Friday, April 20, 2007

A very sweet day...

I had to share my day because I saw very sweet sides to my boys today. I have to say, I thought about blogging earlier, but I'm rather tired. Then I read Fatty's Blog Entry about her boys..and my heart melted.

Today my friend came to visit. She's 3 weeks post-partum and came to visit. We welcomed her with open arms and suckers...and squirtguns... She brought along her baby "A" and her first born, "E".

E has crush on my G.
He, of course, is oblivious to it.
He's 6 I would hope he'd be oblivious to it.
Knowing that E has a crush on my boy just rather makes me giggle. Because G is a tackler sort of a fellow.

His love-language, I think, is the Smackdown.
I do see his sensitvie side because I'm his mom. I see it especially when J-man messes with his stuff. But mostly, he lives his life on the run..or the jump...or the bounce...whatever the method - he's on the move.

Today, he had a constant, 3 year old shadow. It was precious. Of course, I'm watching it knowing that she's crushing on my son and just enjoying it. When I wasn't holding the baby.

He was patient with her, he let her sit next to him while they ate dinner - he even teamed up with her for a squirt gun fight. It was so incredibly sweet that I was amazed. My heart warmed at least 6 degrees watching it all happen. As evening came, G wanted to play a computer game (he loves and his shadow wanted to watch.

My other surprise came when J-man brought E a chair!! At first I thought he was taking it to the desk for himself...but no - he carried it for her and to her. *GASP* he was thoughtful!!

We got the chair all situated with G letting her sit next to him. She pestered him a bit and he didn't yell or cry at her AT ALL!! Which is proof, I think, that God's grace can be sufficient for 6 year olds, because I'm not sure he'd have been that patient with a sibling.

While this was going on, J-man sat next to Emma'sMom. He chatted about the baby. He chatted about me and he chatted and chatted - some of which we have no idea what he was talking about...but he was having a great time. He loved on the baby...and beamed smiles at the baby. He would look adoringly and said "Baby Tute!". I think this mom has a new best buddy. Oh, my...

I was amazed. and over joyed and just in love with my boys!!

I know J-man loved on Mini-E when she was born, I have pictoral proof. Then she got big and messed in his stuff (You don't mess with his action figures!) Pretty much, I guess the new has worn off. She is a year old, after all.

Sometimes, we - I mean I - get so involved in day to day things and wondering if I'm rearing my kids right or training them in the "Way they should go" enough. Then there's a day like today. I see the baby love in my J-man -- and I see a patience in G and I think, "Wow. They can use their powers for good."

We also had a moment with Mini-Me toward her brothers they other day -
I told Mini-Me & G, that our J-man would be their biggest cheerleader if they'd let him. Mini-Me pipes up and says, bossily, "I've been in love with him for 8 years."

By which she meant that she loves him. I point out that I was talking about J-man and she corrects herself in words, but not attitude, and states: "I've been in love with him his whole life."

Today, she let J-man be on her "Team" while they spied on G & E. (G & E were spying on them, too. It was a vast backyard conspiracy)

As I'm reliving this and thinking on it - I just want to go kiss my kids...but they might protest. They're asleep. And G doesn't want kisses any more. (Minor details.) I guess I could go watch them sleep. They'll be big before I know it.

It's those glimpses that make me step back and see that something's at work here that I didn't see before. Something that can only be the Holy Spirit. It excites me because I'm pretty sure it isn't me. It's also moments and days like this that make me realize that I need to make a concerted effort to enjoy the season that I'm in and not try to rush to the next. Or try to make this season fit into a different (my) mold. It is what it is.

Life here in the laundry pile is good. We're in love with each other.
It's all good.


ThoughtfulMom said...

May today be as fantastic as yesterday was!

Our Peculiar Life said...

I love reading your writing. You could write about having the flu and it would be great!!!

Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

Yeah Fatty's blog about her boys did it for me too.
It sounds like you guys had a terrific day yesterday, I love those days.

Halfmoon Girl said...

Aww, that was great. Those times are something to savour.

appleleaf said...

Thanks for sharing these sweet little cameos. They are definitely what makes a mother's life special.
We all have those days when we wonder if we're making enough effort in the "bringing up" side of things, and I loved your reminder that trusting the loving hearts God has planted in our children is a big part of it. So rather than just moulding and nurturing our children, let's remember to sit back, as you did, and allow them to bless us.

amy said...

What a sweet story!

Holly said...

Aww-your kids are so precious, Amelia! It is so wonderful & encouraging when we moms get to see these kinds of moments.
I'm so glad you shared this. Holly

Anonymous said...

it is all good isn't it...
even when it's bad. :o)

and i am cracking up at g's love language! too funny!