Monday, April 9, 2007

Homeschool Blogger Awards

It's time to vote!
The Homeschool Blogger Nominations are up and votes are being taken this week only!

Two friends of mine are up for votes...

"Best Cyber Buddy" is CoffeeMom And if you haven't seen her new template- check it out.

The "International" category has AppleLeaf and her Keep Homeschool Fun blog.
Oh- I Forgot about this one! How could I forget a fellow Calvin & Hobbes fan?!?
Cristina at Juggling Paynes has been Nominated for Funniest Blog. Which has surprised her and I think it's too much fun as she's quite deserving as she's quite funny.


Cristina said...

I got nominated too, for funniest blog.
This is a lot of pressure for me!I wanted to sit on the side and watch.

Peace and Laughter,

appleleaf said...

I love your new blog. Thanks for your plug about the awards. By the way, was it you who nominated me, as you said you might? If so, thanks so much, I'm having such fun looking at them all.
Looking at your last few posts, I see you & I have even more in common than I realised. I knew that our 8yo daughters were born quite close together, but now I realise that so were our 3yo sons! Blake's birthday was March 26th and he has a gorgeous, sunny smile just like your little J-Man. What a blessing it was that God was looking after you during that delivery that could've had so many with the cord but didn't. And don't 3 years go fast?