Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tackle It Tuesday - Garage

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

While the kids were sick last week, we didn't get much accomplished. But there was one day - that I had an inspiration.

The kids had been asking to play with their legos and their wooden train set. "Where" was my number one question. My mom had always been telling me that we should just make a room out of the garage - especially since we weren't parking in the garage.

Last week -I tackled it. We had a relatively good day, as far as every one being happy, so I started moving things around. Pretty soon I had an empty place and let them play in the flat hard surface. They put together a giant train track. And got covered in gray, garage dust. So I had to put something down. The professor, all the way in California, suggested astro turf. To Lowe's I went. Astroturf, at Lowe's, has the same backing as indoor/outdoor carpet and the professor didn't want carpeting - for concern with mold/mildew.

Lowe's had a nice subsitute. Foam flooring. Waterproof and washable. This first picture - was taken with my cell phone. It doesn't show the play place in it's "glamour" but they had a blast.

Then I discovered that I could move the christmas ornaments out to the shed where The Professor has been storing his office stuff.

So then we had a bit more room.

It still looks like a garage - but now we can play legos and set up train tracks.

I'm going to get rid of some child-sized chairs and we're going to hang up the adult bikes to get them out of the way -- and pretty soon, we'll have it just the way we want it.

I need to get a bigger fan to blow air on the hotter days, and playing out there won't be a good thing on hot days in late summer - but right now - it's the best place to play (as it's been rainy). We can even lock out the little kids so the big kids can build Tall lego towers. They even got the tinker toys back out. They've had picnics out there.. and Mini-E likes to go out and just dance in circles.

It's nice to get the garage tackled...it's something I've been putting off.
Oh - that black trash basket - holds rescue heroes.

Here's another view to show that it still looks like a garage. The kids don't mind, though.

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jennyr said...

more toys! more tackles! that what happens around here too! great tackle!

Dawn said...

I love the idea of putting those foam pieces down and having them play in the garage. Our house is very small and having a place like that in the garage is perfect. You gave me the inspiration to get our garage cleaned out so the kids have an extra place for their big toys.

ThoughtfulMom said...


We are coming over to play in it! Just as soon as everyone is healthy. :)

Halfmoon Girl said...

Looks great- I like your flooring idea. Bigger kids trying to build with little ones wanting to help- we have the same dilemma around here.

Andrea said...

What a great idea! Saying, "hi" from Tales from the Scales. Nice to "meet" you :-)

Anonymous said...

that is great!! kids need their own space. and the foam is fantastic!

bravo! bravo!

appleleaf said...

What a great idea to utilise such a handy area of enclosed space. And look at all those toys that aren't filling the floor of your house. A job well done.
I enjoyed reading your "100 things" and was sorry to hear that the kids have all had a virus. Hope everyone is well now.

jugglingpaynes said...

Love those foam puzzle mats. I used them in my son's room when he was younger because of his habit of jumping out of bed (from a standing position). I guess I should have just told him to stop doing that, since he still does it, without the mats. Now that he weighs 100 lbs., the house kind of shakes on impact. I'm sure there's a physic lesson in there.
Peace and Laughter,