buds. Keep me amused!!

Off to do something else random -- I just don't know what it is yet.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tackle It Tuesday - Garage

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

While the kids were sick last week, we didn't get much accomplished. But there was one day - that I had an inspiration.

The kids had been asking to play with their legos and their wooden train set. "Where" was my number one question. My mom had always been telling me that we should just make a room out of the garage - especially since we weren't parking in the garage.

Last week -I tackled it. We had a relatively good day, as far as every one being happy, so I started moving things around. Pretty soon I had an empty place and let them play in the flat hard surface. They put together a giant train track. And got covered in gray, garage dust. So I had to put something down. The professor, all the way in California, suggested astro turf. To Lowe's I went. Astroturf, at Lowe's, has the same backing as indoor/outdoor carpet and the professor didn't want carpeting - for concern with mold/mildew.

Lowe's had a nice subsitute. Foam flooring. Waterproof and washable. This first picture - was taken with my cell phone. It doesn't show the play place in it's "glamour" but they had a blast.

Then I discovered that I could move the christmas ornaments out to the shed where The Professor has been storing his office stuff.

So then we had a bit more room.

It still looks like a garage - but now we can play legos and set up train tracks.

I'm going to get rid of some child-sized chairs and we're going to hang up the adult bikes to get them out of the way -- and pretty soon, we'll have it just the way we want it.

I need to get a bigger fan to blow air on the hotter days, and playing out there won't be a good thing on hot days in late summer - but right now - it's the best place to play (as it's been rainy). We can even lock out the little kids so the big kids can build Tall lego towers. They even got the tinker toys back out. They've had picnics out there.. and Mini-E likes to go out and just dance in circles.

It's nice to get the garage's something I've been putting off.
Oh - that black trash basket - holds rescue heroes.

Here's another view to show that it still looks like a garage. The kids don't mind, though.

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Friday, May 25, 2007


When you read this - I think my family will be back to "Normal for us" - Finally.

This virus that the littles had was painful for them...but I believe it's finally going away. Of course, I've been believing it was going away for about a week now. It made life interesting around here. Several times during this week, I had both of them sitting in my lap. There's not nearly enough room in my lap for 3 of us. E, J & Me. It got crowded. Today was the best day - we even managed to get some school work done.

We'll probably stay away from the nursery at church for one more week, just to play it safe. The closest thing we came to sharing our germs was to make a dash to Wal-Mart. I did smear Germ-X on the basket handle and wherever Mini-E might have touched before I put it in the basket return.

While bein' healthy around here makes me happy, hopeful and something else that will happen will be:

The Return of the Professor! Finally!

<---------- Happy Danicing!! He's been in California all week. (he left Sunday morning early) He was in training on how to be a structural specialist responding to an emergency.

He'll be one of the guys looking at the building saying where it's safe or not safe..or even if it's safe at all.

With him being gone, I had no back up. I missed him. Praise the Lord for my mom who came up on Wednesday to let me take a nap.

Combine his goneness (new word - just made it up, whatcha think?) with the sickness of the Little ones and their not sleeping... Let me tell you- I am one very Grateful Laundry Keeper.

The professor is handy to have around.
He'll get up in the mornings with the kids.
He'll rock babies - even in the middle of the night.
He makes koolaid.
He does dishes.
He does Laundry -
(though, maybe not to Laundry Keeper standards - it's still helpful at times.)
He cooks.
He dishes out drinks.
He lets me go to Bible Studies while he watches the kids.
He mows the grass.
He kills bugs.
He builds things.
He makes me laugh.
He listens to me think.
He encourages me.
He believes in me.
He loves me.
Okay. I admit it.
I'm spoiled.
You may call me: - Glitter Graphics, My Chemical Romance, Glitter Love, MySpace Graphics, MySpace Codes, MySpace layouts, Doll Codes, Glitter Words
I can totally hear Thoughtful thinking -'Yea, princess with an attitude!'
and yes, That's me!! Couldn't find it in blinkie form.

I know that I wonder if I am appreciated more when I return home from an absence. After this week, I have to tell the world, I so appreciate all that he does.
I appreciate him so much, I'm thinking of leaving him with all 4 kids on Saturday.
All Hail! The Professor Returns!!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

100 Things about me - Revised

Of course, it's all about me - but I've narrowed it down to 100.
I've tried to revise it a bit since the time I posted it originally.

