Friday, June 29, 2007

In Honor of The Woman

Because I'm likely not to get to blog much this weekend - I had to get a lot of it done tonight.

Which is funny because it's The Professor's birthday -- but he's off playing one of the MANY games he got for his birthday. So I'm marathon blogging.

The Woman often posts music videos - vintage - on her blog. Today after I got awake and moving, I had this lovely song start playing in the jukebox that is my head -- (this was after My Heart quit Singing) -- and I just had to share.

So, Woman, this one is for you!!
Oh - by the way - it's raining here..

I Rock!!

I literally (okay, figuratively) pounced on a new post over at Life on the Rocks, because Fatty has been busy for her. I got tickled at her post, though. She had been given a "Rockin' Girl Blogger" award by an Ol' Lady. I guess the rules are to name 5 gals to pass the award to - and Fatty, being the gal that she is, broke the rules.

She said "now i'm supposed to bestow the award on 5 other girls... but i'm not. every girl i read rocks. and so i'm twisting the rules. i am challenging you to come and pick up your award. i want you to embrace your rockin-ness. tell the world you rock because you get it."

I know she reads my dribble, because she comments on it. Though she never calls it dribble. (Thank you) but I wasn't sure if I rocked enough to come just snag a button and claim it as my own.

What if it's a trick?? *L* What if I rock only in my own mind?

I'm not above delusions of grandeur.

And then I found Jane at Halfmoon Happenings had been given the same award. She rocks. I enjoy her blog entries. She has 4 kids that she homeschools. I think she might be my taller, skinnier, canadian counterpart.

We're kindred spirits.
She said I rock, too.
This Princess is psyched.

Now I get To pass the button:

CarpeBanana - who else knows the name of Alex T. Great's horse and can blog about it? She rocks.

Holly and her Gold Apples -- She's been a blogger bud of mine from the get go - and she just does it all and Rocks while she's doing it.

The Woman - I just love this Rockin' Girl. She's the reason for my next post, too. *Bwahahaha*

A&EMom - because she's been there, done that with me - and loves me anyway.

Melanie over at Happy Happenings - You really do rock. You just do.
ThoughtfulMom - You're a rockin' Timex.
That's 6.
If Fatty can break the rules, so can I.

Now for a Princess-like disclaimer - If I did not list you, it is not because you lack rock is because I have to list only 5 and tonight it's these 6.

A Million Heads?

Wednesday we headed for church at a church that we frequent on Wednesday nights. That's to say, we aren't members there.

The kids were both in the same class as G has "moved up". They learned about prayer through a few skits put on by the leaders.

One fellow walked around the entire, well, it's a mini-sanctuary for kids, asking God, "Can you hear me now?" even in the restroom. The kids loved it.

Then there was the other fellow who wanted a phone to talk to God.

So that gave me a moment to make sure these thoughts get planted a little deeper. We discussed the fact that we can be ANYWHERE to talk to God. Not just church. Not just in our beds. Not just at night. ANYWHERE.

Nor do we need special equipment, like a church or a phone, in order to talk to God.

His Word says that we can come boldly before Him. And we can Know that God hears our prayers no matter where we are. Even in the bath/rest room.

So we said our night time prayers and I thanked God that He hears our prayers...and Mini-Me posed a question.

"Does God have a million Heads?" The Bible says that we were made in His image and we only have one head.

I knew she had another point to make, though. Because I can't remember her words exactly, it boiled down to God needing a million heads to hear all the prayers.

So we had a talk about Him being Omnipotent. Which meant He's everywhere. They got a bit silly with that one. I don't remember what they said because her question had me thinking.

I looked at her and said, "Wait. This could preach."

Mini-Me said, "And you are."
Which I ignored and kept going, "No, listen. You asked me if God has a million heads -- the Bible says that we (Christians) are supposed to be ONE BODY. That means there are no denominational borders - no Baptists, no Methodists ..."

"Having Jesus - should Give us One HEART. And that means that there would be, essentially a million heads. And if there are a million heads, then there are 2 million hands to do His work."

I wasn't going to correct the numbers, this was an object lesson. Does God have a million heads? Yes - He's supposed to have Ours.

If my chair spun around, it would be spinning because that's good. That could preach.

G, the builder

G has decided that he's going to be a builder when He grows up. I'm not sure why, exactly. Though I think it stems from the day we stopped to watch them prep the ground for a new building. He got to watch the front loader move slabs of sidewalk. :-)

Today we took the Littles to the ENT to have their ears checked. J-man said several times yesterday that his ears hurt and he wanted to go see the "Deedaw" (that's doctor to me and you).

I've learned to listen when they request a trip to the doctor. We took Mini-E too because she's not sleeping at night. They're both fine by the way. The ENT suspects E is getting in her 2-year molars.

On the way home G asks from his corner of the van, "Do builders have wives?"

Huh?? I asked for clarification. "Do builders have W I V E S? Like I'm daddy's wife?" Enunciating each consonant.

He nods in the affirmative.

"Some of them do."

"whoa." was his answer. Which had me smothering my chuckles.

We drive for a bit.

"Are you going to have a wife?" I query...still wondering why he brought this up.

"No." He shakes his head.

Oh. We drive for a little bit. I admit I'm a bit concerned.
While I think Jesus may come back for me before that happens, I would hate for G to close the door now (when he's newly 7) on having a wife and family.

"Why don't you want a wife?"

"All that kissy stuff."

