Monday, August 30, 2010

Quotable Kids...

I have some quotable kids. And mostly, though, they're quotable by accident.

~ Mini-Me was playing with J-man. Ages 11.5 & 6. She was heard, in character, "Let him go! He's *MY* Science Experiment!"

Gotta love that.

~ Then there was the time when J-man was yelling at Bubbles, who seems to have made it her life mission to annoy the sibs at random times (She's four. It might be her job description.) He yelled at her, "Go away!! Find your own troll bridge!"

Seriously. I loved it.

~ Let's see. There was the time we were heading home from church. We attend church on Sunday night and it was late. When I left the building, I was hot! The Van was hot. So I cranked up the A/C. If you've got it, use it, I say. J-man developed a case of hiccups. "I've got the hiccups AND I'm cold. This is torture!"

~ Bubbles just told me, "You have a beautiful brain."

Of course, part of me wonders what she's after, but I'll take what I can get.

~ Mini-Me is part of a very small youth group and she doesn't exactly fit in. She said, "The girls were talking about how mean their mothers were."

I asked her, knowing I'm often mean and the established bad cop, "What did you say?"

"I just told them 'my mom is fun' and they just looked at me."

Awwwww.... my kids do love me.

~ J-man will often mangle songs. My favorite was "Old MacDonald had some glasses, with a blink blink here, blink blink there blink blink everywhere I go."

I wish I could capture everything they say. I'd put it in a bottle. to bring out when I needed an extra smile.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Check it...

Check the flowers in the back seat of Mary Mary's car. 

And then get your groove on.... 

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Project Wear Yellow

Toby is one of the dearest people you'd probably ever want to meet. She makes me smile. She's one of the bloggers I met over at HSB and she's still there. Still inspiring. Still hanging out with me AND!! She has Melrose.

Over in her corner of the blogosphere, Toby has started "Operation Yellow".

Go check it out.

I'll wait.

*Sings to self "Tie a yellow ribbon 'round the old oak tree...."*

Oh! Welcome back. So whatddya think?

It's not so much a play along sort of thing, though I guess it could be. Playing at Hope might actually result in a rising measure of the stuff. I know. I had a great time Hanging yellow on our tree. My hope grew, my appreciation for God grew, even if we did come slamming down hard the next day. Still, it's a memory in my brain. Such a marking point that when it's no longer rainy (Thank God for the Rain!) I'll replace my soggy paper streamers with new ones.

When it snows, though, I might have to refrain from decorating my snow with yellow. Neighbors might not appreciate it.

Yellow MUMS though!!! oooo Now that's a stroke of brilliance.

I love brilliant strokes.

*blink* *blink*
I'm rambling. Sorry.

I blame the four year old marching through the house pretending she's a trumpet. And the older kids yelling at her to be quiet. Trumpeting four-year-olds are LOUD - in case you wanted to know.

What was I saying? Oh. Yeah. Project Yellow.

We should all take part - there's too many people who really don't have much hope. And if we start talking about Yellow, we might just have an opportunity to talk about WHY We have hope ...and that could be an interesting moment.

Today, I was playing instead of teaching -- and took part in a blogthings quiz. They're my faves because I'm easily amused and they're short. They're not always right - but they're fun. Today - today's answer was perfect for Operation Yellow. And it really did help urge me to write about this today.

Your Inner Color is Yellow

Your Personality: Life's too short not to have fun. Your bright energy brings joy and laughter to those around you.

You in Love: A total flirt, you need a lot of freedom to play. But you'll be loyal to that one person who makes you feel safe.

Your Career: You love variety in a job, and you probably won't stick with one career. You would make a great professor, writer, or actor.

Will you join in?
I'll share my yellow paper with you if you need some.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

501 - An original.

I'm liking the post title. Really I am. Excuse me a moment while I admire it just a bit.

Oh, here...

Wordle: Being myselfI'm not sure how to make that bigger without making it here's the link.

It was fun. I thought about pasting something from my blog, or a story, but then decided I'd just talk about me. Not necessarily one of my favorite subjects, but it was fun.

So. Guess what??
That last post -- the one about the Gondola?? It was my 500th post.
Oh. My 4th blogversary is coming up, too. That'll be fun.

So - if you're still out there reading. What should we do for my 4th Blog day? What should I have done for my 500th post? I'm not writing 500 things about myself.

