Tuesday, February 28, 2012

letters and words

I don't know if y'all know the game "BananaGrams". It's a letter game that comes in a really cool banana shaped pouch. There's scoring involved if I'd bother to read the instructions. I haven't yet. I've got such competitive kids, games are not always a fun thing around here. 

I originally bought the game for me. I love word games. I'm the only one in the house that does. I have fond memories of growing up and playing Scrabble with my grandmothers. Crossword puzzles with them both. 

The Professor doesn't like word games. He claims it's because he's a terrible speller. I'm more likely to guess it's a game I can win at. He won't play gin with me because he's a card counter and wins all the time. 

I guess I'm not much of a challenge. 

Anyway - I bought the game for me. I bought it thinking we could have fun just putting words together. it would help with spelling. And reading. 

See? I was thinking.

but I never did it.

One day, I was going to make lunch and I dumped several handfuls of letters on the counter and made some words. Just to see how many words I could make with just the few handfuls of letters.

I came up with:
I know Squeak is misspelled. I was going to say 'squee' but ended up with an extra 'k'.
I wasn't worried about it. Not really. Except that I considered using it as my facebook status. That was worrisome. I blame Zonker on having no extra 's' and cartoons. 

So my words were done - it was time to make lunch. I told Mini-Me, 'here, you try. in the time it takes me to put the pizza rolls on the tray and get them in the oven, see how many words you can make.'

I even gave her all the letters. 

Mini-Me admits that 'nautilis' is the wrong spelling. but neither of us cared.

I wasn't worried about MY words, until I saw hers. After all... fiddle wax brain sex sound really elementary (Or juvenile) compared to THOSE. sheesh. 

My science brained kid showed me up. 

Five minutes. I gave myself five minutes to do better than my first try. (Of course, this time I was using ALL the letters.)

Zoop. in honor of how someone says 'soup'. It's fun to say it that way. Try it.
blink Blink. There it is. all the letters in five minutes with some left over. It's... MORE ... but ... 

I still laugh about 'fiddle wax brain sex' every time. 


Katie said...

Never mind the fiddle wax brain sex, I love that you spelled out Camaro!

The Gang's Momma! said...

LOVE it.... I'm thinking there'd be lots of giggling and blushing if "fiddle wax brain sex" appeared on our game board :) And not just mine :) LOL!

TobyBo said...

:) looks like a great game... but you may have some stiff competition...

jugglingpaynes said...

You could have taken the K and put it in front of "in" to make "kin" or at the end for "ink."

We play a lot of Bananagrams. :o)

Peace and Laughter!