I try my best to not laugh out loud and succeed - but it was hard.

"But it's okay, I'll still have a family." He announces quickly.

"That's going to be hard to do without a wife." I point out.

"Oh, you are my family." He says. I guess he's been giving this some thought.
Or at least for 5 minutes in the van.

I wonder what he'd do if Bob & Wendy got married....

A Song

This song was in my heart when I woke up this morning.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Spring Reading Thing Wrap Up

I'm Late, I'm late -- I feel like the White Rabbit with the oversized pocket watch from Alice in Wonderland.

Here is my Spring Reading thing Wrap Up post...

What was the best book you read this spring? The problem with the Spring Reading Thing was...well I was selfish with my time and blogged more than I read. I started out with Great intentions. I intended to read books that I hadn't finished yet.

And like many great intentions, I flubbed. So I'm going to skim through the suggested questions -- and find those questions that are applicable to flubbers. *L*

I just thought, though, that I shouldn't be too hard on myself. I had serious books on my list. I wanted to digest them and not skim over them.

Did you try out a new author this spring? If so, which one, and will you be reading that author again? Actually - all my authors were new to me. I finished "When your Child is 6 to 12" and "Your Girl". I'll be reading Vicki Courtney again - because she wrote a book called "Your Boy". They were very good books. "When your Child..." was easier to read - but Courtney threw many facts into her book. So I had to focus to read and learn.

If there were books you didn't finish, tell us why. Did you run out of time? Realize those books weren't worth it? I didn't finish most of the books on my original list. It's really amazing how my schedule here works. At night, I can either read, blog, dishes, laundry or sleep. But I can't do more than one unless I hurry. Which is also why my kitchen is only partially painted and why I don't do more school work planning at night. It's just funny. The books are worth it - and they will get read, but I just ran out of time. Especially with the kids being sick so often the last few months.

I didn't make myself sit down and read, either.

Did you come across a book or two on other participants' lists that you're planning to add to your own to-be-read pile? Which ones? Actually I did. I want to read "Me, Myself and Bob" by Vischer (which I got for my birthday) and "Writer Mama" - by an author I can't remember (which I bought for myself)

What did you learn -- about anything -- through this challenge?
I learned that I buy books for reading later - and most times forget to read them.
I also learned that it's okay to have book marks in all sorts of different books. :-)

What was the best part of the Spring Reading Thing?
I actually enjoyed the challenge to read. I love reading. So having a challenge to read was fun.

Would you be interested in participating in another reading challenge this fall?
Most likely - but I'd be concerned about repeating the results but would, again, enjoy the challenge to read.

I also liked seeing so many other books out there. There were so many lists that I was amazed!

What I don't want to lose is the thought that I can add reading to my day. It may come down to the choice of reading a book or reading a blog - but I shouldn't pass by the chance to handle paper. Either reading or writing.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Carnival Logic

Saturday, Mini-Me, G and I went to the local carnival. It's an annual thing celebrating our "city's" beginnings. We've never been to the carnival in the 7 years we've lived here. The kids have always been too little.

It was rather pleasant. It had rained that morning but by mid-afternoon the sun was out. Luckily there was a breeze off and on -- but not nearly on enough. We left The Professor and the littles napping and off we went. We bought Ride bracelets for the kids and off we went.

They rode rides and had a great time. And for the most part, they enjoyed the same rides. There was only one ride that G opted off of...and that was because another boy was released because he was close to panic. Mini-Me loved it though and even went back to ride it again.

Their favorite was the Dragon Wagon and the swings.

I let them play one Mid-way Game...because they asked.

The guy guaranteed they'd walk away with a bear. So okay - I plunked down my left arm money and they both had 3 shots. If they knocked the cups down once, they could choose from the animals on the wall on the right. If they knocked the cups down twice they could choose from the wall on the left.

Mini-Me knocked down the cups once. She took aim again and barely missed.. She was told she could have anything off the wall on the right. The thinking began.

G missed twice, and I shot for him the last time - and we won. (it would have been embarrassing if I'd lost.) He IMMEDIATELY chose a stuffed snake. It's dark blue and green with white fuzz around it's face. It almost looks like it has a beard. To top it all off, it's wearing a ball cap. It's an odd looking snake.

Mini-Me, contrasted to G, deliberated. She thought. She thought some more. I tried to help.
She wanted to see one bear but decided not. She finally asked, "Can I pick from the other wall?"

I told her no - that she was told to pick from the wall on the right because she only knocked the cups down once. She looked again...and I suggested maybe a penguin? or the dog with puppies? The dolls weren't ugly looking - just not cute enough. I knew what she was looking for and the only thing pink in the bunch was a stuffed pig.

She said, "Because I was thinking...they're all the same SIZE."

I chuckled and said, "That's very logical of you."

The guy behind the counter laughed and said,'It is..." he laughed again, 'That's VERY logical." Then he got a bit closer (like it was a secret) and said "Honey, what would you want off the other wall?"

without hesitation, "I can't choose between the pink bear or the racoon."

I chose for her. I was actually concerned that she'd mess up a good deal. Then there's the fact that she could deliberate between two pink animals for HOURS.

She already has a pink bear and the pink racoon is really cute.

I loved her logic.
I loved that it was a blessing to her.
I even loved that she had already chosen what she wanted from the other wall.

She was definitely a winner on Saturday.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Revelation came...

It has been quite the week, let me tell you.
What get's my goat, what grates my cheese, chaps my hide, gets under my skin or gets it to boiling -- is that I didn't get the revelation until yesterday. Late.

