Friday, April 6, 2007

We had a book day!

Remember when I told you about ordering up some books for next year's curriculum?

I forgot to tell you they came!

The last week of March, we got boxes each day for three days. It was so much fun! More fun that Christmas, even - because the kids could oooo and aahhh with me. Instead of me ooooing and aaaahing and sneaking and peeking.

Which, I admit, is oodles of fun, too!

Books Glorious Books!
This picture shows our book cache from Sonlight books. We also got our books from My Father's World and ABeka books.

I have to say - Mini-Me's eyes got as big as saucers when she saw books with a big "3" on them. It was proof that she was going to enter the 3rd grade before she got old.

G got into the act, too. He enjoyed being "buried" by books.

He also decided to follow Mini-Me's cue and say "I'm going into the First grade?"

followed by "When??"

Today I received the last remaining book for my library called "Considering God's Creation" by Mortimer and Smith. It is fantastic, in my visual opinion. I was coming off a frustration with a lack of understanding of the KONOS unit on plants and animals. THIS book would have made it all so much easier. So I'm going to give this a good thorough looking through and we're going to figure out our summer school.

My current question is: Where in this Laundry Pile am I going to put another book case?


ThoughtfulMom said...

My friend,

I really don't know.

But, I thoroughly enjoyed poking through your treasures the other day! I can't wait to have a look at Mortimer, too.

Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

How could you skip the small detail of receiving the books!? An infusion on my books is just what would get me out of my homeschool funk. If you're worried about where to put another bookshelf, you could always move something not as important out, like the dining room table or the beds maybe ;-)