Monday, May 21, 2007

Say Ahhhh

J-man complained yesterday that his ear hurt. Which caused me to have flashbacks to when G said his ear hurt and had strep throat. Yesterday, he would allow me to look in his throat. Today he wouldn't open it at all.

We went to the pediatrician.

Hand, foot, mouth Diseases (called HFMD) without the "hand" and "foot" is called "Herpangina". Apparently, it's common. And J-man has it now.
So, I've got a quiet moment while Mini-E climbs up and down on the couch and J-man and G play with action figures. I thought I'd drop by and say "hi". Now I'm off to find some chocolate, a diet coke and dose both kids with Tylenol.

One thing I know - and I was sitting here asking for a promise..because it would be soo very easy to whine .. is that All Things are Possible.
My feet are planted on this rock and I will not be shaken!!

(I still have music at the end of my blog - you may have to turn it off.)


Our Peculiar Life said...

I'm so sorry sweetie!! Praying for you guys! You are overcomers by the words of your mouth and the Blood of the Lamb!! My grandma used to always say "this, too, shall pass." I know it never helped at the time, but it IS true. You will be on the other side of this soon and satan will be running away with his tail between his legs!

jugglingpaynes said...

HFMD? Is that like foot in the mouth disease? Or am I thinking of something else? :o)
Laugh! Come on, laugh! It's the best medicine. Shall I send some Animaniacs your way?
Prayers for another speedy recovery and for a more lasting health. Get those kiddies better so you can enjoy the warm days!
Peace and Laughter,

ComfyDenim said...

Did I sound sad?
I've actually been laughing. Really. It's not that I'm not laughing - it's that I don't have anything else to blog about.

When babies are sick everything stops. *L*

We've watched Curious George the movie many times since Friday and I love it.

Laughter does the heart good!

Anonymous said...

everything does stop when the kids are sick.. thank goodness curious george keeps going and going and going... :o)~

praying for a speedy recovery!!
and strength for mom! :o)