Sunday, May 6, 2007

Magazine Comparisons..

I read a post at "Their Peculiar Life" that got me to thinking. Yes, I realize that it's "our" but, well, my punny bone likes it better this way. (It's not OUR peculiar life - ours is a laundry pile. It's THEIR peculiar life and they have a clean garage.) Punny Bone wins!!

Much of what Kahri writes gets me to thinking. And while I really liked the way she categorizes the blogs she reads - I really liked what she wrote. Let me quote:

I figured out the reason I like reading blogs so much. It's like getting to read your favorite magazine with your favorite authors and it's new Every Day!

I really liked this. I liked it so much that I thought about it much after I initially read it.

She's so right and I loved the comparison of a blog to a magazines.
I remember working at a doctor's office and how we would poor over the new magazines to read all that was written. I feel that way about my Bloglines. I love when I see that someone has a new post written. I poor over the new entries. Sometimes I go back and read ones that I missed. Each new "issue" is different than the last.

There are stories that touch my heart.
Stories that excite my faith.
There are stories that make me laugh.

After thinking about the comparisons between magazines and blogs in this aspect, I realized that there were OTHER aspects of comparisons.

There are ads in blogs and in magazines.
There are contests.
There are, well - really, it's eye candy. Every one loves a good looking blog - and magazine.

You can subscribe to the blogs free of charge (which does not happen with most magazines)
And you can unsubscribe if you don't like what you're reading.

You can even have personality tests! (Cosmo has nothing on bloggers!)

I have had far too much fun looking at the comparisons between blogs and magazines. Before I started blogging, I would read "The Drudge Report" with my breakfast (we don't take a paper). Now I log on and check my Bloglines to see what's up. Granted, I spend far too much time in the blogger world (it's like a new toy to me, still).

But after all this comparison, I feel like I'm standing at the magazine rack at Barnes and Noble without having to travel to get there. Gotta love it!


Anonymous said...

now if i could just get served a cafe mocha grande everytime i'm here..

Halfmoon Girl said...

great comparison. I am tagging you- come check it out if you like.

Jenn4Him said...

That's an excellent comparison. I was tagged the other day to tell what books I am reading, and I had to admit that I am not reading any right now! I am reading blogs. Maybe it is a phase...I am not sorry either. I like reading blogs!

Our Peculiar Life said...

great post, and, of course, I agree!! LOL