Friday, May 4, 2007

Well, this is fun....

We, at the Laundry Pile, have raised the warning level! We are now at Orange Level.

I called The Professor last night and said, "I'm calling to warn you. I'm digging in. I'm just going to sit with the Littles - which means I won't be cooking dinner."

The Professor, being the wary & wise person that he is, responds with a leery, "O o o Kay"

Then last night, the stomach bug hit Mini-E. That was actually interesting. She doesn't sleep on the top bunk. But at least we didn't have to clean the floor. Just run the washer. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE having an automated washing machine?? I about lusted after my cousins' situations...they both have 2 washers. And then I changed my mind. They also have 6 or 7 children (I forget and I'm too Lazy -- I mean, busy -- to go count the kids in the pictures.)

Mini-E actually asked (by way of gesturing) to watch a movie. So we watched an episode of the BackYardigans. She didn't want to sleep - so I finally put her down and she played for a good hour and a half. Then she was staggering around like she was drunk and I took that as my cue that she was sleepy. I was right.

This morning, J-man decided to send his bedding to the wash but MAN - he's happy. The Professor said "He's awfully chipper for someone who's sick." He's the happiest sick kid I think I've seen. Granted, again, I'm looking at a G who is just SITTING.

JUST sitting, is not normal. I'm surprised he can do it. He can sit. But there's usually SOMETHING that's wiggling on the boy. Right now - he just sits. I bought him a new coloring book. I had to stop at the Dollar General to get saltines (He was telling me he was hungry) and while there - I bought him a new coloring book.

Mr. Potato Head coloring book. He LOVES it!

Last night, while watching Mini-E play, I picked it up and found a page to color (one I didn't think he'd want to color) and proceeded to color for a moment (or two) and looked up to see Mini-E with a book and a yellow crayon. Still not sure where she got it. She would jabber at me and then color in her book. Then look up at me and then color some more.

It was precious - and I had to point it out to the Professor that she was copying me. Melted my heart. She's going to be 15 months old on the 14th. And my goodness she's getting so big. Last night she said "Bounce". It sounds a lot like "bou--" but she did the motion with it (bouncing up and down). I told the big kids this morning that she was talking and we needed to try to listen to her.

Yesterday, Mini-Me discovered (because I had taken her car seat out of the van to clean it) that she could sit in the seat with her feet on the van floor. *Gasp* *Sniff* "MOM. Does this mean. That I can. Ride WITHOUT. a. Car seat?" She never actually yelled...but she the excitement level in her voice was. still. there.

I told her I'd have to consult my notes. (I have a flyer from the Highway Patrol people)
She asked me THREE times before I finally had a chance to look.
According to them, she is physically able. *sniff* Wasn't it just yesterday she was Mini-E's size??
She is feeling GREAT. Her eyes sparkle and the dimple in her cheek is back.

I forgot where I was going with this -- I guess this is the equivalent of Blogger small talk.

I've spent a tiny portion of the morning sending a few e-mails to cancel our weekend commitments. How 'bout that? We may not get out of our jammies all weekend. ;-) But that's okay. I"ve been doing laundry. At least they'll be clean jammies.


jugglingpaynes said...

I'm so glad you're all feeling better!I had a similar experience to yours with the car seat. Except it was when Marina was suddenly old enough to sit up front. *gasp* You mean I don't have to sit up front all by my lonesome playing chauffeur? But surely your to short for the passenger side air bag? (no)
Before you know it, they're asking you to take them to motor vehicle to get a learner's permit.
Peace and Laughter,

A&EMom said...

That's the best use of the Skittles chart (as my brother affectionately calls it) that I've yet seen!