Sunday, April 29, 2007

Some days are like that...

The Laundry Pile inhabitants are not feeling well. We're not sure why - and we're not calling anything by names - It started last night with Mini-Me just suddenly throwing up. Which got The Professor off of his game (I think it was 12am - a new day) and Got Mini-E awake. Which also got me awake.

The problem with bunkbeds...among the difficulty of changing the the difficulty of changing the sheets should the child in the top bunk happen to get sick. The Professor was a tropper last night as I am a mom with a very weak stomach.

He ended up changing sheets twice - and running two loads of laundry.

Then we had the battle with Mini-E. She apparently had decided that it was fun being awake and stayed that way until 5am.

We missed church for the first time in a long while. Now the only ones really feeling 100% are the boys. Everyone else needs a major nap. The Professor isn't feeling well and I sent him to bed. Mini-E is still not wanting to sleep now (I'm letting her cry and exercise her lungs).

It wasn't a bad day - it was just an unusual day. I've prayed over everyone and just waiting for healings to manifest.

J-man likes for me to sit with him until he falls asleep. I don't remember how this tradition started, but it's not often the most advantageous to accomplishing anything. Tonight, he was so wired up from playing with G, that I needed to sit with him. Otherwise, I'd be chasing him down the hall many times.

I grabbed some paper to write a letter from my desk in our bedroom and turned. There he was standing in his doorway waiting. He gleefully hopped, and patted the little wooden chair for me to sit, and he dashed into his bed and snuggled in with his little birthday monkey.

He is so cute and adorable that it makes it difficult for me to be stern.

I have been struggling the last few days as to why I haven't done certain things outside our home. And I realized today, after trying to heap self-condemnation on myself, that I was not called to do them. I'm typing this out because I need to get it from my head to my heart.

I'm not called to do those things. Even though it would be fun - I'm just not called. At least not right now.

Our church is having a VBS sign-up and children's month. I had absolutely no peace about being involved. I've been involved in VBS since we started with the church. That's roughly 6 years. (Gosh!) So it was strange to think that I wouldn't be invovled this year. But the lack of peace carried over - and continued. I kept praying, but it was ever with me. Until I said to the Professor, "We're not supposed to be involved."

We're not called to VBS this year. We don't know why - only God does. It could be that the Professor will be deployed. It could be any number of things - but I have peace. And I'm going to let the Peace of God reign.

And so with these other things in life. I'm just not called right now - so I'm going to go my merry way, fold some laundry, snuggle a slightly feverish Mini-Me or cranky E, and maybe even whistle while I work.

It's nice knowing I"m only called to do what I need to do - it solves so much striving and inner struggles.

Mini-E has fallen asleep - I think I'll fold a basket of laundry and join the rest of the household in dream land.


Jennifer said...

Glad to have found your new site!

Ahhh! The throwing up in the bunk bed saga - we had it here too not too long ago. Unfortunately, my dd's inclination was to just throw up over the side which meant it was splattered all over the carpet, her dresser and her sister's bed underneath. Maybe we can invent some kind of device to keep up there just for emergencies???

Anonymous said...

i am glad you are letting peace reign..

i hope everyone feels better and you get some rest!

ThoughtfulMom said...

Ain't it great to know that we only have to do what He's called us to do? I have a peace about skipping VBS this summer, too. Evenings just don't work for us. Plus I have that maternity leave thing going for me.

Praying healing for Mini-Me and sleep for Mini-E and REST and health for all!

Halfmoon Girl said...

Hope you all get some rest tonight.
I can have a hard time saying no to things- I can tend to be a people pleaser. I am striving to fear God more than man and follow His leading.

TobyBo said...

Hope everyoone is feeling better today.