Wednesday, April 11, 2007

*sniff* I love you guys! *sniff*

Edited to add my awards!!

I've so laughed and enjoyed the comments you've made about our Speech Therapy adventure. I've felt so pumped up and encouraged and I was just thinking bloggerlife was good and really that it couldn't get much better.

I was wrong. Yep. It got better. I've been given a Thinking Blog Award.

Honest to gosh. I nearly fell out of my chair when I read it. I didn't realized I HAD been thinking. I clicked over to ApplesofGold - because my RSS Reader said there was a new post (And I love this blog so I hopped over) and there it was plain as day. I think it might have been red print, but I can't get HSB to let me over there to see for myself. My RSS feed reader is all black and white.

I was so honored and touched. I thought -- Has she been reading the same stuff I've been writing?

No. That's not true...I didn't think that. I really just re-read my name again and thought REALLY?? ME???? Then just wanted to cry. Happy tears.

I called The Professor and told him all about it. By the time he answered, I was practically giddy.

Later that day my Bloglines showed me that Kahri had posted something new - and new again. Since I am very interested in what she has to say (I think it's because we're amused at the same stuff.) I clicked over to her posts. She's a mom who has her hands full and still presents the Joy of the Lord. So when I saw that She had given me a Thinking Blog award too the kids nearly had to pick me up off the floor!

*ALMOST USELESS INFORMATION -- ** You see, I dual-post to Yahoo!360. I have friends there - my family knows my blog is there - and that's actually where I first started blogging. And then I love the avatars - and the nifty trinkets and such. And then I started at HSB .... and now I'm at Blogger - but still dual-posting to 360!. So there's that tidbit of useless information. I can hear Melanie saying "Ya know - there's this thing called a "Feed"..." But for some reason - it's JUST NOT THE SAME.

Now the total bonus is that Kahri (rhymes with Starry) and I have met BRIEFLY - once. And I just knew I liked her. She was one of the reasons I joined the Homeschool group that I did. (And then she quit for a while....but we won't talk about that because she's back) Now we have this whole blogger association.

To find that she thinks I think is something I find phenomenal. Because if anyone should get an award it should be her. Wait. She did. Drats. Now who am I going to give the award to? *** AND NOW BACK TO OUR PROGRAM***

Needless to say, I called The Professor again. and just gushed!!

"I can't believe she said I challenged her faith! I haven't felt like I was up to challenging anyone's faith - except my own." As you can tell by this ramble -- that I'm still giddy.

Gosh - I love you guys! It may sound funny, but I consider this kisses from God through two ladies I like very much.

I've been wracking my brain all day as to who I can pass the joy along to...and I'm going to think on it a bit more. The Originator of the award says that this has to be a legitimate award...and gosh darn it. I think everyone I'd nominate...those that make me really think has already received the award.

I'd hate for the award to get lost in the laundry pile. :-)

Edits follow:
I finally decided who I would give my awards too. I finally figured out that I should go with those bloggers who post something...and when it pops up on my Bloglines - I immediately stop to read what they have to say. So even if you've already gotten a Thinking Blogger Award - here you go.

#1 -- AppleLeaf over at HSB. She's a part-time author and a full-time homeschooling mom. I mean, Mum. As far as I'm concerned she's quite the thinker. I love reading the posts that she writes. As a matter of fact, She's one of the first Blogs I read. She immediately got me inspired through her blog name ("Keep Homeschool Fun"). She further inspired me because SHE WRITES!! I consider this proof that there's hope for the writer in me!
Someone remind me to order her books.

#2 -- CoffeeMom -- CoffeeMom did more for getting me to jump the HSB ship than anyone else. She had already jumped ship - and told me that the water is fine. I mean - how many other bloggers can post a poem about frogs and have it look normal? How many other people know who Banjo Patterson IS?! And then there's that whole coffee thing....We have the bond of caffeine.

#3 -- Kahri. -- I meant what I said before. Besides - the verse on the top page of her blog is my verse. She and I are peculiar people. I still can't figure out how to put the stuff on my side bar like she does - but at least she's got me thinking about it. Besides - there aren't many people out there who admit to being peculiar.

#4 -- Callapidder Days -- She doesn't know me from Adam. But she also did much to inpsire me that I might be able to write and raise kids at the same time. And then there's that whole "Spring Reading Thing"...

#5 - ApplesofGold -- I love reading what Holly writes. I love to read about her homesteading. She is down to earth and I love watching her learn about learning and then blogging about it.

I know I'm only supposed to have 5 but I have to award my IRL friend who got me blogging -- Thoughtful Mom -- She is a good friend. She is a curriculum junkie. She put the two together to introduce me to MyFather'sWorld and to Considering God's Creation.

So there you go. I wanted to just award my award to all the blogs that I read and it was difficult to limit myself to 5 (or 6)!

So Go! Retrieve your awards, my friends!! You can Get the icons and rules of the game here: at The Thinking Blog

Happy Thinking!


Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

I've been seeing these awards around, hoping one of my thinking friends would get one. I'm so glad it's you!

appleleaf said...

Congratulations. That award sounds just the thing you needed after a very tough week. I read about your speech therapy experiences with interest. You know, you've just reinforced my opinion that many of those therapists and doctors are very "Text-booky" types who love to size people up instantly, make snap judgments and whack us with labels. Good on you for taking it all with a grain of salt. (Off the topic a bit, I'm sure too many healthy, exuberant little boys who are behaving the way God made them are given ADD or ADHD labels anyway)
Once again, many congrats on your "Thinking Blogger" award!

Jenn4Him said...

Congratulations! Rejoicing with you and for you!

ThoughtfulMom said...


Cristina said...

Congratulations! See, things are looking up again!
Do me a favor? Thank Halfmoon Girl for me for her comment on my blog. I don't have a Google/Blogger account and she doesn't have an other option.
(Although if it keeps taking me 10-20 minutes to upload an entry or comment, I might find my way here.) ;o) Anyway, tell her I've been reading her blog and I hope some day to tell her in person (virtually).
Peace and Laughter,

Halfmoon Girl said...

Congratulations, I have enjoyed reading your blog, and you do make me think. You are not so wordy and intellectual that I feel like a total dumb-dumb cause I can't follow what you are saying. Your posts are down to earth and real.

Halfmoon Girl said...

Me again. Thanks for passing along the message from Cristina.

The Lynn/Coon Family said...

You are so awesome! I can't wait to actually see you in person again! (you should have said hi at Mardels) Anyway, thank you for your sweet words and your wonderful blogs....both of them! :-) You deserve BOTH awards too!

Katrina said...

Aw, thank you so much for the award. I'm honored!

Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

Awww, thanks for the award, it means a lot coming from you. I'm so glad you came over here to blog, it's much faster.
Now to come up with my five, that's a tough one, you've got one, Paula, thoughtful too. Hmmm, I think this is the thinking part of the award LOL
Thanks again
PS I'm glad you enjoyed the frog poem!