1. I am the eldest of 3 children
2. My sibs are boys
3. I thought this list would be easy but it's not.
4. I wrote this on a dare. Seriously.
5. I started writing this in a serious manner...just the facts, ma'am....
6. But I can't stay serious very long.
7. Unless I'm in a melancholy mood.
8. And then I'm serious - but not much fun - just serious. And kind of mopey.
9. I like puns. Good puns.
10.I met my hubby on Valentine's day, 1997
11. I met him at a hockey game.
12. I had planned to meet him there - it wasn't a fluke.
13. I said yes to his proposal at the Azalea park in Muskogee in May.
14. I married him in July.
15. I spent my honeymoon at Six Flags
16. It was hot there.
17. I'm not overly fond of hot weather.
18. I'm not fond of heights either.
19. I had a good time, despite the heat.
20. I can't believe we've been married for 10 years coming up in July.
21. I also can't believe that there's so much that we still need to learn despite our 10 years of marriage.
22. I had my first baby in October 1998.
23. She came on time.
24. She got stuck.
25. After hours and hours of labor - I was too tired to push her out.
26. I'm not overly fond of my first OB
27. My husband threatened him.
28. I had a new anesthesiologist to do the spinal for the c-section.
29. She had the darkest hair.
30. Baby #2 came in 2000.
31. I dilated to a 9.
32. He wouldn't drop.
33. I had another c-section.
34. I don't mind c-sections.
35. I'm rather fond of them, in fact.
36. I had 2 more c-sections with babies #3 & #4
37. I'm done having babies.
38. I like to read.
39. I prefer my books to have heroes.
40. I like consistent characters.
41. I don't like it when the author makes the character a hero one minute and a lame-brain the next.
42. I realize we all make mistakes - even characters in books...however...
43. I mean really -- come on -- make up your mind! Is the hero a hero or not?!
44. I'm not fond of the "anti-hero" either.
45. I like to buy pens. I used to have an obssession.
46. I have favorite pens for writing on regular paper - and favorite pens for writing in my journal.
47. I like to write in my spare time.
48. I don't have much spare time.
49. I used to take paper and pen with me wherever I went. I still do...even if I don't get the chance to write.
50. I plan on finishing my novel eventually.
51. I used to want to write adventure books - but finally realized that reality was getting in my way - so now I want to write fantasy books. Knights, dragons, etc.
52. I like going to the Renaissance Faire with The Professor. For my birthday one year he bought me a costume.
53. We haven't been in a couple of years -( something about having babies.)
54. I like my kids.
55. To the best of my knowledge, I have read all the Perry Mason books Erle Stanley Gardner wrote.
56. I don't like Raymond Burr as Perry Mason. The books are so much better.
57. I liked "The Hobbit" as a book - but didn't much like "Lord of the Rings".
58. I don't wear lipstick. Don't like it.
59. I do not parallel park very well...and prefer not to do it. I'd rather walk. Thank you.
60. I like to play Scrabble...but am not very good at Sudoku.
61. I like to swing -- you know, on a swing set. Or a porch swing. Or a garden swing. I'm also kind of fond of teeter-totters.
62. I'm glad I'm not a cat.
63. I don't think I could type with 4 paws.
64. I wonder if a cat can be all thumbs?
65. I prefer Puffs brand tissues over the Kleenex brand.
66. I have used dandruff shampoo since I was a teenager - but don't remember having dandruff. 67. I remember people always telling me they liked the way my hair smelled.
68. I don't know why they looked so surprised to hear it was "Head & Shoulders"
69. I like the smell of Pomegranate anointing oil from AbbaOil
70. I think my favorite anointing oil is from Abba Oil -
71. I love the fact that you can buy a 7-branch menorrah from Abba Oil.
72. I want one.
73. I want to use it to teach my children about the Holy Spirit.
74. I love that the God of all creation is the Father of organized religion.
75. I love the fact that He created me.
76. I am unique and am supposed to stay that way.
77. I like broccoli & cheese soup.
78. I used to know sign language.
79. I forgot most of what I used to know.
80. I like to play the piano...I would like to know how to play better.
81. I would like to learn how to play the guitar.
82. I learned to drive in an AMC Gremlin.
83. The car was powder puff blue.
84. The first car I bought myself was a Chevy Caprice Classic
85. It was a big car.
86. We drove it on our honeymoon.
87. My hubby thinks it was like driving a boat.
88. I think his car resembles a go-cart.
89. We think we're even.
90. I drive a mini-van now.
91. He still drives a go-cart. It's called a Ford Focus.
92. I remember when you connected to the "internet" at about 400 - 800 bps.
93. I am not that old.
94. It amazes me how far technology has advanced in just a seemingly few short years.
95. I once cut my own hair. I don't advise doing it.
96. I don't find myself very interesting.
97. I am joyful.
98. I am short.
99. I am charismatic.
100. I am done.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Wordless Wednesday - Park Edition

Emergency Park visit back in April
Slide-show format because I couldn't pick just one

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Blessed to be a blessing

We really are, as believers in Jesus, blessed to be a blessing.

This morning at 9:30something my door bell rang.

G looked out and said in a rather non-plussed voice, "Mom, it's a package." We've been getting some action figures I'd ordered for his birthday. (Yes, I know, MORE action figures.) So he's not overly thrilled with packages on the front porch as his birthday's a few weeks away.

Okay I thought noting the tone of voice and I opened the door.

It was not just any package! It was a care package. Just for me.
There was a box of Krispy Kreme Donuts, chocolate, and a DIET COKE from SONIC!!
They had rung the doorbell and RAN! well, actually they drove off....but same thing. They were Gone.

I was so touched! And in that one instant -- this act of blessing boosted my spirits - and I had to laugh at my first thought - no ..that's not right. My first thoughts were along the lines of "ooooooo someone loves me!". Of course, I had just been thinking how nice it would be if I'd had a Diet Coke.

My second thoughts were "I wanted to do this for someone!!"

Of course, if you ever have the chance to leave love on someone's front porch and then ring the door bell and run, It's oodles of fun. For everyone. And now that I've been blessed in this way, I can't wait for the opportunity to bless someone else.

I just have to say, as I munch on a whole-wheat Krispie Kreme donut, that I have such THOUGHTFUL friends.

PictureLess Tackle-it

The Professor has our camera so I can't take pictures of the 8x10 photos I finally got hung. They look pretty good, too. It's nice to know that I don't have to leave pictures hanging where we put them when we first moved in. *L* There's a bit of freedom in that.

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

My Tackle-it is: THE FRONT ROOM.

This is the room that gets the biggest mess because of the babies. It's where we congregate as a family. It's where all the school work happens. It's, pretty much, where we live.

After the wee ones being sick for a few days, and us being busy in general, the front room looks like a disaster. I walked through it in the dark last night, surviving the obstacle course, and thought: If the emergency people had to come visit us they'd think we'd been vandalized.

So today. I tackle it. It will only last a few hours, a few days at the most. But it will make me feel better. And while I'm pondering cleaning the mess in the front room - I'm seriously pondering how I can make a space in the garage (that we don't park a car in anyway) for many of the kids toys. Where they can go out, get what the want and when their done, put it back. But that's a Tackle It for another day.

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Complete and total blog nonsense -

But I was so totally and completely amused I had to share...

You Are Kermit

Hi, ho! Lovable and friendly, you get along well with everyone you know.
You're a big thinker, and sometimes you over think life's problems.
Don't worry - everyone know's it's not easy being green.
Just remember, time's fun when you're having flies!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Say Ahhhh

J-man complained yesterday that his ear hurt. Which caused me to have flashbacks to when G said his ear hurt and had strep throat. Yesterday, he would allow me to look in his throat. Today he wouldn't open it at all.

We went to the pediatrician.

