Saturday, March 24, 2012

What was that???


This right here....

This post is my 600th post.

A moment, please.

Okay. Wow. You'd think I'd have more something deeper, more relevant for this moment in history -- but I don't. Life is life and I tend to find it to be boring to retell.

except for those moments that I hear stuff like, 'Everyone's got an evil laugh!"
that's fun..

So Here's what I SHOULD be doing... picking up and working through the edits on my Story "The Bounty of Grace" ..

Here's my distraction:::

And yes. I took these pictures with a camera because I wasn't sure how to screen shot. This was way easier..

I have 2 level capped characters -- and 4 others waiting to distract me with quests and adventure. It's fun. Especially since we don't watch a lot of TV (and way better than facebook games..just sayin')

It is completely and thoroughly distracting..

And there we go - you get a glimpse of my on-going challenge.
Happy 600th post to me!!

Happy 600th post reading to you!!! (and that's 600 on THIS blog - and doesn't count the old one.) (Speaking of which I should probably figure out how to download those entries..I might need them some day.)