It was an emotionally charged week. Lots of tears from me...lots of shouting from was so bad, that had I not known better I would have taken a pregnancy test. It was THAT emotional.

I knew it wasn't just me. I figured it was all the stuff going on. We're behind in school work and house work due to sickness. We had swim lessons all week.

Yesterday I knew it was oppression. Oppression comes from an outside source to beat you down. I explained to The Professor that I knew it was oppression but wasn't sure what to do about it - I mean, besides telling it to flee. I knew there had to be a reason -- a source, if you will.
A Perfect visual -- I felt surrounded by FOG. So I knew that there had to be a fog machine. What was it??

I'm actually rather excited about this - because I want to learn and know. And because it's over.

Last night, I was thinking and realized I was being tormented!!

Great physical pain or mental anguish.
A source of harassment, annoyance, or pain.
The torture inflicted on prisoners under interrogation.

tr.v. (tôr-měnt', tôr'měnt') tor·ment·ed, tor·ment·ing, tor·ments
To cause to undergo great physical pain or mental anguish.
To agitate or upset greatly.
To annoy, pester, or harass.

Seriously, it was like a light bulb went off in a cartoonish sort of way. AhA!!!

Then last night, was praise band practice. Let's just say, that was quite the adventure, too.

Today - it's GONE!!!
The fog is gone.
Completely totally gone.
I feel light and airy.
No emotinal turbulence.
Giddy almost.

I'm pretty confident I'll have to retake this test...however -- one certain thing I know...
I'm glad I'm going to heaven. Because I know the torment in h*ll will be infinitely worse than the splinter of torment I experienced over this last week.

I felt so seriously about it - if I'd been walking near anyone (instead of driving, alone, in my car), I might have grabbed them by the arms to tell them 'You don't want to go to h*ll. Seriously. Let me tell you about Jesus....'

One minute I want to sing "I can see clearly now, the rain is gone." and the other minute, "I could sing of Your love forever" I'll settle for "How Great is Our God."

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

And I quote...

also titled: Heard around the Laundry Pile

Today was a day full of things said and done. I guess it was a talkative Tuesday.

Swim lessons happened this morning. We went. Some how I got my times mixed up and we were 20 minutes early. So I drove through the Sonic Drive-thru and ordered a Diet Coke. I told the kids, "You know what's funny? I don't really WANT a Diet Coke."

"Then don't get one!" came the cry from the back.

Now that's Logic for you.

It tasted good - the Diet Coke, not the logic - but I didn't NEED it. I'm still amazed at that. It's been a comfort food for a while now.

Swim lessons are GREAT!! Unless you are the one on the outside of the fence sweltering and you can just smell the water. I almost asked permission to jump in just before we left the park. J-man, Mini-E and I had wandered over to the slides and play ground equipment. While it was not strenuous or a very long walk, by the time we got back to the van - we were dripping. It was that humid.

Mini-E fell asleep in the car. My mom met us in our driveway so that she could watch the kids while I took J-man to speech therapy. A cheer rose from the seats when we saw Grammas' car. And then Mini-Me said, rather incredulously, "What in THE WORLD does she have in her hands?"

My mom was crocheting.
My daughter's reaction gave me quite the chuckle.

J-man went to Speech Therapy and had a great time and a great evaluation.
I wish I could tell you all the silly things this boy does with his face at speech therapy, but he's a mimic and a hoot on top of it. He even signed "Cracker"!! Yippee!!

We got home and mom and I talked and I fixed lunch - and then Mini-E woke up. I turned to look at her as she walked in the room. I almost didn't recognize her. She looked so different than when I carried her into her bed. how is that possible??

I even wondered about this out loud. I wondered if she grew in her sleep... just how could she change in just that tiny bit of time.

G's answer: "Maybe she grew at the park."

Might be.

We're also, on top of everything else, working on potty training J-man. It's quite funny. He's trying, he really is. He can use the sign for potty, I just wish he's use it a little sooner than he has been. All in all, he's making good progress.

Today I remembered a story my grandmother had told me about her sons and nephews. So I asked G to take J-man with him next time he had to go. G came running back into the kitchen, "MOM! MOM!! HE DID IT!! HE POTTIED IN THE POTTY!!"


They all settled back in around the computer table to watch Mini-Me play her game. J-man was playing with his prize, a Tootsie-roll mini. He had it all balled up in his hand and he dropped it. G picked it up for him and told J-man that he was a silly baby. (not in an unkind way, I should add.) J-man said, "Not silly baby. I Big boy. G told me so."

HA!! Not only did he talk and convey a complete thought (we'll add pronouns later) he used his brother's words against him!! HA! HA!

Those were just a few things I heard today around the laundry pile. We were a talkative bunch today.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

That was nearly a disaster was the day that I was supposed to lead worship.
In a church.
In front of people.
While playing a keyboard.
And singing.

I messed up.

It was not a stellar moment in worship. My friend said that the Lord showed up...and that's all that matters. When we invite Him in that's all that matters.

Still, it would have been nice to have a better time of playing/singing. The guitar player said "Well, I'm glad that's over." in that tone of voice that said it was painful.

I talked to The Professor on the way home and he said "It's going to take practice and time." and My question is "Why do I have to practice in front of a CHURCH?" Luckily there were only about 12 people there.

I think the drummer felt sorry for me and said "You did great."

