Friday, April 13, 2007

When Your Child is 6 to 12 - a Reviewish-type post

I am WAAAAAAY behind in my Spring Reading Thing book list. (You can see the list on the right sidebar) And it's rather sad that I'm behind, I don't have that long of a list going for me.

Part of my problem comes from the fact that I ordered 3 more books and immediately skimmed through them. *LOL* I should have waited! But they were NEW. They had that NEW book smell that every Bibliophile loves.

Last night I let The Professor play on the computer and I read my book. I finished "When your child is 6 to 12" by John M. Drescher. I really thought it would take just a little bit of time for me to read this book - but, as you can tell, it took longer.

His writing style reminded me very much of Max Lucado's. He has a very down to earth writing style which is easy to read & Understand. Which in turn made it difficult for me...because it allowed my mind to wander.

I'd try to force myself to go back to re-read what it was I hadn't just read. There is no ground-breaking information here...EXCEPT that Drescher maintains the ages between 6 & 12 are the lost ages. He says pretty much, that these are easy ages and we just get a bit slack.

Kind of like reading his book. I just had that revelation. He says (and this is Comfy's version) that we take these ages for granted because (for the most part) these kids understand the rules. They are mostly obedient.

But he says that this the time we need to pour into our kids continued moral direction...he calls this age The Parent's Last Great Opportunity.

No pressure.

The last great opportunity to hold your child, spend time with your child (by the teen years they don't want to be seen with you), to instill values, to read to your child, and to teach the facts about sex (gasp -- I still don't know where babies come from and I need to teach my kids?).

In the "Last chance to hold your kids" I realized that I wasn't hugging G enough. It shocked me, really. I realized I was taking him for granted. (He's just announced that he doesn't like kisses..*sniff*) so I made sure I asked for a G-sized hug every day.

All in all, it was a good book. I'd recommend it as he has some good points about children imitating their parents and their need for structure and love.

It was a good start to the rest of my reading. Most of the books on my reading list came to me because I had the horrific realization that Mini-Me, in some circles, would be considered a 'pre-teen'. So I guess I'm on to deeper books like "Your Girl" and "Say Goodbye to Whining".


Our Peculiar Life said...

well since I have two in between those ages you have convinced me to get the book! I ordered it from the library. :-)

KarenW said...

Sounds like a great book. I am watching my 9 year, my baby, old grow up way too fast.