Friday, May 11, 2007


Ear tubes, that is.

A tiny bit of history. This is J-man's 3rd set of tubes. The second time for him to have the procedure done at this particular hospital. The 3rd time for us as a family to be there - Mini-E had her tubes done here.

We love the hospital. The nurses have taken really good care of us. They have a nifty outpatient intake room for pediatrics.

The front desk was having problems this morning and several patients had not been checked in. We were patient #4 because #3 didn't show up (they were stuck in the waiting room) so we became Patient #3.

The nurse said, after I greeted her cheerily - because I remembered her with fondness, "Have you been here before?" I said "Yes!" "I thought you looked familiar. No wonder you greeted me like an old friend." This nurse has the best accent. It's a mix of German, New England and English and it's great. Last time we were there was a holiday and The Professor ran to get breakfast and we got her a sandwich because the cafeteria was closed that day.

Jeremy was quite goofy on the goofy juice. He hugged his monkey (or "Ooo Ooo ah ah" as he says) and just grinned and talked and grinned some more. He said his tiger jammies were "tute" and sitting in the Professor's lap, his feet had a karate fight - sound effects included. I'm not sure which foot won, but I have to had it to his creativity. Anything can be a toy. Even his own feet.

They put him in the "bed" and wheeled him away and he was wobbly but mellow.

They said that the surgery didn't take very long and he went to sleep right away and did great. There was some fluid in his ears but no goo. So no medications needed for home.

The nurse came to get us so that we could go be with him when he woke up and she said "We'll go Right this way .... have you been here before?" "Yes," we told her. "I thought you looked familiar."

J-man was out and looking very peaceful. Is it the anesthetic that makes them pale? Or just the hospital?

The attending nurse was the same nurse that took care of J-man last time we were there. Last time was the adnoidectomy (sp?) and J did NOT wake up in the best of moods. I think combative would be a good term. The nurse let him sleep. I said, "You took really good care of us last time we were here."

"Really? I thought you looked familiar."

J woke up groggy and not in control of his muscles - but he was not combative. The Professor put him down to walk and J bumped into a rocking chair and the rocking chair bumped back. The rocking chair won. My hands were full, luckily the nurse was watching and caught him. The Professor carried him to the van. Where he just sat.

When we got home, he just melted on the floor. We snuggled him into the chair and waited for him to wake up more. I think he's finally awake. Finally, in charge of his faculties. He's watching Batman and playing with his action figures.

Thank you for your prayers. It was a quick surgery and we're glad to have it done and get him on the road to recovery. I'm praying that the enemy has to pay back all that he stole from J with all those ear infections. A boom in his vocabulary should be forthcoming!
That was the adventure of the morning.
Have you been here before?
I thought you looked familiar.


Anonymous said...

i'm glad things went so well. i hope he (and you) have a restful night!

Halfmoon Girl said...

I too am glad everything went smoothly!