Hand, foot, mouth Diseases (called HFMD) without the "hand" and "foot" is called "Herpangina". Apparently, it's common. And J-man has it now.
So, I've got a quiet moment while Mini-E climbs up and down on the couch and J-man and G play with action figures. I thought I'd drop by and say "hi". Now I'm off to find some chocolate, a diet coke and dose both kids with Tylenol.

One thing I know - and I was sitting here asking for a promise..because it would be soo very easy to whine .. is that All Things are Possible.
My feet are planted on this rock and I will not be shaken!!

(I still have music at the end of my blog - you may have to turn it off.)

Sunday, May 20, 2007

1 in 4

Mini-E woke up Friday night -- well, Saturday morning, at 1 am. We could tell she was in pain, we just couldn't figure out why. Her fever, that had never gotten over 99.6, went up to 101.4.

There was no drainage from her ears, so I wasn't convinced it was ears. But something was definitely wrong. I thought to myself if she was still acting like this, I would take her to the Med Center on Sunday.

Then I came to my senses. If I thought I might have to take her on Sunday, why not just take her now. We went to the pediatric urgent care center at a local hospital and she wanted to leave. She asked to be put in her stroller and then she started rocking it. My cue that she's ready to move it.

The Doctor looked in her ears. Tubes were fine. Ears were fine.
He looked in her throat. I believe the medical phrase he used was "ew".
My baby girl has a virus akin to Hand Food Mouth Disease. There's no rash on her hands and feet, but the treatment is the same. Treating of the symptoms.

He swabbed her throat to make me feel better that it wasn't strep. That did not make her happy. She hollered and gagged. Cheese sticks are not so pleasant coming back up.

It's a common illness the doctor said.
Really??? I said. She's the only one to have ever gotten this.

The discharge nurse said the same thing. They've seen a lot of toddlers with this. It's a very common thing in kids this age.

Really? I said, repeating myself so eloquently. She's the only kid I've ever had to get this.

I told my mom all about it - and she just laughed and said, "Apparently, it's common in 1 of 4 children."

Drats. I wish I'd thought of that.

This poor baby did not feel well at all yesterday and was up every so often last night. Today is much better, but we're not doing a whole lot, either. It's jammie Sunday for us. :-) Our plans to visit friends (with children) are pretty much over, though. Mini-E could potentially be contagious to their kids.

Last night, J-man kept calling out and crying. I couldn't tell if it was because of a bad dream or what. So I've scanned his mouth for sores. He says "AAaaaaH" and then laughs at me.

I can't think of a closing sentence, statement - except to say,
Pass me the chocolate. :-)

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Karen Carpenter could have sung about Thursdays, too

I totally Snagged this from SprittiBee - but thought it so appropriate for my day that I had to have it here in the Laundry Pile. You know it's a bad day when...Your cottage cheese freezes.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

It's all relative, I'm sure...

G and I were sitting. I think he was playing a video game and Mini-E was being cute, adorable self. Interpretation: she was getting into things. He and I had quite the cute and adorable conversation.

"She's really curious, isn't she, mom?" Says G.

"Yes, she is." Said I.

"Why does she have to be so curious?" queried her biggest brother.

"I don't know." Said I. I think I'd wondered the same thing earlier. I realize it's so she can learn...but it's also so she can make messes. And test my patience. And annoy her brothers. There's so many reasons for curiosity.

"She's a lot like Curious George." He said in decision.

"Yes, yes, she is."

VERY much like Curious George. I just wish I had William H. Macy to narrate and tell me what she's doing...and why. Like WHY does she want to climb onto everyone's beds but her own?

Why does she climb to the top of the slide - but doesn't want to slide down?

Yep. I need a narrator.

Wordless Wednesday - game edition

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Weighty matters

Today is Tales from the Scales weigh in for week 1.

And I have a tale to tell.
Of course, I do. I'll just have a chuckle at myself here...take a minute to talk among yourselves..

The week the kids were sick, my stomach was quite queasy. I had little appetite and nothing sounded good. Except Chocolate. Seriously. Not kidding.

If the kids hadn't been sick, I'd have bought a pregnancy test. It was that kind of constant feeling. (Nature has proven that the pregnancy test would have been negative and I have a new reason for wanting chocolate.)

The week of intermittent chocolate consumption caught up with me. I stepped on the scale and found I'd gained weight. (I think this was Thurs or Fri. I forget.) I made sure I ate right, after feeling better, and even decided that even though I might not loose weight, I was still going to head down the correct path. I tried to cut back on portions (not going back for seconds) and trying to stop when I got full. I tried to drink more water.

I didn't do very well keeping track of the actual calories, but just being very aware of what I was putting into my mouth helped tremendously. I also discovered that I"m a frustrated eater. When I'm frustrated, I tend to eat chocolate. I guess it's the path of least resistance. Apathy in eating.

Of course, when I'm in a hurry my choices aren't the best either but that's another post.

Today I dutifully stepped on the scale and found I'd lost an entire 1/2lb from my TalesfromtheScales start weight...but with the highest weight I registered this week (post chocolate consumption) - I actually lost 2lbs.

Too bad it didn't actually get me further past my start weight. On the flip side, I didn't have to register the gaining of weight.

On a joyful note, we went to the pediatrician for check-up on J & Mini-E, the nurse said "Have you lost weight?"
My reply was "You're my new best friend."
I have lost a bunch of weight since having Mini-E, but it's not been a constant loss. I've stayed steady for the past few months. It's exciting to register ANY form of loss. So I'll take my 1/2lb loss and celebrate!

All Hung up on a Tackle it Tuesday....

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Last week, I had to find a card that I lost. A very important card. Just needed for J-man's tube surgery. And while looking for it - I found pictures that I kinda-sorta forgot about. They were always in the back of my mind, whispering "We need to be hung". While that's creepy, whispering pictures do tend to be drowned out by the drone of squabbling children. Or just children in general. Squabbling not necessary.

So when I found the pictures, I decided it was time to get them hung. We have lived in our house for about 7 years now - and many of our walls are still bare. So the first choice was which wall? I chose one in our bedroom.