Liar. *L*

One thing about it - I'm VERRRRY humble right now.
Tonight, I sing with the praise & worship band at our church. I'm really glad that I'm only singing.

I almost feel sorry for the church. They really are guinea pigs. I'm laughing as I think about this morning - and I wonder if they'll appreciate their new worship leader now.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Howard, who? - from my most ancient of archives...

My first blog was in Yahoo!360. I was cleaning out the folder and stumbled upon this entry. I love it - and want to keep it forever and ever.
~From my most ancient of archives ~
From October 6, 2006 -
- it still makes me laugh ~

Today, I declare, is a MONDAY!
It's been a Monday all day long, too. And it's only noon.

Actually, it hasn't been awful, just not "normal" - whatever normal may be.
The day started with me knowing that I was going to take Mini-E to the Pediatrician. I had a strong suspicion that she had an ear infection. She hadn't been sleeping the night since Thursday night - and not really napping like normal. No fevers, by the way. My kids rarely do, though.

I call the office at 8:15. "Can you be here at 9?" - I was still in my jammies so the answer was no. We had an appointment for 10:20. Great. Time to shower and get dressed.

Got the shower done. Was in the process of putting contacts in my eyes and gel in my hair when a sword fighting duel breaks out between J "the hero" (he's got a cape on)
and G "the villain" (because someone has to be when J puts on the cape. He insists that he is "Batman, or Bible man, or Spiderman" - they all sound alike when he says them.

So, G, the villain says "Come out and fight me, Howard!"
I about lost my contact...I try not to appear to laugh - "what did you say?"
"Come out and fight me you Howard!"
"okay,' I say nonchalantly, "Just checking." Inwardly I'm rolling with laughter. I'm not sure how he heard "Howard" when the word was "Coward" but hey...he's a villain. They don't have to explain anything until the final scene. So off they fight.

Pediatrician's office is surprisingly busy...The receptionists tell me that they are having a "monday" too. :-) We get into the exam room and Mini-E has filled her diaper just in time to be weighed by the nurse. So I change her and we get her weight - 20lbs 1.5oz. She's getting big and yet she's still the small one in the bunch.

Dr. K has to clean out Mini-E's ears. They are full of earwax but it must be done. He unearthed 2 nasty ear infections. We know they are due to the teething that's going on in this poor baby's head. She's been very jolly through it all - just not sleeping.

We get an appointment for an ear recheck and we head home (I had forgotten to get a check book refill) and then the pharmacy. 3 meds for E (it's never a good sign when the Pediatrician gives you a script for Tylenol with Codiene and eardrops for the pain along with the anti-biotic) - A trip to McDonald's for Me. (Pretty much, that's the reason I go to McDonald's. I don't want to fight the kids and chaos to make a lunch after that Monday.) --- And home again home again jiggety jig.

So Everyone's eaten.

Mini-E's napping in her carseat.

Suddenly, G & Mini-Me are wrestling and J-man joins in.
I was catching up on some blog reading while I ate - and Mini-Me is protesting (I think she felt ganged up on) and suddenly she starts crying true tears of pain. I was already about to tend to J-man for wrestling when Mini-Me didn't want to (that's against the rules here - just like you don't sword fight someone who doesn't have a sword). And as I'm about to administer punishment - I realize what he'd done.

So instead of disciplining him for aggressive behavior (I think I need a penalty box. It works for grown men with hockey sticks) - I have to discipline him for biting his sister on the butt.

Much to her chagrin - G thinks it's slightly funny. I guess I do, too (slightly), but I won't admit it.
I give her ice. "What's this for?" She asks through tears of pain and indignation. "Your bottom" (G giggles - he doesn't know he's in for a scolding, too.) She sat on it for a while. While I scolded G for not obeying and sitting and finishing his lunch. "You're not helping - sit down and eat" said in my best mom voice.

So now. It's time to get school work done to the best of our abilities - it's no wonder I'm not having much luck with adding other curriculum - before I have to get dinner ready early. I have a meeting I need to attend tonight.

I guess - even though it's a Monday. It is rather a funny sort of day...and I want to face the world and say --- Come out and fight me, Howard!

And from: October 11, 2006

Picture it, if you will.....

The villain and the hero position themselves for battle.
Swords in hand and knees bent they are ready for battle.
They face each other.
It is a tense moment.

"Come out and face me, Howard!" Yells the villain hoping to get his digs in to the hero and shake his confidence.

"MO o OM! G called J-man a coward!" Hollers the damsel in the wings. She is, after all, the keeper of the rules.

"No he didn't," was my reply as I put a contact in my eye (rhyme is unintended), "he called him Howard."

"Oh," she starts to say logically, "he thought it's an "h".... " But it's too late, her logic falls on deaf ears.

Plastic strikes plastic, and the battle has begun.
It's not long before the Bible-Bat-SpiderMan hero needs his cape readjusted as the villainous older brother says "Take it to Mom." (I am after all supreme High wardrobe mistress....)

A day in our house is just not complete without a sword fight....

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Musically speaking...

I started my blog with "Notes" with post-it notes in mind.

Then I got a phone call from a pastor friend. They might be losing their piano player, would I consider being the interim worship leader should she decide to leave? After talking to him for a bit, I rather assumed that they wouldn't need me. I pretty much forgot about it.

Until I got an e-mail from my pastor friend. It would be a 5 week committment. Until their new piano player could start. So, nervously, I said yes. This is my calling and I know it. The problem lies in the fact that I a) don't have much time to practice and b) don't particularly like the "sound" I produce. A few weeks ago someone prayed over me a "New Sound" and I'm believing it will come forth.