Even if I don't know what I'm going to do with all this celebratory goodness -- I know I was going to go back to where it all started. Which was on the Yahoo blog experiment. My friend suggested I switch to Homeschool blogger. So I did. Here is, apparently, my very first blog post on HSB. From that blog to this one, I've met some wonderful people who have become friends.  What's funny? "Emma'smom" from my very first blog post is still inspiring me today. I love that about her.

Just yesterday she reminded me "The world looks better when you're looking at Yellow."
(And I'm probably not saying that correctly but it was close.)

OH!! I forgot! After I blogged about the gondola in the 500th post - I was reminded of something someone said on Friday night. I was listening to him through a webcast and he said something much like "The heat is up - but pretty soon you'll break your shell and become popcorn!"

I loved that. Not all corn turns into popcorn, either, I found out.
But I'm excited that all the heat and pressure will turn into something fun.
I certainly like popcorn.

If you have ideas about what we should do to celebrate - let me know.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Gondola Ride...

Idaho's Silver Mountain
I wish there was a holy sort of gondola ride - like you find in the mountains.

Even though I'm rather scared (see: Terrified) of heights, I'd still like to ride one, I think. In a metaphorical sense, that is.

What I'm wishing was that we could have those highs with God - like I experienced on Friday - and have a slow ride back to reality.

Instead of the bone jarring drop that we had.

It was 115 degrees (heat index) on Saturday. The Professor's air conditioning was not working. And he was coming home day after day after day feeling headachy, ill and grumpy.

The A/C needed to be fixed. Bone Jarring: $1,300 to fix it AND the headlights that were not working. The little stick on the steering column was broken. It had to be replaced. The compressor on the A/C was out- and when the A/C blows there's several other things that need to be fixed, too. Just swell.

This is after the van's $1,500 bill LAST month.

Then Mini-Me's hamster dies. Sir Whisker's just dies. Robo.Dwarf hamsters really only live about 3 years. and we think he'd just reached his end. It was creepy fishing him out of the hamster cage.

One of the kids in Mini-me's youth group called her an Albino at their swim party. It greatly hurt her feelings. She tried to get even by splashing him - but the offender being a boy probably thought "hey, splash fight". I had to explain what an Albino is...and how she didn't fit the bill. She's the same coloring as Snow White. With out the cherry red lips.


I had to stay home from church because I had a nauseous G-man. The professor came home "blah" - which really let the wind out of my sails. I didn't know I had wind in my sails, either, until it was gone. "Blah" for him translates close to depression for the rest of the world.

It wasn't his weekend. And he's far from looking forward to work.

So. I'm wishing we had a slower descent back to reality.
Especially since reality sucks. 

Friday, August 13, 2010

Yellow in a Tree

My understanding of "yellow" began way back ....Wow. WAAAAAY back in April of '09. Here, if you don't have a "Wayback machine" (I've heard they're hard to find) -- You can visit the first post here.'s been a continuing learning experience.
I've seen someone who needs hope receive a yellow scarf.
I get a smile everytime I see yellow.

And sometimes..God gives me a yellow kiss.

Sunday night in our little church, through a prophet in the room, God singled out a few people in attendance but then said this is for everyone.

He then said "Hope deferred makes the heart sick. Hope deferred makes the heart sick! I am going to give you all a new infusion of hope."

Well, I loved this. When you're going through a hard season, you need hope in order to be able to press through the chasm between the rock and the hard place. I knew I needed hope.

I woke up on Monday morning I woke up with the chorus "Tie a yellow ribbon 'round the old oak tree...." in my head. Mostly whenever that happens, that I wake up with a song in my head, it's God. So I thought. "Cool. I like that song." followed by something along the lines of "Weird, God." I didn't really think too much more about it. Except to come back and remember that I'd woken up with that really random song playing in my head. Tuesday I was still thinking about it.

It had my attention. Then I remembered. Yellow is the color for hope. Well. Awesome. How about that??

Wednesday, it still had my attention so I turned on YouTube and looked for the song and played it.
The song is about a man "who's done his time" in prison and it's "been three long years".
Three long years got my attention. For us, here in our laundry pile, it's been three long years.

Of course, you know the story in the song. If you don't - never fear. I'm giving you a link. The crux of it is, he's (the singer) wanting to know if his girl will still "be mine". He's willing to "Stay on the bus, forget about us" if she doesn't tie a yellow ribbon 'round the old oak tree. I got to thinking about the story, how God put the song in my heart, the lyrics of being free after three long years and suddenly I wanted to tie a yellow ribbon around our oak tree in the front yard.

