Friday, June 1, 2007

Wastin' Daylight

There's a John Wayne movie called "The Cowboys" - (it was made a year before I was born, should you wonder). In this movie, The Duke plays an aging rancher forced to hire children to help him get his cattle to -- wherever it is they needed to go.

It's been a long time since I've seen the movie. Sorry.

It was never my favorite movie when I was younger, because I really liked Wayne's character "Wil Anderson" and he dies in the movie. Really, is the movie bad? No it's rather good. I just don't like the fact that he died. The Duke should never die. (Bruce Dern makes a most excellent bad guy.)

In the movie, Wil would tell his crew "We're wasting daylight." -- and that's exactly how I feel about my day - and my involvement in it.

It's my birthday -- and that was why - but really...I'm 34. I should be more responsible.

I got a Monster for my birthday!! It's an MP3 player from SanDisk - and you just have to love the name. It's compact for it's size - and it's sleek. I'm waiting for the chance to tell someone that I have a monster in my purse.

So naturally, since the Professor bestowed his token of love upon me, this morning I wanted to get it set up.

It's a new toy, after all.

I had to call tech support because it wasn't talking to my computer. (I guess they were not impressed with each other). Once I was on the phone with Tech support - probably in India - they started talking.

I guess I showed THEM. Not going to work?? I'm telling!

Now that it's working, I love it.

Then I talked to Thoughtful, who's day already was horribly rotten and no good - at 9am. So we took her breakfast. Granted, I picked up a birthday gift and cake! while I was there. So It was a win-win situation! (Oh, I'm getting a blog lift! Wooot!)

Did we come home and do something productive?? Nope, not us.
I played with my new Toy Monster - and the kids played for a bit. Lunch time came very quickly. And then it was nap time.

I tried doing phonics with G, and neither one of us was interested. We were both distracted. (we'll probably do school on Saturday, should you want to know how I'm going to fix this.)

I managed to download music into my Monster - and managed no school work today.

I'm good.
I can hear John Wayne's voice, "You're wasting Daylight."

Hey, if you turn this thing off while it's playing a song and turn it back on later, the song is paused and ready to play from where it left off.

wasting daylight.
Just one of my many super powers.
I totally amused myself, too - by writing in my previous post that I don't remember being born, I've just always been here.
Easily amused - my other super power.


Peculiar Blogs said...

Hey, I have a Sandisk too. Love the thing. I need to write a poem..ode to my mp3. :-) Happy Birthday again. Love your superpowers. Thought of you most of the day.

Jenn4Him said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Goofing off is a must on birthdays here. Never have school on a birthday. It is a homeschool perk. :-)

Anonymous said...

wasting daylight can be good sometimes... :o)

congratulations on your new toy!!

Kelli said...

I agree; The Duke should never die. :) Happy Birthday.

Halfmoon Girl said...

That was a cool meme. Funny how lots of the answers made sense!