Friday, December 30, 2011


You know you've neglected your blog when you're Google Reader says you've got 1000+ unread items. Granted. 500 of those were from my brother-in-law's celebrity twitter postings. (He's twit-prolific).

I hadn't INTENTIONALLY neglected my blog - I just didn't have much to say.
November is now gone (that was my last post, you know.) And December is fading away.

If I were to make resolutions - I would make a bloggy one. I would resolve to blog those crazy moments that come so randomly and quick that they're gone in just moments.

Like today...our SINGLE oak tree has finally lost all its leaves.
It got down into the 20's during the nights here recently. That cold plus the wind probably helped clean the branches of their leaves. Of course, You'd never know it had been that cold if you judged  by the 65+ weather we had during the day. A nice warm breeze was blowing.

THere was extra energy in the house - it needed to be expended.

J-man has been asking for a job to do to earn a special toy (Of his choosing). So Today I had the brilliant idea to couple those ideas together.

I offered to pay the boys money to rake the leaves. Of course, I was going to help them with this endeavor. So we get it started...

we were ten minutes - TEN MINUTES - into the endeavor and J-man (who's seven) leans on the mini-van and tells me, "You know we're only doing this for money, right, Mom?"


I figured.  He made me laugh, bless his little mercenary heart.
He takes after his mommy.