All of this musical thinking got me to pondering the "Notes" of my blog. I love music anyway. So when Goofy Girl asked me what I might want in a blog, I told her I wasn't sure how to combine denim with music notes. Especially in a Laundry Pile. Her imagination is awesome and she surpassed my expectations. So that's how the inspiration for my new look came about.

Now I'm playing & leading worship this Sunday. And I'm praying through it. I'm nervous because I don't want to ruin God's reputation. We're singing simple songs as it's a fairly new worship band.

I just got a call from my friend who said that their actual worship leader will start July 1. Could I play for him until the new keyboardist starts? Well, this is a new twist in things. It either wasn't explained well or I wasn't understanding well.

I'm not upset at all that their new worship leader is starting ahead of when I was expecting - it's just a new facet to think about. Suddenly, my thought processes need to shift. I'm also more nervous about playing "FOR" someone than I was just for my voice.

Last time I played for someone, it was a near disaster. (to quote my dad's favorite movie, "What we had there was a failure to communicate" From Cool Hand Luke) So I'm actually more nervous at that prospect than I was at the thought of stretching out of my comfort zone and leading worship myself.

There's a short recap of our musical happenings.

So if I can't talk to you over the next few days, I'm practicing keyboard. Which is hard to do with little ones around. Music has a way of sounding funny when the high notes are being pounded -- out of rhythm.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

When it rains it pours...

~Otherwise, entitled: the Laundry Pile Happenings~Saturday. We had a Women's Ministry event at our church...and heard a fantastic message (of which is blog worthy all in itself.) and I sang in the worship band. It was fun. God showed up in all His Glory.

Came home to find J-man with a fever and one heck of a cough. The fever alone keeps him out of the nursery at church. The Professor opts to stay home with J-man and Mini-E and the bigs and I head off to Sunday School.

We only stay for Sunday School as J-man wasn't feeling good and I've got some place to be right after church. We head home, thinking that The Professor might have time to take a nap. He doesn't. But he's made lunch.

I head off to band practice at another church - for which I have been asked to be their interim worship leader. (WAY out of my comfort I want God to pour all knowledge into my brain BEFORE -- and not make me learn as I go. Apparently, He's more into the learning as I go and character building thing...drats.)

I head home. G's birthday was Sunday. My parents and brother come and we have a high-old time. G has requested white cake with blue icing. The Professor is more than happy to provide the blue icing. (He loves a challenge.) G gets a new bike (NOT expensive), a new scooter and a Gameboy (to replace the one he lost). Each gift was from different people. Praise God for grandparents!!

Monday we go to our beloved pediatrician to discover that J-man has a virus. *Insert frustrated sigh here* The good news is - it was not bronchitis or pneumonia. The bad news - it's a virus. After much prayer, he's feeling better. Matter of fact, Monday night I was not sleeping because of his coughing and got up with the intent to give the boy Benadryl to help stop the snot. The Holy Spirit said "Let it run it's course."

I know I'm easily amused, but I really love the fact that He told me what to do.

Tuesday we started swim lessons. ONLY the big kids. They have an option to teach kids that are J-man's age, but it requires parent participation. NOT going to happen right now. J, E & I tried to walk to the slides, but Mini-E fell. It was the oddest thing to watch. She tripped and landed on her knees and then almost in slow motion, she landed on her hands and then her lips. I was watching and still not sure what happened. That ended our trip to the slides for that day. We sat in the van and ate pretzels.

Today was day #2 of swim lessons. They had a great time despite the fact that the weather was not as hot as yesterday and it was overcast and threatening rain. G got in the van telling me he was freezing! We head home by way of Starbucks. (I won't be doing that often, that's for sure). Got home and the kids got into their dry clothes. G kept complaining that he was freezing. And his throat was dry. So he got dressed and I loved on him and he shouldn't have been freezing as he was running a fever. He said his throat hurt when he yawned, when I looked in it to see if it was red, and when he swallowed.

I call the pediatrician's office. We have an appointment at 1:40.

We have lunch and drive off... We get there and G is laughing and telling me that his throat doesn't hurt any more. Nor was he registering a fever. I felt really silly for taking him to the doctor. They swab his throat as they do when strep is suspected. We wait for the doctor. He's funny, he asked G if he'd been kissing girls. To which G replied, "NOOOOooooo" in the kind of repulsed tone of voice only a newly 7-year old can accomplish. (at this point in the calendar year, I'm reminded just how close in age my first two are. Mini-Me is 8.5 & G is 7)

Doctor does his check. Ears - Clear. Throat - Red. Glands - swollen. He goes away to await the test results and comes back. Strep = Positive. Poor

At some point, I'm sure that I'll figure out what I need to do to get my house clean so that sickness can not attack our house.

Tonight, the Professor is working late and I think we'll have spaghetti for dinner. G is resting in my bed, with a fever by the way, but he wants to sleep. We have a prescription for chewable amoxicilin (did I spell that right?) and we're contagious for 24 hours. So no swim lessons for him tomorrow, but maybe on Friday.

Our pediatrician suggested we take his cards to swim lessons on Friday - just in case. Funny guy.