I'd take a picture of it - but it's blank. That's not photogenic. I wanted to get an idea of the layout before I started nailing pictures to the wall. I had read some where of someone using painter's tape to tape out where their pictures would be placed. I decided to take this idea and rather morph the idea to my needs - ie, I'm not taping squares to the walls when I can just use construction paper.

Once I had a general lay out, I started measuring and nailing pictures.

It was then that I realized I had a slight problem in my plan. I had forgotten that I have a few pictures that are horizontal pictures. After a little bit of tweeking on the end pictures I came up with this:

I have to get some more frames to finish it all out. (The black thing in the shot is the antenna from my TV we don't have cable). I want to have a picture of all the kids - or a family shot in the middle there. I'll add some pictures of the girls in the mix after I get some B&W photos and black frames.

Now I just need to figure out where to hang the "EveryDay" pictures. The ones in color. The 8x10 photos. That will probably be my next tackle it. Or maybe -- I have a painting project I need to do for G's 7th birthday that I completely forgot about. Choices, choices.

Monday, May 14, 2007

They told me there would be days like this...

And those days would be called Mondays.

I had so many blog titles in my head all day long...because our weekend was CRAZY and I didn't get to blog. And then today happened. I wanted to blog about not knowing where I was going to put everything, or blog about the squabbling children, or blog about the fact that I have no idea what I'm doing - and I'm homeschooling anyway -- I had so much to say....

But now the kids are asleep so those entries of frustration are at bay. Held back by the sleep of the children. I really think that's why God gave us night. He knew mom's would need a break.

Now, though, all I want to do is rant about the TV.
The Professor was rocking Mini-E for bed time, while I read to the big kids. Rocking and not doing anything else will quickly conquer the parent. Sometimes before the rocking conquers the child. So he searched the TV for something on to watch and keep him awake.

I've gotten picky and there are a few times when we'll discuss whether the tv needs to be on at all. He settled on something that wasn't good and wasn't bad. You might call it "viewable".

There have been times where we've had the tv on just to have the tv on. Those days the frustration in the house is high - but that's another blog entry. (And it could preach...)

The show that was settled upon we consider to have a medium level of viewability. (I totally just made that word up. Where's webster's phone number?) The show? CSI:Miami - or as my brother-in-law calls it CSI:M.

I will not bore you with details about the plot. I'll tell you that about half-way through it I decided I wasn't going to get a decent thing written and I should go fold laundry. Did I?? No. (First mistake) I stayed through til the end. After all, it was half over. It could only get better.

I was wrong. Boy was I wrong.

When the show ended, I just wanted to cry.

How is it, that even though it seems the good guys win, there's still the sense - feeling - aura - of futility in the show? The good guys caught the bad guys (and gal).

They were a brother and sister duo of badness. He was killing to take vengence on his sister. She killed to protect him. All because of something that happened in their past.

Of course, the show regaled us of what "happened in the past" - their sister died because of an accident. I just wanted to go scoop up my babies and hold them.

They're asleep and I restrained myself. I left them where they lie. I'm easily-amused and random - not insane.

CSI:M is not the only show that seems to have a cloud of gloom over it. What got me started on noticing the "gloom" was the show "Cold Case." It comes on here on Sunday Nights. Twice now I've seen the last half of TWO shows and because The Professor was watching it.

The first time, I was rocking Mini-E because she was being cranky.
The second time, I watched the last half of the show after J-man fell asleep.

Both Times I'm sobbing by the time the show ended. SOBBING. Yes they caught the bad guys - but goodness... my heart just ached for both the "Victims" in the shows. Both times the sobbing caught me by surprise.

I realize it's TV.
I know there is some truth to all that TV produces because that's where they get their story lines. Both the shows both leave this -- well - I just don't know how to explain it.
The final credits don't run with a happy ending. They run with a sense of futility.

There's got to be something here, because one thing I know and that is: I'm not a mercy spirit. So I know that's not the problem. In tonight's episode, the bad guys were bad because of past mistakes. Mistakes made by their parents - medical community - themselves.

I see this lay out before me (in 45 minutes) and I KNOW that they can, with the help of God and the victory in Jesus, over come their past. I know that they can become victorious. Overcomers! Aha!!

So that's what it is - it's the intercessor in me rising up. Well, who'd-a-thought?

That really leads me to another thought, though. If I'm sensing this gloom over these TV shows...and there are others out there watching who don't know of the victory in Jesus, how do they handle it?

Do the shows produce fear? depression? I suppose that one could watch the shows and feel nothing - but I'm not sure how.

Now that I've done my thinking with my fingers on the keyboard, I understand a bit better. Does that mean I'm going to watch these shows again? Not if I can help it. (There's always laundry to be folded.)

I am wondering if I shouldn't have blogged about my squabble-filled day instead. It might have been more interesting.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

A Spring Meme

I've been tagged by Coffee Mom to reveal 10 things I like about spring and 10 things I don't. Fatty had tagged her - and what's funny is that I really thought Fatty's list pretty much covered it all. Let's see if I can come up with a list all on my own... I think I can.
Think --- Think --- Think --

10 Things I Like about Spring
  1. Rain
  2. Crisp mornings
  3. Watching the trees bud and become leafy
  4. puddles
  5. digging out the bikes to ride bikes
  6. being able to play in the sprinkler on really warm days
  7. wearing shorts
  8. feeding the birds this year
  9. butterflies
  10. Popsicle weather!

10 things I don't like about Spring

  1. The new spring programming of "Tornado Warning"
  2. Every bradford pear in the world is in bloom
  3. allergies
  4. allergies in kids
  5. humidity that lasts until fall
  6. having to tell the kids that it's NOT swimming weather.
  7. It's too warm in the van to not turn on the A/C and too windy on the littles to roll the windows down.
  8. honey bees in the backyard clover
  9. this year - birds nesting in our play house outside and finding baby birds on the ground.
  10. bugs - which cause the kids to squeal with disgust.

Who, now, shall I tag?

I tag A&EMom, Kahri, & Juggling Paynes. But only if you want to play.

Friday, May 11, 2007


Ear tubes, that is.

