Thursday, April 19, 2007

An Eggciting time..

I wanted to post about our Egg dying, but forgot to take photos of the process...I mean - after the boiling of the eggs. For some reason, I was genious enough to take that photo.
I mean, boiling eggs makes such a kodak moment. Don't you think?

And then I forgot to take pictures of the fun of dying the eggs. We covered the table with black, plastic trash bags and got set to go. We had trouble getting the coloring tabs to dissolve. I'm not sure what happened - operator error or cheap egg dye - but we finally managed to get some good color.

Egg coloring Dye is useful in coloring other things, too.

J-man used his hands to put the eggs in and out of the dye. We finally had to put him in a bubble bath. A normal soap and water wash in the sink didn't work and he was leaving blue-green finger prints on his egg and didn't want to eat it.

Thank goodness for Mr. Bubbles.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

at least he wasn't leaving fingerprints on the painted wall or on his sister while he joined her in the litter box...
see... silver lining... silver lining.. :o)

besides, if kids didn't do this stuff what would we have to bribe them with later in life...