I'm amazed at the moment. It's quiet. Mini-E is asleep. G is resting. Mini-Me is watching "Arthur". J-man is playing "Minnesota Cuke" on the kids computer. And I have a new blog post written! It's nice when moments come along .... I can't help but wonder if it might be the calm in the midst of the hurricane, though. (Edited to add: It was. It was not a quiet night.)

Even through all this - I never *NEEDED* a diet coke. I got one because it sounded like the thing to do - but I didn't need one. That is pretty amazing.

I am not a Pollyanna. Sometimes,well, sometimes, When it rains it just pours. For me, I know that I need to look at something other than my circumstances or I'll quickly get bogged down in self-pity. I'll get wrapped up in the fact that I don't have help tonight, or that the kids are sick for the 3rd time in as many months. I have to think on whatever is good....

I have a pediatrician that got me in today.

I have insurance.

I have a house that kept the rain off of our heads today.

More importantly, I may not know why my kids have not manifested healing, but I know that My God still heals. That He's still on the Throne and that He loves me. That He gives me Hope.

I want Him to not just rain on me - but pour on me. Because sometimes when it rains, it pours.

My New look

If you're reading this update through Bloglines (I know you're there, mine says there are 5 of you) come check out my birthday present!

Goofy Girl did such a fantastic job and it looks better than I could have imagined!

I'm beyond thrilled!! I love my musical washing machine!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Happy Belated Birthday, G!

Happy 7th Birthday to my Dragon Slayer!
I've been sitting here struggling with my blog topic and really not knowing what I wanted to blog.
So I'll blog about you.
I love watching you with the little kids. I know they frustrate you because of their persistence and pestering, but you really are good with them. You play well with them.
You bless my heart.
I love your energy, even though you exercise your energy at the wrong times. It's still fun to see you bounce and wiggle and to know that you are all boy.
I can't wait to see where God takes you. We both know that you are a dragon slayer.
You are a mighty arrow in the hands of God.
You shall be taught of the Lord and great shall be your peace.
It's been a shaky 7 years. I've often not known what to do with you...I've often not know how to teach you. I pray that God will erase all my mistakes from your precious brain and that you'll grow in Favor with God and with man. That you will grow to love your Jesus that you sing about.
And that you'll keep making up those songs as you grow to know Him more.
You are my treasure.
and I'm the luckiest mom in the world.
Happy 7th birthday Buddy.

Friday, June 8, 2007

a Pool of myself

We had an ingenious idea.
We were of one accord.
Well, as much of an accord as two people can be.
We got pool passes. We had three pools to choose from.
Yesterday we ventured there.
The way the Lord has been whispering to me, I'm pretty sure it was his idea.
I wish I would have remembered this later.

We walk in - and the pool is broken up into nifty little areas.
To our left is the big pool. All the way left are two slides. All the way left in the opposite corner are two diving boards.

To our right - a sprinkler pad. And to our right and just way in the corner is a really nifty little wading pool. (For kids 6 & under, thank you.)

The pool is has a gradual depth. It starts on dry land and you can walk as deep as you want to be. We start there. Mini-Me wants to see the slides so we go down and see how deep the pool is. 3ft 6in. GREAT!! She can touch and we do a check to make sure.

She's set. Slides here she comes. (she even makes a friend!)

G & J-man and Mini-E and I try the other end of the pool. There's a giant sprinkler here - kind of like a toad stool that pours water. Picture a giant shower. Mini-E wants NOTHING to do with anything. So I'm carrying her and watching the boys and looking around to get a feel for things.

I lose J-man.
He's decided to head toward the slides.
I'm calling out to him and walking as fast as my chubby self can with a baby on my hip -- and hollering to J...He hears me and stops briefly on the steps to grin and acknowledge my calling. I'm pretty sure he was excited to see me. He kept going.

The life guard behind me asked "What's wrong?" I point up and say "That's my three year old."
I knew, with Mini-E on my hip, that if I went up there to drag J down it would be more of a problem than a help. The lifeguard at the top looked down at me as she helped J onto the slide.

What was she going to do? I say "I'll hop in and grab him." the lifeguard behind me says "Are you sure?" "yeah."

I put Mini-E down and jump in. J-man comes down the slide, wide-eyed. It was not my original intention for him to go under. But he did. Probably a good thing. I pick him up and carry him to the side and put him on the pool deck. I climb out. I retrieve Mini-E and restrained myself from yelling at J-man. Instead, I pretty much growled.

"Don't do that without Mommy EVER AGAIN!"

Yes, Mama...Yes, mama.

We head to the wading pool. It's fenced in - and actually G wants to play in the wading pool.

Time elapses and my heart stops pounding. (10 minutes and I'm already stressed. This didn't look promising)

Mini-E ventures into the water. She's having a good time walking around, until she gets splashed in the face and that makes her lose her footing and she falls down. Which wasn't so awful, I think, but the way she stands up is by putting her hands on the ground and sticking her end quarters into the air. That's a hard thing to do in the water.

She's rescued by me. And she cries.
She wants nothing to do with the water any more. She never wanted to be splashed in the first she doesn't want into the water. Unless I sit in the water. Then she'll sit in my lap.

More time elapses. She's still not interested in playing by herself. Mini-Me, though, gets a life jacket from her friend and dives off the diving boards and then heads back to the slides. She's having a great time.

We head for the sprinkler pad. Mini-E wants nothing to do with the sprinklers. Luckily this is where the picnic tables are set up. She goes and meets a grandma while her brothers play in the sprinklers.

The grandma is very nice. J-man falls down and bites his tongue. Mini-E and I get ice for J's tongue. And then She goes over and meets the other grandma sitting under the umbrellas.