A tiny bit of history. This is J-man's 3rd set of tubes. The second time for him to have the procedure done at this particular hospital. The 3rd time for us as a family to be there - Mini-E had her tubes done here.

We love the hospital. The nurses have taken really good care of us. They have a nifty outpatient intake room for pediatrics.

The front desk was having problems this morning and several patients had not been checked in. We were patient #4 because #3 didn't show up (they were stuck in the waiting room) so we became Patient #3.

The nurse said, after I greeted her cheerily - because I remembered her with fondness, "Have you been here before?" I said "Yes!" "I thought you looked familiar. No wonder you greeted me like an old friend." This nurse has the best accent. It's a mix of German, New England and English and it's great. Last time we were there was a holiday and The Professor ran to get breakfast and we got her a sandwich because the cafeteria was closed that day.

Jeremy was quite goofy on the goofy juice. He hugged his monkey (or "Ooo Ooo ah ah" as he says) and just grinned and talked and grinned some more. He said his tiger jammies were "tute" and sitting in the Professor's lap, his feet had a karate fight - sound effects included. I'm not sure which foot won, but I have to had it to his creativity. Anything can be a toy. Even his own feet.

They put him in the "bed" and wheeled him away and he was wobbly but mellow.

They said that the surgery didn't take very long and he went to sleep right away and did great. There was some fluid in his ears but no goo. So no medications needed for home.

The nurse came to get us so that we could go be with him when he woke up and she said "We'll go Right this way .... have you been here before?" "Yes," we told her. "I thought you looked familiar."

J-man was out and looking very peaceful. Is it the anesthetic that makes them pale? Or just the hospital?

The attending nurse was the same nurse that took care of J-man last time we were there. Last time was the adnoidectomy (sp?) and J did NOT wake up in the best of moods. I think combative would be a good term. The nurse let him sleep. I said, "You took really good care of us last time we were here."

"Really? I thought you looked familiar."

J woke up groggy and not in control of his muscles - but he was not combative. The Professor put him down to walk and J bumped into a rocking chair and the rocking chair bumped back. The rocking chair won. My hands were full, luckily the nurse was watching and caught him. The Professor carried him to the van. Where he just sat.

When we got home, he just melted on the floor. We snuggled him into the chair and waited for him to wake up more. I think he's finally awake. Finally, in charge of his faculties. He's watching Batman and playing with his action figures.

Thank you for your prayers. It was a quick surgery and we're glad to have it done and get him on the road to recovery. I'm praying that the enemy has to pay back all that he stole from J with all those ear infections. A boom in his vocabulary should be forthcoming!
That was the adventure of the morning.
Have you been here before?
I thought you looked familiar.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

My Challenge photo...

Tales from the Scales, you know, is having weight loss challenge and I decided to join in. One thing that they suggested was to have a photo taken. I hate having my picture taken.

I lead with my smile and my chin (which is really too small to be leading anywhere). My hubby knows how much I love pictures of me. So here's what he took. I honestly thought it was just going to be my ear.
I'm not wearing make-up and I'd been doing dishes when I grabbed the moment to take this photo. And now that I've seen it - I wondered..

What would half of me look like? Something like this?

Mad Science Experiments?

J man is having tubes put in his ears in the morning. (That is not the point of the post, so bear with me.) Because he's having tubes, they suggested we bring his "lovey", blanket, animal, whatever he really likes to have. J really likes to have his Batman(s) and his Superman ANYWHERE he goes.

So off I went to find the top item on his must have list. Let me show you what I found...

Of course, I was curious and a wee bit concerned. Am I raising mad scientists? Did I stumble upon a superhero prison? Is the creepy-lego-guy-from-McDonald's the jailer? Are they in stasis?

I freed Batman and Superman from their, um....whatevers. They are ready to go with us bright and early in the morning.

I do know that J-man started this - of course, he LOVES putting his men inside of other things..containers, boxes, cars, mentholatum, it just doesn't matter with this little guy.

Apparently, G loved the idea. I think they've separated the colors. One of them has green - one has orange. I just don't know. I'm still trying to decide if I'm concerned or not. I think I'm mostly amused. J kept bringing me the bottles today and SAYING "lid on mama". Yep, SAYING a SENTENCE. I was so proud. So of course, I put the lids on the bottles.

Where did we get these water bottles turned super hero stasis-prison-things? Glad you asked. My neighbor gave them to me. She said the kids could keep what they wanted and I could pass the others along. I was going to pass the orange ones to certain people who's school colors are orange and most likely, I still will. How many water-bottle prisons do I really need, after all? I guess I'll wash the super-hero dirt out of them.

Now that I think about it - I don't think I'll be concerned until they start numbering the bottles and giving the little men "yard" time. If I figure out what's going on - I'll edit to tell you.

We find the weirdest things in the Laundry Pile.

In the Pursuit of Normal

Well, the trash cans that had been used for sick buckets are all back to being trash cans - after a good wash and dousing with Lysol. I look around the house and just don't know where to begin "normal". How much of what I see is normal or a result of sickness and busy-ness?

I posted part of this entry and then I kept thinking about the meaning of Normal.

According to "normal" is an adjective that means:
1. conforming to the standard or the common type; usual; not abnormal; regular; natural.
2. serving to establish a standard.

This is actually interesting to me. I love learning. I love to dig deeper. A couple of facets of the definition jump out at me.
"Conforming to the standard" and "Serving to establish a standard"
We can't conform to a standard that has not been established.

I am the worlds worst at putting things away. Well, away in their proper homes. I get them close. I have oodles of school work that needs filing - and they're on top of the filing cabinet. Of course, I have this horse in my way so it's often easier to not file than to move the horse and then file only to be interrupted by children. *L*

However, if that is the standard, even if it wasn't meant to be, then that is the standard that my "followers" (aka Children) seek to conform to.

I need to find a standard that is better for us. Possibly a higher standard. What is the standard for my house might not be the standard for my neighbors. I knew someone who's standard was to boycott all things Disney. While she had good reasons, she expected others to conform to those standards as well. She was vocal and rather forceful about it, too. But the standards she set - I did not want to conform to.

