Sunday, May 6, 2007

Post-It Notes from the Laundry Pile

I just couldn't resist.

I don't, at this very moment, have a long solid blog post. I just wanted to get notes down before MONDAY came. Ah, Monday. Who'd have thought that it would cause such chaos in a homeschool family?

I certainly never did.

Post-It #1 - I think we're on the mend. We've had some interesting moments (I'll try to spare you the details) with the wee ones. Mini-Me seems to be fairly over her bout of the "Whatever it was". G, however, is still feeling fairly 'blah'. He wouldn't even eat his applesauce or toast (that he requested) for dinner. He snuggled up next to me and I prayed for that boy. I'm expecting him to be MUCH better in the morning.

Post-It #2 - Our insurance company denied the Speech therapy. Which we suspected they would. But for some reason, I want to call up our first speech therapist and say "I told you so." but decided that was childish and moved on.

Post-It #3 - I forgot what it was. Thinking - Thinking - OH!! I remember. I ran some errands (See also: escaped from house) on Saturday. I had to return some things to Party America and then get Mom's day cards. While out, I tried to find some shorts for Mini-Me who seems to have out grown (length-wise) her shorts. It's already muggy here so shorts will be needed. I bought her size 10(Which is what I thought her next size up would be) - and it's too big. I was bummed, too, because the shorts I found were modest (for shorts). I'll be taking them back and taking her with me. She will soon be seeing the inside of the dressing room. Probably several dressing rooms.

Post-It #4 - I'm way behind on my Spring Reading Thing book list. I guess I've been too busy reading blog-o-zines (See my previous post for the explanation on that one.) I'm bound and determined to finish the books that I really want to read and carry the others to the next list. On top of that - I need to finish painting the kitchen... Gosh, I'm glad I didn't sign up for a "Chore" list.

And those are the ramblings on my post-it notes. I really need to get this desk cleaned off.
Bleach Free Blessings!


Anonymous said...

post-its make great decor you know... :o) sometimes i use three or four different colors just to change the scenery a bit.

Our Peculiar Life said...

Loved reading your notes! Glad y'all are on the mend!!