Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Professor...

Guess who's home??
I took this picture on Friday - I wish I could show you how fast that little tail was wagging.

Then there was the mob scene at the door. He's barely gotten it shut before he's squished in hugs. Sometimes, it's a one hug at a time, other times, it's not.

It came to my attention that you might not know what The Professor looks like.
Today - on his 39th Birthday - I thought I'd show you:

Drum roll please

Allow me to introduce you to the Professor.
He got his blog nickname from a former co-worker and it suited him so much that I had to use it for his moniker. He's got the teaching gift.

Today, he is 39.

I told him last night, "I'm going to blog about you."
"Me?" he sounded a bit worried, "Why would you blog about me?"
"To talk about how wonderful you are."
He just chuckled.

I gotta tell you - he's not perfect - but he's perfect for me.
He will do the dishes, laundry, babysit the kids so I can get out (often times he encourages it), he'll work so that we can homeschool, he'll cook dinner, he'll mow the grass, he even helps me with stuff that might need to be done for my parents (his are two states away.)

He's got God's Heart. He encourages me when I'm down or blue.
He never thinks of me negatively.
He thinks I'm pretty.
He loves me - and allows me to be me (which can be pretty trying for him, I'm sure).

If I were a balloon, he'd be the weight I'd be tied to. He'd let me soar all I wanted and manage to keep me grounded.

he lets me call him when I'm frustrated.

He treats me like a queen.

I am just nuts about him.
Today he had gifts. Tomorrow we go out to celebrate.
I hope his 39th year is a great one.

Happy Birthday, Professor!
I'm glad you're mine.


TobyBo said...

Happy Birthday to the Professor. I thought for a minute there the only picture we were going to get was the top of his head, on the homecoming squish hug. Enjoy your celebration and each other. :)

Unknown said...

Hey, nice new blog. Happy 39th to the professor. Are you Ginger or Maryann? The power strip on the loft was easy. We used wood screws to attach it to the loft, and plugged it into an outlet down below. The general can read at night and the light will not bother the Major. We have a similar light underneath the loft for the Major. It remains on 24/7 and the General can still sleep int he dark. It's pretty cool.

Halfmoon Girl said...

You are going to think I am really weird, but I actually had a dream (last night)where we met the Professor. My hubby and I were at a conference (we got there by riding a bicycle with no handle bars- that was tough). We were in some room and your hubby came in and recognized me from my blog and introduced himself (he is nicer looking in real life- in my dream he was dressed like a sweaty farmer- sorry- don't know where that came from). Anyhoo, naturally, I wanted to find you, but he said that you were somewhere else in the hotel attending the Wii championships- you had paid your family's way to the conference by competing Wii games and now were at the championships and playing for first at the same hotel. I know- I have no idea where that dream came from- so strange how my mind works. I do know that you are a more techy family than us, so maybe that is where some of it came from...

Now, if you are not blocking me from your blog, I would like to wish your hubby a happy 39th, and now I am going to go get caught up on the rest of your posts that have added up since my computer was down.

Growin' with it said...

sounds like you got yourself a mighty fine hubby! enjoy the bday celebrations.

Kelli said...

I love it! Your relationship sounds so much like the one Not-So-Classic and I have, it's like I wrote it!

Happy birthday, Professor!

Mrs. Darling said...

Happy Birhtdya to your man!I love knowing couples are still in love after many years.

Sandy said...

I'm nuts about my guy too. We lucked out! :))

City Girl On Chocolate said...

Tell the Professor I said Happy 39th! You are the Prov. 31 woman, "praising him at the city gates." Our hubs need to hear how much we appreciate all that they do (and simply THAT we acknowledge they do those things).

Monkey Giggles said...

Well, happy birthday to the professor. What does he think about being published on the internet?

I love that doggies wagging tail.

Have a happy day

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to the Professor! He sounds like a wonderful man!