I don't want to conform to the world's standards, either. Watching my kids grow up it is ever becoming apparent that they are to be "in the world but not of it". That won't be easy, because it would be so easy to conform to the world's "norm".

God has already set the standard in Jesus and we are trying to conform to it. And even then, there are different levels of "normal" within the churches. Some consider it the norm to pray in tongues - others abhor it. Some consider it the norm to sprinkle and others consider it the norm to "dunk" for baptism.

There are lots of "norms" - but only one Jesus.

I know, too, that there's a depth available to us in Jesus that He wants us to have as "normal". And many of us are just scratching the surface. I don't want to be one who says that I am where I am and that's normal. Like a sunflower that has not reached it's full potential and thinks it's already gotten as tall as is possible.

I want to have the deeper "Normal".

I've become my pursuit of normal -
pursuit of normal for the Laundry Pile and a pursuit of God's normal.
It should be a wild ride.
Because this is not what I wanted to blog about....but that's the kind of normal you get from the Holy Spirit. Gonna be fun.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Another Great Giveaway

Of course, I like what i'm seeing - but you can check it out for yourself!

Wordless Wednesday - Getting Ready in the Mornings

When I get ready in the mornings, this is Mini-E's favorite seat in the house. My sink.
Here she's making raspberries at the baby in the mirror.
When she's not talking to her reflection, she's chewing on her tooth brush or playing with my contacts case.
To see more Wordless Wednesdays check out 5minutesforMom

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The Challenge begins...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I decided to jump in this with both feet.

Maybe I should jump in with my mouth instead. After having 4 kids, I have extra weight from about 3 of them.

I did try weightwatchers online, but could not get past eating what the kids ate - and that ate my points. So I felt like I was wasting (or maybe waisting?) money with the program. I did manage to loose about 15 lbs of my Mini-E weight. So I was pretty much down to where I was (Weight-wise) after having J-man. I gained most of "his" weight AFTER he was born.

I decided that the best thing to do, since I wasn't successful with WW, would be to count calories and watch portion sizes. So that's the decision I had made - and when the MayDay weight loss challenge came across my blog-screen I decided it was the time to start.

Weight Watchers told me that I needed to weigh in about 128 lbs. I haven't been that small since I was, let's see, 12. So for this challenge, I'm wanting to loose about 30-40 lbs. I'd really love to loose inches and get into the clothes I haven't seen since I was pregnant with Jeremy. Loosing that much weight would also put me about where I was, weight-wise, when I got married.

That would not be a bad thing.

7 Random Things

I was tagged by Halfmoon Happenings to list 7 random things about me. The qualifier, I think is that they have to be things you don't already know. Just about everything about me is random (it comes with being easily amused). I'm learning to be less random, but it's not an overnight occurrence. Also, I'm pretty transparent, so I'm trying to figure out what you might not already know....Hmmm...

1. I wear socks to bed. I can not fall asleep if my toes are cold but some where in the night I'll take off the socks (with my toes) and will find them in the bedding in the morning.

2. I've never ridden a horse.

3. The first thing I do when I walk in the door from outside is to take my shoes off. If my feet are hot, I'm hot all over. Maybe that explains random fact #1.

4. I played one season of softball when I was in the 4th grade. I had a terrible coach and still, to this day, no nothing of the game. Though, I made a good first baseman (girl?) I was put in right field....where the dandelions grow.

5. My hair used to be long. Down-past-my-waist long.

6. I like getting mail.

7. I don't have a favorite color. I'm partial to some colors over others, but can't pinpoint a favorite.

Okay - I tried coming up with randomness. How'd I do?
I can not think of 7 people to tag so...I tag A&E Mom...and you, you, you, you, you & you.
You know who you are.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Post-It Notes from the Laundry Pile

I just couldn't resist.

I don't, at this very moment, have a long solid blog post. I just wanted to get notes down before MONDAY came. Ah, Monday. Who'd have thought that it would cause such chaos in a homeschool family?

I certainly never did.

Post-It #1 - I think we're on the mend. We've had some interesting moments (I'll try to spare you the details) with the wee ones. Mini-Me seems to be fairly over her bout of the "Whatever it was". G, however, is still feeling fairly 'blah'. He wouldn't even eat his applesauce or toast (that he requested) for dinner. He snuggled up next to me and I prayed for that boy. I'm expecting him to be MUCH better in the morning.

Post-It #2 - Our insurance company denied the Speech therapy. Which we suspected they would. But for some reason, I want to call up our first speech therapist and say "I told you so." but decided that was childish and moved on.

Post-It #3 - I forgot what it was. Thinking - Thinking - OH!! I remember. I ran some errands (See also: escaped from house) on Saturday. I had to return some things to Party America and then get Mom's day cards. While out, I tried to find some shorts for Mini-Me who seems to have out grown (length-wise) her shorts. It's already muggy here so shorts will be needed. I bought her size 10(Which is what I thought her next size up would be) - and it's too big. I was bummed, too, because the shorts I found were modest (for shorts). I'll be taking them back and taking her with me. She will soon be seeing the inside of the dressing room. Probably several dressing rooms.

Post-It #4 - I'm way behind on my Spring Reading Thing book list. I guess I've been too busy reading blog-o-zines (See my previous post for the explanation on that one.) I'm bound and determined to finish the books that I really want to read and carry the others to the next list. On top of that - I need to finish painting the kitchen... Gosh, I'm glad I didn't sign up for a "Chore" list.

And those are the ramblings on my post-it notes. I really need to get this desk cleaned off.
Bleach Free Blessings!

Magazine Comparisons..

I read a post at "Their Peculiar Life" that got me to thinking. Yes, I realize that it's "our" but, well, my punny bone likes it better this way. (It's not OUR peculiar life - ours is a laundry pile. It's THEIR peculiar life and they have a clean garage.) Punny Bone wins!!

Much of what Kahri writes gets me to thinking. And while I really liked the way she categorizes the blogs she reads - I really liked what she wrote. Let me quote:

I figured out the reason I like reading blogs so much. It's like getting to read your favorite magazine with your favorite authors and it's new Every Day!

