Monday, April 9, 2007

An Adventure in Speech

Who knew that speech therapy could be an adventure? Ha. Life is always an adventure. Just GETTING to speech Therapy on Monday proved to be an adventure in itself.

The first speech therapy appointment went okay - but the speech therapist nearly immediately put me on my guard. I say "nearly" because she did say "hi" and we shook hands. And I liked her work room. There were toys. (J was immediately attracted to the BuzzLightyear Yahtzee game) There was a little table with little chairs. She got out her bubbles and started to blow bubbles to get to know Jman and to hear me tell my tale. J-man loved popping bubbles.

"Has anyone else in the family been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD?" she asked.

Guard went up. I'm surprised she couldn't hear it. I'm sure it was loud. I'm sure it clicked. Maybe it was a "whooooomping" sound. Or a "whoooshing" - like the doors in Star Trek. Whatever the sound....the guard went up. I said "no" - but what I really wanted to say was "No - and neither is he. He's three. He's a boy. Deal with it." But I wasn't ready to argue. Yet.

Though, I thought of many things to say AFTER my appointment.

So she talks to him. Shows him pictures to identify. One was a feather. I told her that he probably didn't know what that was - The Professor is allergic. She has him repeat words.

He drops his final consonant on many words. Substitutes a sound (that sounds like "che") for other sounds he's not used to saying.

She threw out labels at me that I still don't know what they mean. One had to do with the flipping of words. Not dyslexia - but had to do with him saying "cup" backward. He didn't say it backward, he just said it "Chu".

Somewhere in our interview, She suggested I put him into a Mother's day out program once or twice a week..or another type of program like it.

Excuse me?? This is not something to tell a homeschool mom - especially one who was homeschooled during the "dark ages" of homeschooling.

She did finally suggest that maybe I could get him involved with the homeschool support group. I pointed out that he's with his big brother & sister CONSTANTLY. And that we go to church - a lot.

I ask you, How much more language interaction could he possibly need??

She suggested we have table time...time for him to finger paint, play in a tub of rice or beans - sensory type things in order to get him used to sitting still. To make her job easier.

I'm sorry?? Why??

You have to know - He was sitting VERY still for her. I admit that he was very interested in the Buzz Yahtzee. He also wanted to watch her write behind her little easel board. But He was sitting as still as any 3 year old possible can. I mean, really, He can sit for hours and play with his batman. I thought, "Maybe you shouldn't be so boring."

Yes, that's right. I thought it. My guard was up and apparently, I've got a sarcastic guard.

I'm not entirely sure this lady has had much interaction with boys. You can just tell. I remember the OB that delivered G. I actually asked her if she had kids. She wanted to know why I asked. "Because you're a heartless shrew" came to mind. As the professor says "She was competent."

I had the same sort of thoughts with this therapy session.
It was obvious that she had been educated with a worldly point of view - or had one to begin with.

So We went to get a second opinion.
On Monday.
Her name is Judy.
I like her.

She didn't say anything about J-man being 3...
or that he needed to sit still.
Or that we needed to put him in school.

Oh - J said "Scissors" with the "z" sound at the end!!! My mama's heart was very proud.

She said that J was suffering the direct result of having constant fluid in his ears... His speech is the result of hearing things much like it would sound in a barrell or under water. She sounded hopeful. She had no labels to stick on my Captain J. Besides, That's my job. Only mommy approved labels in the Laundry Pile.

Our insurance probably won't pay for these sessions. They told us so. Though the first therapists office told us that they knew what diagnosis codes to use in order to get paid.

The second therapist said that she thought the insurance company SHOULD pay for it.
I like her.

And that is the first installment in our speech therapy adventure.
We go back next week. And then we have a hearing screening the following week, just to make sure.

I just KNOW God will restore all that the enemy has tried to steal.
I know it because --

THAT is the label I'm sticking to my J-man.


Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

I can totally relate! It's really frustrating when someone who doesn't know your child, or really seem to know children in general, sticks a label on them. So many times I have wondered what these people are taught in therapist school. Having said that, I must tell you that our current group of workers are wonderful. I'm very happy with them, but it hasn't always been so, we've been through some that came from the bottom of the pile.
It sounds like your second opinion gal was right on track. Good for you for sticking with your gut!

ThoughtfulMom said...

I'm glad you like our Ms. Judy. :) She was wonderful.

Halfmoon Girl said...

I am glad you listened to yourself own mommy heart. I taught preschool before having kids and have subbed occasionally since, and have a lot more grace and understanding now. I know when I took my training, it was heavily influenced by the feminist movement- that is to say that gender differences were not really encouraged. I think I had better just blog about this tonight instead of going on about it on your space.

Jenn4Him said...

I agree. It is up to us moms to be the advocate for our children who need a little extra help in this crazy world. You have good Mommy Radar. May the force be with you!