Friday, September 11, 2009

One should not ponder spelling words too deeply

I never know where my thoughts will take me.

Spelling words can be one of the most fun mental train rides for me.
One word can bring a song, a pun, a funny - I just never know.

Today's word that started my mental train along the though track was "daytime".

"If everyone was awake at night, when the sun was not out - would they call it 'daytime'?" I wondered.

Puzzled expressions on the faces of the big kids as they pondered it.

They talked about it in mutters as my train continued down its thought track. It pulled into the station when I heard Mini-Me say, "Plus, when would we sleep?"

Hearing her say that made me smile -- some things are just absolute.

There is a daytime and a nighttime and spelling words should probably not be pondered too deeply.


Unknown said...

The kids and I were recently discussing the different uses of the word "Day" also! It can mean a 24 hour period, it can mean the light part of the day, as opposed to night, it can mean a time period as in "back in my grandpa's day..." Anyway, thought that was interesting! :) ~Tara

CrossView said...

We do this, too. And I'm so glad we're not the only ones... ;o)

The Gang's Momma! said...

Without Wax blog recently posted a funny list of random thoughts and unanswered questions. Kinda like this. Made me giggle then. Kinda like you made me giggle just now.