Tuesday, April 10, 2007

GETTING to the Therapy Appointment..

I forgot to tell you of the adventure I had in GETTING to the therapy appointment on Monday.

It actually started on Saturday. We helped our family give a house "curb appeal" to help it sell. It's a rent house owned by my grandmother. So we went on Saturday and helped plant flowers and dig dirt. It really did look nice from the curb when it was done - and the house wasn't even close to being done when The Professor and I took our kids and left.

On the way home, J-man fell asleep and woke up about 20 minutes later sticking his finger in his ear and crying. In our house, that's a quick trip to the pediatrician. He was fine on Sunday (threw an unrelated temper tantrum at church, though. That story actually started 2 weeks ago but has no correlation to my current adventure.)

Since we were heading off for speech therapy later that day, we decided to visit the pediatrician, just to be safe. His ears were fine. He even double checked when I told him what we were doing later that morning.

I called my mom on the way home and told her our news. She was going to come up and stay with the big kids while J and I had the appointment. I still don't know what happened. She isn't sure either....

I got home. Ran a load of laundry picked up a few things. Had the kids pick up a few things.
Started lunch. Hot dogs and chili, should you wonder.
The time kept eeking by. About the time I was supposed to be leaving the house, I called my mom thinking we had missed each other and maybe she wasn't coming. She hadn't been feeling well at all the past few days. She was 20 minutes away.

So we agreed to meet at the therapists office.

I hopped onto the turnpike.
Made my way up the main street toward the therapists office ------- and -----

got pulled over for speeding.

I feel honored, actually, it was an unmarked police car.
It was going the other direction when I saw it. I knew it was a police car.
I knew I was speeding, I just didn't know by how much.
The officer was nice enough to tell me. 55 mph in a 40mph zone.
I apologized and told him that "we were late and I was stressed."

I think he took FOREVER to write my ticket. But he finally gave me my citation and was nice enough, because of my good driving record, to mark down that I'd only been going 49. He said that way it won't show up on my insurance or driving record. That was a nice thing. I thanked him for pulling me over, and I meant it, because I hadn't realized how fast I had been going.

As I told the Professor, I saw a straight-away and ran for it. Yes, I called him while I was waiting for my ticket. (I told you it took a very long time!) .... and told him, "I should warn you, I'm about to get a ticket." "Why?" I guess he thought it was going to be premeditated... I told him and he just said "I love you."

I wanted to cry and laugh at the same time.

We were on our way again and I couldn't find the therapists office.
I had the address. But couldn't find the exact office. Her office is in a bunch of little and big buildings all nestled together in a complex.

And she wasn't answering her phone. (She was with another little client.) I should have called sooner to find out where they were located but didn't. My bad.

We found the office. Finally.
Then my mom couldn't find it.

She did. Arriving for the last few moments of our appointment. Which meant she was able to take the kids outside for the last little bit. Which did work out, I just felt bad that she had to drive all that way and then got lost.

It was quite the comedy of errors day.

I now know that unmarked police cars do NOT have city issued license plates. Our big city has 2, by the way, that I know of...a maroon one and a white one.

I know that the MPH through there is 40.

And I know where the therapists office is. Very important information for our adventure.


ApplesofGold said...

Hi Amelia. You read my blog before I had time to tell you about the award!! LOL
All you have to do is post an entry explaining about Thinking Blogger awards, post a link to the original source of it & the rules:

I took the rules off this blog, but you can paste them off mine, too.
Also, here's a link to the award so you can download it, put it in photobucket and then put it on your blog:

Consider yourself hugged back!
What a day you had in this post. I'm so sorry it was like that. Oh, and that first therapist you saw-I was getting mad just reading about her. I hope you can let her know why you're not using her-she really needs a clue. Arghhh!
I'm so glad you found someone better.

Anonymous said...

i love comedy of errors days.
(it's a good thing because we have many!!)
although when you're going through them they are hectic and frustrating, but they make for great laughter and great stories later don't they?

Tiany said...

I followed a comment you left on another blog and decided to come visit you! Your littles are precious and the pic of your new books got me all excited and ready to start looking for our new curriculum!

Have a blessed week!

Cristina said...

I'm sorry you had such a hard day. Believe me, I've had days like that. It never rains but pours. At least you had an understanding officer.
By the way, I'm am so proud of you for getting a second opinion. Most parents would have sucked it up and left with a few prescriptions in their pocket when all they need is to understand that boys are naturally ADD, hyperactive, whatever you want to call it and the cure is growing up. Consider my entry on Tinkerbell. I had a whole conversation with my son and later realized he wasn't even listening to himself!
Take care, hugs from NY
Peace and Laughter,

Jenn4Him said...

Days like that make me thankful when I have ones that I don't even have to leave the house! (Which would be every day if I could!) Glad to hear you made it after all to the appointment.