I decide to head over to where we'd dropped all our stuff. Maybe Mini-E would want to sit on the chair. While the boys play in the shallow end of the pool. Everything is great for a little while. Mini-E wants to walk around.....she wants up. I pick her up and wade into the water.

I see G heading up a ladder where the water is NOT deep for him.
J-man is trying to follow. The water is deeper for my little linebacker. I'm hollering and trying to get to him before he walks into water that's over his head. I'm a little too late. I put Mini-E on the pool deck again and help J get his feet on steadier ground. We do a test. He can touch here...but if a wave comes and he'll get water in his face. Which is what happened before. He got water in his face and lost his footing. It just looked like he was "in over his head."

I let him climb up the ladder and explain to G that J-man was following him. (His favorite big brother.) I explained to G that some places that he can go - J-man can not follow. He said he would be more careful and he was sorry.

I climb out and find Erica loving on the second grandma who had come over to offer and hand. I think she was heading out of the pool.

We left very soon thereafter. If I could have gotten my hands on chocolate, I would have.
If we were nearer to a Starbucks I'd have gotten something expensive. I settled for a Diet Coke. Large and at full price at Sonic. (Did come home and find my hubby home and brownies in the oven. My man loves me.)

I know that once we get the system figured out - everything will work wonderfully. J-man might need to wear a life jacket or he can't go beyond a certain point.

I regaled my story to someone and she said "I thought you bit off more than you could chew."

I think the Professor is concerned. I signed the big kids up for swim lessons and he has already said that I'll be stressed after one session of swim lessons because they are every day for 2 weeks.

Thanks honey. Sorry in advance.

So now I'm rather miffed at myself for not remembering that it was the Holy Spirit's idea that we try it out. And the good news was - the pool was NOT crowded. Mini-E actually flirted with two very cute lifeguards.
They have life jackets we can use.
And I don't have to clean the pool or set it up.

Mini-Me had such a great time, I'd hate to not go back.
I just need to figure out the system.

But that's how I made a pool out of myself yesterday.

What's a kid to do?

~ Or All the World's a Canvas ~

What exactly is a boy to do when Burger King gives out these handy dandy pens

and Mommy is doing errands at lunch time??

Which was the entire reason for eating out - but we've got even more time in the van until we arrive at home??

Just what is a boy to do??

It's so obvious!
All the world is canvas to the proper artist.
When I asked what he did with the pen,
He's all too happy to demonstrate how he accomplished his art work:
The grin on his face shows it all...
What's a boy to do? Have fun.
No matter what.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Dear ComfyDenim,

"Your time has come! As a successful educational professional, your achievements provide the perfect foundation for leadership. Take your career to the next level as a school principal, administrator, department chair or other educational leader by earning a Master in the Arts of Education, School Improvement Leadership with Olivet Nazarene University."

Dear Olivet Nazarene University,

Thank you for thinking my time has come. But I am already school principal, administrator, department chair and "other". While I appreciate your desire to take my career to the next level, I'm not sure I want to go to the next level. I believe the next level includes algebra. Diagramming sentences. Hormones in someone other than myself. Probably undergarment buying...and braces...and ....

.....I'm quite happy right here...

Thank you for your offer. While I'm thrilled to see my excellence and work completed get the recognition they deserve, I must pass on your offer.

I shall remain, humbly,

educational chair

LaundryPile school of all things

Monday, June 4, 2007

Stay at home?

Whoever coined the phrase "Stay-at-Home" mom should be publicly ridiculed. I"m talking much finger pointing and laughing. There is no such thing!!

We had quite the day today.

We had an appointment with our ear, nose and throat doctor today. It's been 2 weeks or so since J-man had his new set of tubes put in. The Doctor said his tubes and ears look great. J's also been talking more lately, so it's been a blessing.

Then we took some donations to a group that aids foster families.

We went to the bank.

We took a blouse that got doused with coffee to the cleaners.

We went to McDonald's to play in an inside play place. The park we were near was SWARMING with children, so we went to McD's for a little less "Swarm".

We went to a cookies by design store and picked up a cookie bouquet - and took it to the Professor's work place. His co-worker, of the same rank as he, is leaving at the end of the week. So we wanted her last week to be sweet. And that's exactly what my post-it note said. (There was no way I was going to take in 4 kids into a Hallmark. I'm a coward. I admit it.)

Then we came home - and the littles took a nap. I fell asleep,too.
Woke up and fixed a dinner for a friend who just had surgery -- and took that to her and her family. We came home to find The Professor fixing our dinner.

I love my man.

After that kind of a day - my patience was a little thin.
That is the one area I'm most concerned with my re-presenting of Christ to the World. My kids push my buttons faster than anyone possibly can. I would hate to find out later that it was because of me - that someone completely rejected Jesus.

So I'm going to put my feet up and watch "Stranger than Fiction" with The Professor. And probably eat some Ice Cream. Even though - tomorrow is weigh-day at TalesfromtheScales (it probably won't be pretty. at least for me.)

Saturday, June 2, 2007

MP3 Meme

I saw this awhile ago at EveryDayMommy and I wanted to find it. If you google "ipod Meme" you get all sorts of things. There are a lot of bloggers doing this particular meme. I kept going because I knew I'd seen this meme in a blog that I frequent - and EverydayMommy turned up in my google search. Yay for me!!