I really liked this. I liked it so much that I thought about it much after I initially read it.

She's so right and I loved the comparison of a blog to a magazines.
I remember working at a doctor's office and how we would poor over the new magazines to read all that was written. I feel that way about my Bloglines. I love when I see that someone has a new post written. I poor over the new entries. Sometimes I go back and read ones that I missed. Each new "issue" is different than the last.

There are stories that touch my heart.
Stories that excite my faith.
There are stories that make me laugh.

After thinking about the comparisons between magazines and blogs in this aspect, I realized that there were OTHER aspects of comparisons.

There are ads in blogs and in magazines.
There are contests.
There are, well - really, it's eye candy. Every one loves a good looking blog - and magazine.

You can subscribe to the blogs free of charge (which does not happen with most magazines)
And you can unsubscribe if you don't like what you're reading.

You can even have personality tests! (Cosmo has nothing on bloggers!)

I have had far too much fun looking at the comparisons between blogs and magazines. Before I started blogging, I would read "The Drudge Report" with my breakfast (we don't take a paper). Now I log on and check my Bloglines to see what's up. Granted, I spend far too much time in the blogger world (it's like a new toy to me, still).

But after all this comparison, I feel like I'm standing at the magazine rack at Barnes and Noble without having to travel to get there. Gotta love it!

Mother's Day Giveaway

EveryDay Mommy is giving away a Blog design on her blog.

I'm just so excited - I had to post about it RIGHT NOW.

I love what I've seen of her designs and had just about asked The Professor for some extra scratch to have her re-do my Blog Header.

So now I'm hoping that my excitement will pull some extra luck for me.

You can check out the giveaway for yourself and even join in the drawing. There are a few restrictions so be sure to check it out.

As I push "Publish", I find myself singing "Luck, be a lady tonight..."

Friday, May 4, 2007

Very useful item

For his birthday, my MiL sent J-man a fantastic kid-sized trampoline. It's called the My First Jumper. It really is a lot of fun for the kids. They've all had a blast on it. The nifty thing is that it's good until 60 lbs so even the big kids have had a go.

Here it is at it's great unveiling.Today - we discovered a GREAT use for it. Actually, G discovered this nifty trick days ago. Today, it really came in handy.

I think we'll call it the trampo-cot.

G positioned the pillow and his blankets so he could watch Mini-Me play - they were playing together actually. He would tell her what to do and she would do it. It worked out really well, they were playing Tonka Construction 2. G did get to feeling better today and decided he'd rather play himself.

Which left the trampo-cot open for new occupancy.
J-man, who had been sitting beside Mini-Me all morning, decided that he'd give it a try.

With the limited seating in the Laundry Pile, I'm really glad that my MiL sent us this (way back in April). It has made a wonderful extra seat. Today it was a cot and when they start feeling better, they can bounce off their energy. What a wonderful gift it has been.

A Mini-Conversation with J-man

J-man JUST turned 3 in April.
I think he might have potty trained early because he can stay dry - but he really never showed much interest.
So I told myself that we'd put it off until a) he can talk better (*snort*)
b) it warmed up. As we are a streaker family when it comes to potty training.

One of the prepping things we've always done ---
---we've done it all of TWICE.
I make it sound like we've got 8 kids successfully potty trained.

Let me say, instead, that something we did with the First two was to mention, to the pre-potty trained child, that they could GO IN the potty instead of in the diaper.

J-man and I had such a conversation yesterday after he and his diaper sloshed to be changed.
(I swear he holds it in until he has the time to be changed.)

Me: When are you going to start pottying in the potty?

J-man: Nah yeh mama.

Me: When?

J-man: a little slower as mom's obviously slow on the up-take tonight: Nah. Yeh. Mama.

I just had to laugh. The Professor chuckled.

He can communicate.

When is he going to start using the toilet?
Not Yet, Mama.

Well, this is fun....

We, at the Laundry Pile, have raised the warning level! We are now at Orange Level.

I called The Professor last night and said, "I'm calling to warn you. I'm digging in. I'm just going to sit with the Littles - which means I won't be cooking dinner."

The Professor, being the wary & wise person that he is, responds with a leery, "O o o Kay"

Then last night, the stomach bug hit Mini-E. That was actually interesting. She doesn't sleep on the top bunk. But at least we didn't have to clean the floor. Just run the washer. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE having an automated washing machine?? I about lusted after my cousins' situations...they both have 2 washers. And then I changed my mind. They also have 6 or 7 children (I forget and I'm too Lazy -- I mean, busy -- to go count the kids in the pictures.)

Mini-E actually asked (by way of gesturing) to watch a movie. So we watched an episode of the BackYardigans. She didn't want to sleep - so I finally put her down and she played for a good hour and a half. Then she was staggering around like she was drunk and I took that as my cue that she was sleepy. I was right.

This morning, J-man decided to send his bedding to the wash but MAN - he's happy. The Professor said "He's awfully chipper for someone who's sick." He's the happiest sick kid I think I've seen. Granted, again, I'm looking at a G who is just SITTING.

JUST sitting, is not normal. I'm surprised he can do it. He can sit. But there's usually SOMETHING that's wiggling on the boy. Right now - he just sits. I bought him a new coloring book. I had to stop at the Dollar General to get saltines (He was telling me he was hungry) and while there - I bought him a new coloring book.

Mr. Potato Head coloring book. He LOVES it!

Last night, while watching Mini-E play, I picked it up and found a page to color (one I didn't think he'd want to color) and proceeded to color for a moment (or two) and looked up to see Mini-E with a book and a yellow crayon. Still not sure where she got it. She would jabber at me and then color in her book. Then look up at me and then color some more.

It was precious - and I had to point it out to the Professor that she was copying me. Melted my heart. She's going to be 15 months old on the 14th. And my goodness she's getting so big. Last night she said "Bounce". It sounds a lot like "bou--" but she did the motion with it (bouncing up and down). I told the big kids this morning that she was talking and we needed to try to listen to her.

