Sunday, May 20, 2007

1 in 4

Mini-E woke up Friday night -- well, Saturday morning, at 1 am. We could tell she was in pain, we just couldn't figure out why. Her fever, that had never gotten over 99.6, went up to 101.4.

There was no drainage from her ears, so I wasn't convinced it was ears. But something was definitely wrong. I thought to myself if she was still acting like this, I would take her to the Med Center on Sunday.

Then I came to my senses. If I thought I might have to take her on Sunday, why not just take her now. We went to the pediatric urgent care center at a local hospital and she wanted to leave. She asked to be put in her stroller and then she started rocking it. My cue that she's ready to move it.

The Doctor looked in her ears. Tubes were fine. Ears were fine.
He looked in her throat. I believe the medical phrase he used was "ew".
My baby girl has a virus akin to Hand Food Mouth Disease. There's no rash on her hands and feet, but the treatment is the same. Treating of the symptoms.

He swabbed her throat to make me feel better that it wasn't strep. That did not make her happy. She hollered and gagged. Cheese sticks are not so pleasant coming back up.

It's a common illness the doctor said.
Really??? I said. She's the only one to have ever gotten this.

The discharge nurse said the same thing. They've seen a lot of toddlers with this. It's a very common thing in kids this age.

Really? I said, repeating myself so eloquently. She's the only kid I've ever had to get this.

I told my mom all about it - and she just laughed and said, "Apparently, it's common in 1 of 4 children."

Drats. I wish I'd thought of that.

This poor baby did not feel well at all yesterday and was up every so often last night. Today is much better, but we're not doing a whole lot, either. It's jammie Sunday for us. :-) Our plans to visit friends (with children) are pretty much over, though. Mini-E could potentially be contagious to their kids.

Last night, J-man kept calling out and crying. I couldn't tell if it was because of a bad dream or what. So I've scanned his mouth for sores. He says "AAaaaaH" and then laughs at me.

I can't think of a closing sentence, statement - except to say,
Pass me the chocolate. :-)


ThoughtfulMom said...

If it makes you feel better, last summer, Drew and Nathan both had it. So far, my boys have picked up some version of it about every other year.

TobyBo said...

Passing the chocolate, gladly. My crew all had it at the same time, but I would have missed it in 3 of them, it was so mild. Maybe your others *have* had it...

The only good thing is the name. Our doc still calls it hoof and mouth disease. Now, that is a lot of fun, don't you think, for such a yucky virus?

Hope healing is quick.

Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

My nephew had it when he was about 3 maybe 4. Until then, I'd never heard of it, but since then, whoa. I've heard of lots of kids with it! I'm sure it's no fun :-(

Our Peculiar Life said...

The Walenciaks had it a few years ago. Those are the only I've heard of. I'm so sorry!! I hope she feels better soon and noone else gets it! Praying for you guys!!

Nicki said...

oh so sorry to hear that she is so sick! I didn't know it was that common, wow!

Melanie said...

Yep, Kahri's right. What a memory! That wonderful virus made it's way through our house a few years ago. During Christmas, no less. Dillon barely had it.. Cody had it bad but thankfully it's not reared it's ugly hand, foot, mouth, or hoof around here again! I'm praying for a speedy recovery and that is remains 1 in 4.

Anonymous said...

i hope she feels better! :o)
my last child had it and i had never heard of it.

i will be sending the chocolate fed ex!