Since I got an MP3 player for my birthday - I wanted to give this meme a try. I got quite the laugh at the answers. So here goes - my MP3 Meme.

For my amusement. I hope you get a kick anyway.

Put your music player on shuffle.
Press forward for each question.
Use the song title as the answer to the question even if it doesn’t make sense.

How do you feel today?
Holy (reprise) – Clint Brown
I'm either really confident or my MP3 player really likes me.

What’s your outlook on life?
The Nearness of You – Norah Jones

What does your family think of you?
Friend of God – Phillips, Craig & Dean --
Yes!! I Love this answer!

What do your friends think of you?
Lonestar – Norah Jones --
*ROFL* Really? A friend can chime in on this one.

What do your exes think of you?
More than Life –Hillsong --
They were never official - so how could they be exes? - but this is how they should think of me. *L*

How’s your love life?
The Fad of the Land - Newsboys
*insert guffaws here*

How will your love life be in the future?
Turn Me on – Norah Jones
That sounds positive.

Will you get married?
Don’t Miss You at all – Norah Jones

Are you good at school?
Help the Poor – BB King & Eric Clapton
- what can I say?

Will you be successful?
Smile – Nat King Cole

What song should they play on your birthday?
Three o’clock Blues – BB King & Eric Clapton

What song should they play at your graduation?
Get’cha Head in the Game - High School Musical
As distractable as I am - it's probably a good song.
The Soundtrack of your life?
Straighten up and fly right – Nat King Cole

You and your best friends are?
Shout Unto God – Hillsong London
As loud as we can! With voices of Triumph!
Happy times:
My Redeemer Lives - Hillsong

Sad times:
Awake My Soul – Phillips, Craig & Dean
Because your Redeemer Lives!

Every day:
John Woo - Newsboys
I don't have a clue. What are you trying to tell me??

For tomorrow:
You Deserve – Clint Brown

For you:
Days of Old – BB King & Eric Clapton
How old are we talking? I rather like these days.

What does next year have in store for me?
Joyous Light – Passion
I'm feeling very encouraged

What do I say when life gets too hard?
Riding with The King – BB King & Eric Clapton
Yeah! The King of Kings!! I may actually have to adopt this.

What song will I dance to at my wedding?
Million Pieces (Kissin’ Your Cares Goodbye) - Newsboys
An interesting choice.

What do you want as your career?
Christ, The Solid Rock - Passion
How very acurate.

Your favorite saying?
Jesus the Same - Hillsong
And He IS! The same today as He was Yesterday!

How will I die?
Come Away With Me - Norah Jones
This is an open invitation?

I may try this in a few months -after I figure out more of the "how to's" of playing with my Monster. But for now - I'm amused and encouraged. My Musical out look is positive. Even for a Lonestar.

So what's on your MP3 player?

Friday, June 1, 2007

Wastin' Daylight

There's a John Wayne movie called "The Cowboys" - (it was made a year before I was born, should you wonder). In this movie, The Duke plays an aging rancher forced to hire children to help him get his cattle to -- wherever it is they needed to go.

It's been a long time since I've seen the movie. Sorry.

It was never my favorite movie when I was younger, because I really liked Wayne's character "Wil Anderson" and he dies in the movie. Really, is the movie bad? No it's rather good. I just don't like the fact that he died. The Duke should never die. (Bruce Dern makes a most excellent bad guy.)

In the movie, Wil would tell his crew "We're wasting daylight." -- and that's exactly how I feel about my day - and my involvement in it.

It's my birthday -- and that was why - but really...I'm 34. I should be more responsible.

I got a Monster for my birthday!! It's an MP3 player from SanDisk - and you just have to love the name. It's compact for it's size - and it's sleek. I'm waiting for the chance to tell someone that I have a monster in my purse.

So naturally, since the Professor bestowed his token of love upon me, this morning I wanted to get it set up.

It's a new toy, after all.

I had to call tech support because it wasn't talking to my computer. (I guess they were not impressed with each other). Once I was on the phone with Tech support - probably in India - they started talking.

I guess I showed THEM. Not going to work?? I'm telling!

Now that it's working, I love it.

Then I talked to Thoughtful, who's day already was horribly rotten and no good - at 9am. So we took her breakfast. Granted, I picked up a birthday gift and cake! while I was there. So It was a win-win situation! (Oh, I'm getting a blog lift! Wooot!)

Did we come home and do something productive?? Nope, not us.
I played with my new Toy Monster - and the kids played for a bit. Lunch time came very quickly. And then it was nap time.

I tried doing phonics with G, and neither one of us was interested. We were both distracted. (we'll probably do school on Saturday, should you want to know how I'm going to fix this.)

I managed to download music into my Monster - and managed no school work today.

I'm good.
I can hear John Wayne's voice, "You're wasting Daylight."

Hey, if you turn this thing off while it's playing a song and turn it back on later, the song is paused and ready to play from where it left off.

wasting daylight.
Just one of my many super powers.
I totally amused myself, too - by writing in my previous post that I don't remember being born, I've just always been here.
Easily amused - my other super power.


In an event that was not ballyhooed as it should have been....
in a smallish hospital...
I was born.
That's right!
Today is my birthday!
I'm 34.
Considering, I'm probably 21 mentally, it just sounds strange. At least to me.
Though I have to admit - after dropping a power supply on my foot yesterday added to the fact that my knee hurting - I felt old.
I don't remember being born - I've just always been here.
Celebrate with me anyway!
~ It's my birthday! ~