Saturday, March 24, 2012

What was that???


This right here....

This post is my 600th post.

A moment, please.

Okay. Wow. You'd think I'd have more something deeper, more relevant for this moment in history -- but I don't. Life is life and I tend to find it to be boring to retell.

except for those moments that I hear stuff like, 'Everyone's got an evil laugh!"
that's fun..

So Here's what I SHOULD be doing... picking up and working through the edits on my Story "The Bounty of Grace" ..

Here's my distraction:::

And yes. I took these pictures with a camera because I wasn't sure how to screen shot. This was way easier..

I have 2 level capped characters -- and 4 others waiting to distract me with quests and adventure. It's fun. Especially since we don't watch a lot of TV (and way better than facebook games..just sayin')

It is completely and thoroughly distracting..

And there we go - you get a glimpse of my on-going challenge.
Happy 600th post to me!!

Happy 600th post reading to you!!! (and that's 600 on THIS blog - and doesn't count the old one.) (Speaking of which I should probably figure out how to download those entries..I might need them some day.)


jugglingpaynes said...

Happy 600th post, my comfy friend!

Peace and Laughter!

P.S.- Why is it getting harder and harder to read these word verifications? And what good would it be to hear it? How would you pronounce ngsbitso uespound?

TobyBo said...

Hi there, I'm glad to see you posted. We just moved houses and I have been having a rough time with the change and find myself thinking about Yellow and Hope a lot. Got any yellow in your life? I put it on my list to look for yellow things. Right now around here that is daffodils and forsythia. :)

Mother Mayhem said...