Wednesday, April 4, 2007

A New form of Aroma Therapy?

I said before - in a previous post - on my first blog - that J-man can turn anything into a toy.
I guess I could just re-type it.
However - I can't figure out how to get my paragraphs to separate. Hmmm.
Today we were beginning the prep for J's 3rd birthday *Gasp* and I was picking things up and making cupcakes and getting ready (mentally) to do school work with the kids.
When I looked up and found Superman being inserted feet first into a "jar" of Mentholatum.

Does something this small qualify as a jar?

Nooooooooo! I shouted - much like someone in the movies that has to stop the bullet. It was silly of me trying to save Superman. After all, He is the man of steel. But save him, I did, but for selfish reasons - I didn't want this mentholatum to go to waste. That's right - I saved the Mentholatum.

However I discovered that Superman had already been dunked head first before being planted in his feet. This is all mildly ironic, really, because I'd saved Supes from a Jell-O pack earlier. Jell-O, by the way, makes a successful type of quicksand..and a nice little "Shhhlock"ing sound when the little man is pulled from impending doom.

Doesn't the song say "You don't pull on Superman's cape..."? I wonder what the writer would think of dunking him in Aromatherapy?

Not only did I discover that Superman now has clear nasal passages - one of our rescue heroes has also had a treatment.
This is Rescue Hero "Jack Hammer" (Gotta love a name like that.)
His hands are perfectly formed to hold the tool that came with him (that we've since lost) and this nice "C" form also works to hold gobs of goo.

These were apparently were not the only ones to receive such therapy.
A follow-up Sauna treatment was required by All:
I did call The Professor to ask "Why Can't I have a normal day? Like Other Moms?" (Not that I want to be Normal - I just didn't want to clean off the Slimey stuff from a bunch of rescue heroes.)

The Professor asks, In a perfectly Professorish tone of voice, "Isn't this normal?" At Which I erupted into laughter - because, yeah, It is a pretty normal day here in the Laundry pile.

After all, J's the one that dumped all the bathroom cups in the sink full of water to play with the cupholder. It's amazing how many action figures fit into a bathroom-cup cupholder.

The Professor figures that J might just be a future doctor - and he's treating his little patients.
I'm not convinced.
But still - it's a pretty normal day, after all.


Halfmoon Girl said...

Well, that sounds like a normal day in my house too. When I don't react to their adventures, I can stop and appreciate how little boys'minds work. I don't understand it, mind you, but am finding quite a soft spot in my heart for their discoveries. )I just finished cleaning felt marker off our hardwood floor- not really a soft spot for that, but he is not even two yet.)

ThoughtfulMom said...

Sounds normal for my house too. Maybe J is running a spa for superheroes? They work hard. I think Superman probably deserves some aromatherapy, Spiderman needed a soak in the tub, and maybe Jack Hammer is getting a manly manicure?

Cracks me up that you saved the mentholatum, though.

I can't believe he's three! It seems like you were just calling me to say that you were in labor and your section had been moved up JUST LAST WEEK!

Anonymous said...

i loved the shhhhhhlocking sound! i could hear it as i read. too funny.

Jenn4Him said...

My sinus' are amazingly clear after reading your post! So funny! I am sure my boys would love to see Darth Vadar in a hot tub with some unlikely friends. Thanks!

Cristina said...

OR...J-man is a future super villain figuring out ways to do away with the superheroes. Do you think Mentholatum has the same properties as kryptonite? ;o)
In our house, normal is a big pile of pillows and fleece throws on the couch with superheroes, knights and dragons duking it out. Juggling scarves are used as different dragon breaths (red for fire, blue for icy blast,etc.)
Anyway, why be normal?
Peace and Laughter,

Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

I don't know any moms who have normal days. If I ever meet one I will kick her.

jewlsntexas said...

Why do they do stuff like that? I think it's God's little way of helping break up the monotony of life! hee hee
We have cherry chest rub at my house - I wonder if Superman would like that better! I better go "save" mine before my boy sees your blog - he'd probably use his to grease up a BB gun!