Problem was, I didn't have ribbon.
Then I remembered I had string. The boys had made spiderwebs all over the house with all my yarn, but there was still a blob of yellow.

So we hung yarn trailers here and there on the branches. BUT ... I wanted to do more. Melody and I made paper chains and hung them. I made circles to hang from the bottom branches under the tree canopy. The neighbor kids came to ask what we were doing so I told them:

Well - yellow is the color of hope and I decided we needed some more Yellow!!

Last night, I bought more yellow construction paper. This morning I received a phone call. Someone I know, love and Trust said, "Don't you see? God was asking you 'Do you still want me?!' and you responded and then you responded more."

Last night I had a dream there was frost on the ground she said, "That wasn't frost!! That was MANNA!!"


There were other things in my dream that made me discount it - but now -- now I just want to hang more yellow stuff. That paper I boght last night?? It will be put to good use!!!

It's been three long years - God still loves me. (Pictures at the bottom!)

If you want to sing along:

Our oak tree in the front yard

Festooned with yellow!

Tried to get all sides of the tree before we ran out of paper ...

I like the contrast!

Under the canopy of the tree, I thought that it would be fun to hang ornaments. so I made my own.

It really made me happy!

We had a Breeze!!!! it was 110degrees but we had a breeze!!!

Yellow on a tree

And that's one more lesson in Yellow.
I've never had a favorite color - there's just too many to choose from.

but I'm reconsidering it.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

School Supplies...

I don't know when our first official day of school will happen.
No. I don't.
If I had my way, it would be, oh, I dunno.


Even though I don't know when the 2010-2011 school year is going to start. Officially. At all.
I've got school supplies.
I chose today - completely at random - to do this shopping.

It was one of those moments, "Hey. Now is good."
On the way there, I warned the kids. I warned them good.
"If my headache is worse when we leave this store, we will go no where else. We will head. straight. home. Do you understand?"

Apparently, this warning was best heeded by Mini-Me. The responsible adult in our group. She practically stressed out before we left the office supply store. I bought her some pink stuff to make it up to her, though. She likes pink.

We ended up with crayons, markers, colored pencils, erasers, sharpeners for the colored pencils, a few packs of paper (Why are they so small nowadays?) and a few odds and ends. Because I like odds and ends.

When we left, the timing was perfect. Bubbles, who seems to choose when it is conducive to her to obey and when it is not, decided to stand in front of the automatic doors. We'd move her away. Then she'd go back when we were distracted by the actual purchasing of the supplies.

She sent the automatic door into shock. I think she had help, but I'm not sure. I was purchasing.
J-man kept shoving things at James the clerk. "I just want to help it go faster."

"James is going as fast as he can. It just seems slow because you're 6."

James agreed with me.

We went to Target after we left Staples. We got a nifty Dora backpack for Bubbles, because "Hey, it's cool." We got Mini-me a new pencil case and we went Lego shopping.

The rest of the trip was fine. We had fun, I think. It wasn't awful. There was no fit in the store. Always a good sign. There was no fit when we were leaving the store. Definitely a good sign.

The evening was a bit rocky. I'm not sure why. It just was. Tensions were building, I guess, and decided to break over playing with the new box of Legos. J-man was especially sensitive.

Still. Something must have gone right somewhere.
As he was snuggled in bed, being told to be still (for the umpteenth time) he sighed and said, "I like my family."

Aw. ... Melt my heart.

I needed to hear that. Sometimes I wonder if they're all going to move to the four corners of the globe.
So tonight at least.... We're all good. I realize that has nothing to do with school supplies...but it might not have happened if I hadn't had that random moment to buy Cray0la products.

I'm okay with that.

I gave birth to a Hobbit

I'm not entirely sure I know how that happened, either. This birthing of a Hobbit. I mean, The Professor is 6'0 and quite human. I am 5'2" and also quite human.

Bubbles, who is enjoying being big and brushing her teeth on her own, is apparently a Hobbit.  I'm not talking size.

She is the one child most built like me. She looks like me, too.
I mentioned to my grandmother "She's built like me." and my grandmother said, "Awwww" with much pity in her voice.

Sigh.  she'll happily tell you all that's wrong with you, too.

