Thursday, May 24, 2007

100 Things about me - Revised

Of course, it's all about me - but I've narrowed it down to 100.
I've tried to revise it a bit since the time I posted it originally.

1. I am the eldest of 3 children
2. My sibs are boys
3. I thought this list would be easy but it's not.
4. I wrote this on a dare. Seriously.
5. I started writing this in a serious manner...just the facts, ma'am....
6. But I can't stay serious very long.
7. Unless I'm in a melancholy mood.
8. And then I'm serious - but not much fun - just serious. And kind of mopey.
9. I like puns. Good puns.
10.I met my hubby on Valentine's day, 1997
11. I met him at a hockey game.
12. I had planned to meet him there - it wasn't a fluke.
13. I said yes to his proposal at the Azalea park in Muskogee in May.
14. I married him in July.
15. I spent my honeymoon at Six Flags
16. It was hot there.
17. I'm not overly fond of hot weather.
18. I'm not fond of heights either.
19. I had a good time, despite the heat.
20. I can't believe we've been married for 10 years coming up in July.
21. I also can't believe that there's so much that we still need to learn despite our 10 years of marriage.
22. I had my first baby in October 1998.
23. She came on time.
24. She got stuck.
25. After hours and hours of labor - I was too tired to push her out.
26. I'm not overly fond of my first OB
27. My husband threatened him.
28. I had a new anesthesiologist to do the spinal for the c-section.
29. She had the darkest hair.
30. Baby #2 came in 2000.
31. I dilated to a 9.
32. He wouldn't drop.
33. I had another c-section.
34. I don't mind c-sections.
35. I'm rather fond of them, in fact.
36. I had 2 more c-sections with babies #3 & #4
37. I'm done having babies.
38. I like to read.
39. I prefer my books to have heroes.
40. I like consistent characters.
41. I don't like it when the author makes the character a hero one minute and a lame-brain the next.
42. I realize we all make mistakes - even characters in books...however...
43. I mean really -- come on -- make up your mind! Is the hero a hero or not?!
44. I'm not fond of the "anti-hero" either.
45. I like to buy pens. I used to have an obssession.
46. I have favorite pens for writing on regular paper - and favorite pens for writing in my journal.
47. I like to write in my spare time.
48. I don't have much spare time.
49. I used to take paper and pen with me wherever I went. I still do...even if I don't get the chance to write.
50. I plan on finishing my novel eventually.
51. I used to want to write adventure books - but finally realized that reality was getting in my way - so now I want to write fantasy books. Knights, dragons, etc.
52. I like going to the Renaissance Faire with The Professor. For my birthday one year he bought me a costume.
53. We haven't been in a couple of years -( something about having babies.)
54. I like my kids.
55. To the best of my knowledge, I have read all the Perry Mason books Erle Stanley Gardner wrote.
56. I don't like Raymond Burr as Perry Mason. The books are so much better.
57. I liked "The Hobbit" as a book - but didn't much like "Lord of the Rings".
58. I don't wear lipstick. Don't like it.
59. I do not parallel park very well...and prefer not to do it. I'd rather walk. Thank you.
60. I like to play Scrabble...but am not very good at Sudoku.
61. I like to swing -- you know, on a swing set. Or a porch swing. Or a garden swing. I'm also kind of fond of teeter-totters.
62. I'm glad I'm not a cat.
63. I don't think I could type with 4 paws.
64. I wonder if a cat can be all thumbs?
65. I prefer Puffs brand tissues over the Kleenex brand.
66. I have used dandruff shampoo since I was a teenager - but don't remember having dandruff. 67. I remember people always telling me they liked the way my hair smelled.
68. I don't know why they looked so surprised to hear it was "Head & Shoulders"
69. I like the smell of Pomegranate anointing oil from AbbaOil
70. I think my favorite anointing oil is from Abba Oil -
71. I love the fact that you can buy a 7-branch menorrah from Abba Oil.
72. I want one.
73. I want to use it to teach my children about the Holy Spirit.
74. I love that the God of all creation is the Father of organized religion.
75. I love the fact that He created me.
76. I am unique and am supposed to stay that way.
77. I like broccoli & cheese soup.
78. I used to know sign language.
79. I forgot most of what I used to know.
80. I like to play the piano...I would like to know how to play better.
81. I would like to learn how to play the guitar.
82. I learned to drive in an AMC Gremlin.
83. The car was powder puff blue.
84. The first car I bought myself was a Chevy Caprice Classic
85. It was a big car.
86. We drove it on our honeymoon.
87. My hubby thinks it was like driving a boat.
88. I think his car resembles a go-cart.
89. We think we're even.
90. I drive a mini-van now.
91. He still drives a go-cart. It's called a Ford Focus.
92. I remember when you connected to the "internet" at about 400 - 800 bps.
93. I am not that old.
94. It amazes me how far technology has advanced in just a seemingly few short years.
95. I once cut my own hair. I don't advise doing it.
96. I don't find myself very interesting.
97. I am joyful.
98. I am short.
99. I am charismatic.
100. I am done.


Classic MaMa said...

We had our first babies the same year. Thanks for taking the time to write such a list. I found it very interesting. :) This was a great way for me to get to know you.

jugglingpaynes said...

I once cut my hair too. I found myself alone in the house with scissors and too much coffee in me.
Did I tell you the NY Renaissance Festival is partially responsible for my marriage? My husband was working there the year I met him at a juggling club and he offered comps to anyone who wanted them. I wanted them. And then I wanted him. ;o)
I love your list, I think you are very interesting!
Peace and Laughter,

Halfmoon Girl said...

great list, I like the variety in it. I want to learn to play the guitar too.

Anonymous said...

i find you very interesting..
probably because we share so much on the list.. :o)~

i do have a pen obsession. the same thing.. certain ones for paper and one special one for my journal. plus i am in love with sharpies.. i use them for artwork.
i really should be i therapy i think.

thank you for that glimpse of the woman behind the laundry pile.. :o)

Our Peculiar Life said...

I love it as much as I loved the first one! Are you all feeling better yet?

Melanie said...

I love your list! So many interesting things! I don't know if I could come up with 100 things to write about myself. It might take more effort than I am willing to put forth! But I'm glad you did your list. It's great!

Dapoppins said...

I've never read this before....! Until today. When i just read it, because I thought after reading your 40 by 40 list I needed to know more about you...but your so silly, I'm not sure how much I really know. Other than how important socks are to you.