Tuesday, May 8, 2007

7 Random Things

I was tagged by Halfmoon Happenings to list 7 random things about me. The qualifier, I think is that they have to be things you don't already know. Just about everything about me is random (it comes with being easily amused). I'm learning to be less random, but it's not an overnight occurrence. Also, I'm pretty transparent, so I'm trying to figure out what you might not already know....Hmmm...

1. I wear socks to bed. I can not fall asleep if my toes are cold but some where in the night I'll take off the socks (with my toes) and will find them in the bedding in the morning.

2. I've never ridden a horse.

3. The first thing I do when I walk in the door from outside is to take my shoes off. If my feet are hot, I'm hot all over. Maybe that explains random fact #1.

4. I played one season of softball when I was in the 4th grade. I had a terrible coach and still, to this day, no nothing of the game. Though, I made a good first baseman (girl?) I was put in right field....where the dandelions grow.

5. My hair used to be long. Down-past-my-waist long.

6. I like getting mail.

7. I don't have a favorite color. I'm partial to some colors over others, but can't pinpoint a favorite.

Okay - I tried coming up with randomness. How'd I do?
I can not think of 7 people to tag so...I tag A&E Mom...and you, you, you, you, you & you.
You know who you are.


Halfmoon Girl said...

I do the same thing if I wear socks to be- I have to take them off at some point. did you make dandelion necklaces out there? My poor 7 yr old got scolded from his coach because he wasn't paying attention in outfield- there was an ambulance at the other end of the field checking out a boy who had gone over a jump on his bike! I'd be distracted too!

jugglingpaynes said...

I like getting mail too. I think that's why I like the Blues Clues "Mailtime" song. :o)
We have harmless snakes in our area. I'm not nuts, you know. I have heard that there is a type of rattler north of us, but none have been found around here. We mainly get black snakes, grass snakes and garters.
Peace and Laughter,

Our Peculiar Life said...

I loved reading more about you! Especially randomness. :-)

Anonymous said...

you random? (snicker)

i have to have bare feet when i go to bed. i can't stand for them to be covered up at all so they even stick out of the blanket.