A Hobbit, if you don't know, enjoys many meals through a day. I found the Feeding Schedule.  It comprises of:
1. Breakfast
2. Second Breakfast
3. Elevensees
4. Lunch
5. Afternoon Tea
7. Supper

I've determined that Bubbles eats like a Hobbit. She will eat a little bit of this or that, determine she's full and then wait to see what everyone else eats. Or even decide for herself that it's time for a second breakfast. 

If Bubbles doesn't like what she has on her plate, she'll gleefully eat from yours. She cares not for your personal space or preference. Food is for sharing.

 Bubbles brings a completely different dynamic to the family than what I might have expected. She is the one child that, if she decided, could be president. Of ANYTHING. Considering she's behind many of the fights in the house, she won't be instigating world peace. But whatever she's president of, I'm fairly certain they'll eat well.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Dear Diary ... Or not.

Well now. I am absent for a while and Blogger changes things around. Ooo Shiny.

Wait. Easily distracted and new blogger features = a scattered blog post.

Oh, who am I kidding? If my blog posts are cohesive, it's a good day. :D

I haven't forgotten that I have a blog. I've just haven't been sure what to post about.
I've never been a person who can write, "Dear Diary...." and then pour out my heart. It always sounds bogus. I remember one diary entry where I was livid with my brothers and hoped my parents realized what jerks they were being and how put-upon I was.

My imaginations were ... laughable.

I know when my emotions have the better of me. Sometimes I can handle it and have the appropriate weapons at hand. Other times, I don't. This last month has been such a "don't" time. It was like being in a constant storm of pelting rain. Rain for all sides. An umbrella would have been useless. Hiding was pointless, because there was no place to hide from the storm.

Yet I tried.

finances are hard. The Professor's work is beyond stressful. The kids are all in difficult stages of life. We had a $1500 car bill. Then there's dentist appointments.Bills. Fear coming from all sides. Doubts.

Life has not been fun. Still.

One thing I can say, that even in the midst of it, I can still say God is God.

But it's been such a life that Blogging hasn't been much of an attraction. All I wanted to post was the sort of stuff that would start with "Dear Diary".

Like I said, I've not been fond of the "Dear Diary" form of venting for me.
Mostly because I feel silly doing it.

I did try a poem. It turned too melancholy, even for me.
It made me cry.

I could post about the lack of school work over the summer. I had plans. GREAT plans, I tell you!!!
Then we got to summer. We got to only one subject apiece for the big kids. Then I realized they were burning out. So We took a break. It was going to last a week. It's lasted for a month.

now I don't know when I want to start back up to school.
I've NEVER been one of those homeschool moms who claim that it will last forever. This year, I was tempted to put at least two kids in school. The Professor doesn't want to participate in the public schools. This is the first time in five years that he's said anything about it.

So we have our ABeka curriculum waiting for us to sort, unbind, and begin. I'm not sure I want to.

But. We keep going on.

I can't say that Facebook has kept me from blogging.
I've been writing fiction, though. And that tickles me to write. I never thought I could live without the outlet of my blog. It's rather amusing, to be honest. I haven't been quite sure what to share. And a writer does like to be read. Otherwise, what's the point?

2010 will go down in history as not a good year. Probably a transitional year. The professor is working on taking a major test for his career. I've been writing. The kids have been growing.

I remember being frustrated with the phases of life but at the same time I found joy in them. I am not sad that we're out of the baby stage of life. The fact that Bubbles will be 5 on her 2011 birthday does not bother me. I'm thrilled with it.

Mini-Me will be 12 in October.
G-man turned 10 in June.
J-man turned 6 in April.

Oh, and I turned 37 in June. If anyone is going to have a mid-life Crisis, it'd be me.
I have so much I want to do. I'll be glad to simply take all four kids to the store without having to chase someone down the aisle. Okay. Bubbles is not much fun to shop with. She tends to scream and pitch fits. in the store. or leaving the store. or going into the store. She isn't overly picky.

And she's frightened of automatic toilets.

I know life will get better.
There are promises God has given us. And since He is still God - those promises will take place.

The song I posted before, The "life is wonderful song" - came to me in the morning during all this. The chorus "lalalalalife is wonderful" played in my head. The more I listened to the song, the more I realized how much it was meant for me.

We are in a transition time. As tough as it is, we can rest assured that there will come an end.
We don't know what it looks like.
We don't know if we'll be moving.
We don't know if we'll still be homeschooling.
But it will be wonderful.