Yesterday, Mini-Me discovered (because I had taken her car seat out of the van to clean it) that she could sit in the seat with her feet on the van floor. *Gasp* *Sniff* "MOM. Does this mean. That I can. Ride WITHOUT. a. Car seat?" She never actually yelled...but she the excitement level in her voice was. still. there.

I told her I'd have to consult my notes. (I have a flyer from the Highway Patrol people)
She asked me THREE times before I finally had a chance to look.
According to them, she is physically able. *sniff* Wasn't it just yesterday she was Mini-E's size??
She is feeling GREAT. Her eyes sparkle and the dimple in her cheek is back.

I forgot where I was going with this -- I guess this is the equivalent of Blogger small talk.

I've spent a tiny portion of the morning sending a few e-mails to cancel our weekend commitments. How 'bout that? We may not get out of our jammies all weekend. ;-) But that's okay. I"ve been doing laundry. At least they'll be clean jammies.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Just one of "those" days...

I thought of all kinds of post titles for today. Things like:
"I could cry but my face would get all wet..."
"I declare it Jammie Day"
"Brownies are good for nausea, aren't they?"

Then I decided it was just one of those days.

Which reminds me of the question: "Who's 'they'?"

Our adventure actually started yesterday. I had prayed for a bubble of protection around the rest of the kids so that they wouldn't get sick (we have a LOT to do next week) and apparently the bubble burst.

I took G & J-man to the Pediatrician. J-man's ears are clear of infection and G is strep-free! We leave the Doctor after he glances in Mini-E's ears, because she chose that time to spike a small fever.

Every one seems to be feeling well. We grab dinner and begin the drive up to The Professor's work place. On a busy stretch of highway, Mini-E chokes. She's coughing and that's the cue that everything is fine but she kept coughing and it was starting to sound worse so I pull to the side of the road. Just as she throws up. At least she's not choking. I get her cleaned up, praying for protection from the high-speed projectiles that are cars on a highway, get a new shirt on her and we go on our way again.

We get to the Professor's work place and now I'm feeling queasy and we decide to head home.

We do not live in a mega-opolis like Dallas, or New York, or even Phoenix. So a snarl in traffic is not the norm. Yesterday we hit a huge one. It was MILES long. Slow going in the traffic and I was trying to figure a detour we could take to make it home while avoiding the traffic. There really weren't that many options, especially considering where we were on this stretch of highway.

So we creep along. I would gauge it about half way from the start of the snarl to what would be the end of the snarl (at 5mph), Mini-Me throws up. Luckily, I had an empty cup to catch most of it. Ick. I had to pull over to help her. J-man, who had been asleep in the car, woke up shaking.
I guess it had been too cold in the van, but it was a bit freaky.

It was not my shining moment, here, stuck in traffic. I had words with The Professor. We eek back into traffic and creep to the end of the traffic snarl - and get home.

I stay up late getting laundry done. Mini-E wakes up at midnight. We tag team rock the baby and I head to bed.


Really - bunk beds and sick stomachs are not fun. This time G throws the contents of his stomach over the side. I give him a bucket, not very sensitively, and wake The Professor for clean up detail.

Poor G. I was really glad for that bucket. His stomach tossed about 3 times until 5 am. And then again at 7am. I've got a call in to the pediatrician for something to help ease the nausea. He's got to keep some form of fluid in. His face is as green as his camo jammies.

G is sitting in the recliner covered in his blanket and sipping water.
J-man has decided this looks like a sweet deal. He has his blanket, a pillow and his cup sitting nicely on the couch.

The downside? Mini-E has figured out that if she pulls on the blanket, J-man shrieks and hollers in a most entertaining fashion. Ooo COOL - he'll even holler if she gets CLOSE.

Mini-Me?? She's fine. She had a brownie for breakfast.
We're camping out today.
Avoiding people.
Changing our plans.
Watching movies.
Playing computer games.
Though, I'm thinking if Mini-Me can have brownie for breakfast, we might be able to talk about division by 2's.
It's just one of those days.
I'm glad Jesus loves me.
I'm glad that His grace is sufficient.
I'm glad that He is still the God who heals.
He's still bigger than the tummy bug.
I'm glad that I have running water.
I'm glad that I have a washing machine
I'm glad that I have a dryer (it's raining outside)
I'm glad I have Today.
You know what? I just realized that I really meant that.
I'm glad I have Today.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

A Random Wordless Wednesday

In which Mini-E meets "A" new Friend. (pun intended)
Edited to add: A is NOT my baby just a very NEW friend (pun intended again).
I wonder what Mini-E's thinking.

For More Wordless Wednesdays visit 5minutes for Mom or the Wordless Wednesday Headquarters.

Yes, I joined today because I had this fabulous picture and couldn't think of an entry for today.
"Lazy" just doesn't sound like a great blog entry.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Postponing Dinner to enter


This is the best gift ever and I really want to win - but I also want to share the fun.
5Minutesfor Mom is giving away an iPod Nano nestled in a box of chocolates!
You can click the button or hop on over to join in the fun!
It doesn't get easier than this!
Should one of my friends win (you know, instead of me) would you please share the chocolate?

Tackle it Tuesday - My First Ever

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

It is indeed, my first Tackle It Tuesday.
Why did I choose today to join in?
Because I needed the boost to get this done.

I have a box. It's a fantastic box. It needs to get mailed to Uganda. To my friend Holly who wants chocolate.

What's my hold up? I keep thinking of things to put in it. I wanted to write a long letter and put in it (it's a short letter). I wanted to buy her the hazelnut coffee but kept forgetting.

Enough! - Today's the Day!!
Today's the day I tackle it!
It WILL get sealed, labeled AND Mailed!!

I wonder what the postoffice would think if I asked to take a picture of them stamping the box. Maybe I can take a picture of the custom forms as proof that I sent it.

I got it sent! The area she is living and working is not restricted - and it's going Express Mail! It might not take FOREVER for the box to arrive. So, Holly!! Keep an eye out! I'm totally pumped. It only cost about $60 (compared to UPS's cost of $200+) and it won't have to go by GOAT.

So I now mark this as Tackled!!
I'm Thrilled!
I'll quit before I come up with more "t" adjectives - 'cause it might become tragic.