Wednesday, May 16, 2007

It's all relative, I'm sure...

G and I were sitting. I think he was playing a video game and Mini-E was being cute, adorable self. Interpretation: she was getting into things. He and I had quite the cute and adorable conversation.

"She's really curious, isn't she, mom?" Says G.

"Yes, she is." Said I.

"Why does she have to be so curious?" queried her biggest brother.

"I don't know." Said I. I think I'd wondered the same thing earlier. I realize it's so she can learn...but it's also so she can make messes. And test my patience. And annoy her brothers. There's so many reasons for curiosity.

"She's a lot like Curious George." He said in decision.

"Yes, yes, she is."

VERY much like Curious George. I just wish I had William H. Macy to narrate and tell me what she's doing...and why. Like WHY does she want to climb onto everyone's beds but her own?

Why does she climb to the top of the slide - but doesn't want to slide down?

Yep. I need a narrator.


Anonymous said...

curious george is my one of my favorites!! i have little miniatures of him adorning my "desks". not only did i love the books as a kid, but it reminds me that my kids are always learning something new to them.. i never want to stifle that curiousity. even though i may feel like stifling their 103rd question of the day.. :o)~

Halfmoon Girl said...

I second Fatty. i love the thought of a narrarator!

jugglingpaynes said...

Is your brain linked to mine? You're scaring me. I'm taking the blog name poll down tomorrow. It seemed to be quite a fight!
The Home Spun Contest will end June 1st. I've already got a couple of possibilities. Any idea I can create a strip from will be a winner!
I don't need a narrator around here as much as I need an interpreter. Apparently, if my daughter wants "Sprinkles! No M&M's!" on her ice cream, that means she'll want sprinkles again by the time I give her the M&M covered ice cream. *Sigh*
Peace and Laughter,

TobyBo said...

sounds like you need a yellow hat. :)

Katkat said...

I always thought it would be fun to have someone narraratoring my life and making it sound more interesting then it is.