Thursday, May 3, 2007

Just one of "those" days...

I thought of all kinds of post titles for today. Things like:
"I could cry but my face would get all wet..."
"I declare it Jammie Day"
"Brownies are good for nausea, aren't they?"

Then I decided it was just one of those days.

Which reminds me of the question: "Who's 'they'?"

Our adventure actually started yesterday. I had prayed for a bubble of protection around the rest of the kids so that they wouldn't get sick (we have a LOT to do next week) and apparently the bubble burst.

I took G & J-man to the Pediatrician. J-man's ears are clear of infection and G is strep-free! We leave the Doctor after he glances in Mini-E's ears, because she chose that time to spike a small fever.

Every one seems to be feeling well. We grab dinner and begin the drive up to The Professor's work place. On a busy stretch of highway, Mini-E chokes. She's coughing and that's the cue that everything is fine but she kept coughing and it was starting to sound worse so I pull to the side of the road. Just as she throws up. At least she's not choking. I get her cleaned up, praying for protection from the high-speed projectiles that are cars on a highway, get a new shirt on her and we go on our way again.

We get to the Professor's work place and now I'm feeling queasy and we decide to head home.

We do not live in a mega-opolis like Dallas, or New York, or even Phoenix. So a snarl in traffic is not the norm. Yesterday we hit a huge one. It was MILES long. Slow going in the traffic and I was trying to figure a detour we could take to make it home while avoiding the traffic. There really weren't that many options, especially considering where we were on this stretch of highway.

So we creep along. I would gauge it about half way from the start of the snarl to what would be the end of the snarl (at 5mph), Mini-Me throws up. Luckily, I had an empty cup to catch most of it. Ick. I had to pull over to help her. J-man, who had been asleep in the car, woke up shaking.
I guess it had been too cold in the van, but it was a bit freaky.

It was not my shining moment, here, stuck in traffic. I had words with The Professor. We eek back into traffic and creep to the end of the traffic snarl - and get home.

I stay up late getting laundry done. Mini-E wakes up at midnight. We tag team rock the baby and I head to bed.


Really - bunk beds and sick stomachs are not fun. This time G throws the contents of his stomach over the side. I give him a bucket, not very sensitively, and wake The Professor for clean up detail.

Poor G. I was really glad for that bucket. His stomach tossed about 3 times until 5 am. And then again at 7am. I've got a call in to the pediatrician for something to help ease the nausea. He's got to keep some form of fluid in. His face is as green as his camo jammies.

G is sitting in the recliner covered in his blanket and sipping water.
J-man has decided this looks like a sweet deal. He has his blanket, a pillow and his cup sitting nicely on the couch.

The downside? Mini-E has figured out that if she pulls on the blanket, J-man shrieks and hollers in a most entertaining fashion. Ooo COOL - he'll even holler if she gets CLOSE.

Mini-Me?? She's fine. She had a brownie for breakfast.
We're camping out today.
Avoiding people.
Changing our plans.
Watching movies.
Playing computer games.
Though, I'm thinking if Mini-Me can have brownie for breakfast, we might be able to talk about division by 2's.
It's just one of those days.
I'm glad Jesus loves me.
I'm glad that His grace is sufficient.
I'm glad that He is still the God who heals.
He's still bigger than the tummy bug.
I'm glad that I have running water.
I'm glad that I have a washing machine
I'm glad that I have a dryer (it's raining outside)
I'm glad I have Today.
You know what? I just realized that I really meant that.
I'm glad I have Today.


ThoughtfulMom said...

Ick. What a 24 hours you've had. I'm glad to knwo you are all comfy in your jamas and enjoying the low-key day.

Praise the Lord for the washing machine!

Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

Oy - what a day. Movies and jammies are definitely on schedule for you today!

Jenn4Him said...

That's the secret to contentment, being glad you have today. As far as the next movie to review goes...I am not really up on all the latest ones. We did watch Charlotte's Web and really enjoyed it. Did you all see it? (Now I sound like I am from the South.)

Halfmoon Girl said...

Thanks for your comment earlier- I was basically wondering if anyone else thought about that. Anyways, I hope you are all feeling better. Stomach flu is NOT fun!

jugglingpaynes said...

Awww. I'm sorry you had such a hard day. We keep a bottle of cola syrup in the cabinet for the express purpose of stopping stomach viruses. It always works for us, though I know home remedies don't work for all. You earned your jammies. I'll post my next strip a little earlier so you can get an extra smile into your day.
Peace and Laughter,

TobyBo said...

Hope things are better and your Laundry Pile is not continuing to grow.

Anonymous said...

one of those days... but brownies, jammies, and time will definitely cure.

i hope everyone feels better.. but if they don't eat all the brownies.. pass them over. :o)~