Monday, April 16, 2007

My Desk - Show and Confess

I was so thrilled when Halfmoogirl tagged OTHER people for this tag on her blog because I was really Thrilled when CoffeeMom hadn't mentioned me either. *LOL* Somehow - Fatty at Life on the Rocks thought of me after being tagged by, none other than Halfmoongirl.

Now if you go read Fatty's response to being tagged - you'll find pretty much my initial response. Only my Professor said "If you're going to be honest - you'll take the pictures as the desk sits."

Which caused me to laugh and I took the pictures.
Now as Fatty said in her blog post of the Desk-set, she's a pack rat. She and I are probably made of the same cloth as I'm a reforming pack rat (I speak by Faith). I don't have a huge amount of space to spread things out - so I have become a stacker.
Matter of fact, on top of my computer monitor are papers I need to turn into the church, B&W print outs of the American flag, a roll of masking tape, several music cd's, a sock, and a computer program. All stacked neatly on the monitor.
Though - when I think of how it looks in pictures -- I'm rather embarrassed.
Here's a photo of the desk from the middle of the room.

On the far left of the picture, that big black thing, is an antique upright grand that's in desperate need of tuning. So it's being used as a temporary storage.
The book case is full of school books and paraphernalia. Then the computer desk. We had to put the tower case on the shelf, because some one (who's initials are "J-man") likes to push the buttons.
Then the unit behind the bouncy horse is a lateral filing cabinet we use for bills, holding paper, and holding school papers and some manipulatives I use in school and crafts. On top is the professor's copier and some more stuff that I stacked there because I had to put it down in a hurry. From the computer chair, I can turn around and touch the blue recliner. It's not a huge space.
It doesn't look pretty and only gets worse. Go around the big blue chair and you find:
The drawer fell off my desk. We put it back. It fell again. There's a blanket under the table, too. (No it wasn't in the drawer) There are Easter bunnies on the desk top and a bunch of mail and filing. Gosh - I'm behind. I should quit blogging and get to it.

That door looking entry is a bric-a-brac shelving and holds some Precious Moments figures and a bunch of pictures - if it looks dusty that's because it is.

I never know what I'll find on the desk.

I'd show you the stacks of stuff on the copier, but it's really painful to look at. I've got to find a better place for my stickers. So there you have embarrassing peek into the laundry pile. It looks like a lot of clutter and I guess I should make the time to actually put things away, but when I get done with something, I'm off to the next task. I'll get this cleaned up, get stuff filed away and take an "After picture"

I'm just glad you didn't want to see my kitchen.


Anonymous said...

see how freeing that was! :o)
i really liked the comment about never knowing what you'll find.. i so relate. it makes me think of those great words said by winnie the pooh..
“One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries.”
although i do like to think of my clutter as "organized piles".
i also have the fallen drawer. it was hidden behind the computer desk!!
and the only reason you didn't see any toys or socks on the floor is because there is literally a line separating my "space" from the rest of the room. no children are allowed to cross it. it's where i started tearing up the carpet and stopped because i would have had to clear all my junk and i wasn't quite ready to tackle that just yet.
and yes, THANK GOD, the tag wasn't for my kitchen!!

Cristina said...

Actually, your desk isn't that bad. Our "community" desk is the drop spot for anything my husband is holding or has in his pockets. Maybe he thinks it's airport security? Anyway, I'm not complaining. I've made a lot of money from gathering loose change. :o)
Since you are curious...I had a message on "Thinking and Thinking" from another nominee who opined (in jest, I'm sure)that "since many of the winning blogs were Catholic, maybe we should convert for next year, lol."
I then thought (because, really, I think too much) that maybe I should come clean on who I am, since it is not in my nature to pretend to be something I'm not. Besides, I have great faith in my friends and the nature of our friendship. You just proved that! :o)
Anyway, I hate to tell you, but I've never worked in a circus either, even though I juggle. ;o)
Peace and Laughter,

Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

Hey the only reason my desk is so neat is because Bill's desk is right behind mine and that is where I throw all the junk. I make him look like the slob LOL.
Anyway, those of us who have known you for a while have seen your desk before, I seem to remember some kind of fortress built around it so G could do some keyboarding practice!

Anonymous said...

oh yes... by all means share the pain..

Cristina said...

Just so you know, the blogpoll is on the sidebar, on the left. I like my username jugglingpaynes too, but I also like to name things, so don't deny me this small pleasure in my life. ;o)
Right now, I noticed that someone voted for "Juggling is Throwing Up."
I'm betting it was CarpeBanana.

Peace and Laughter,

appleleaf said...

I've seen a few of these desk pictures now and they're all fun. It looks like you utilise as much space as possible for all the great things that you do. One thing about "stackers" is that you must always have a pretty good idea of where to find things. Your shelves of homeschooling books & curriculum looks very interesting from a distance. Thanks for that visit into your working area, not to mention all your kind & encouraging comments. Update: Blake is much better & I did have a much better sleep last night.

Cristina said...

OK, one more time. See if it works. Technical support came home from work and helped me out.

Let me know, at worst, I can just post the list and you can tell me what you want to vote for. (And how many times.)
Peace and Laughter,

Halfmoon Girl said...

That's great. I thought your comment about me not tagging you was funny- I was going to tage you but for some reason thought I had already been to your site and that you had been tagged previously. I realized after that that was not the case,but there you go, I got to see your space anyways as Fatty got you! Never mind kitchens, how 'bout we show our laundry spaces!