Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mad Science Experiments?

J man is having tubes put in his ears in the morning. (That is not the point of the post, so bear with me.) Because he's having tubes, they suggested we bring his "lovey", blanket, animal, whatever he really likes to have. J really likes to have his Batman(s) and his Superman ANYWHERE he goes.

So off I went to find the top item on his must have list. Let me show you what I found...

Of course, I was curious and a wee bit concerned. Am I raising mad scientists? Did I stumble upon a superhero prison? Is the creepy-lego-guy-from-McDonald's the jailer? Are they in stasis?

I freed Batman and Superman from their, um....whatevers. They are ready to go with us bright and early in the morning.

I do know that J-man started this - of course, he LOVES putting his men inside of other things..containers, boxes, cars, mentholatum, it just doesn't matter with this little guy.

Apparently, G loved the idea. I think they've separated the colors. One of them has green - one has orange. I just don't know. I'm still trying to decide if I'm concerned or not. I think I'm mostly amused. J kept bringing me the bottles today and SAYING "lid on mama". Yep, SAYING a SENTENCE. I was so proud. So of course, I put the lids on the bottles.

Where did we get these water bottles turned super hero stasis-prison-things? Glad you asked. My neighbor gave them to me. She said the kids could keep what they wanted and I could pass the others along. I was going to pass the orange ones to certain people who's school colors are orange and most likely, I still will. How many water-bottle prisons do I really need, after all? I guess I'll wash the super-hero dirt out of them.

Now that I think about it - I don't think I'll be concerned until they start numbering the bottles and giving the little men "yard" time. If I figure out what's going on - I'll edit to tell you.

We find the weirdest things in the Laundry Pile.


Anonymous said...

lol! i love to wonder what kids are thinking when they come up with this stuff.... it's fascinating isn't it..

i'll be praying for little jman..

Peculiar Blogs said...

how funny!!! Keeping you guys in prayer this morning!! Let us know how jman feels this afternoon!

Halfmoon Girl said...

I, too, will remember you all in prayer.

My kids love to put objects in containers of any kind too. Those are great!

A&EMom said...

Looks like cryo-stasis to me!

Yard time.. I think you might have seen one too many prison movies!