Sunday, April 1, 2007

The Quirky Voting has begun

Jewlsntexas has begun the Quirky Quote Contest Voting.
I almost typed that out in All "Q"s. Quontest??
Where was I?
Oh yeah.
To answer your questions -
Yes - I submitted 2 quotes. (Mine are #9 & #10)
Yes - I would love your vote for my 2 quotes (as you get 2 votes per day)
But really, There are some really good quotes in this bunch -
and pick the one(s) that you like the best.
Be careful how you vote (you really have to click that little circle) because it seems to me that it's a bit of a quirky voting "thing". O'course, it could have been operator error.
But we wouldn't want to have a recount. Now would we??
Okay, ya'll, that was funny.
Or maybe it's just me.
And even if it was - it's still funny.


jewlsntexas said...

#27 had a broken link - it rerouted me back to my own blog profile. I contacted her and she re-entered at #34 -

Anonymous said...

Ok, I have been voting 2x per day, for my own, because I would love a blogover. BUT, I have decided tonight that I am going to vote for the quote I like the best now.

FYI, I didn't see the # of your quote in this post. IF I didn't overlook it, you should putit on display so others can read vote for you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for leaving me a note on my blog. I knew that bloglines sent the post to all my subscribers, actually that post was available to everyone until this morning. When I don't get many comments on a post (read that 0 ) then I sometimes change it to friends only to keep the blog from getting cluttered. I'm just glad to know that someone actually read it! And, I'm glad to know that you're a subscriber. I only know two of you so far.

Cristina said...

I voted for your dog quote. That's one of my favorites!
About your comment--I think I've learned more about math from teaching my kids than I ever learned in school. I guess my concern is always about whether the school district is going to look at that score and say, "Hey! What's going on here???" I know, slim possibility that they would look, but still,I worry.
Peace and Laughter,

jeanne said...

hey it is jeanne from wonderlandlearningcenter...homeschool blogger...I can't get to my blog either...what is the deal?...I thought if I went to someone elses I could login in from there but no has been this way for a week