Saturday, September 26, 2009

Studies of a big blue variety...

Every so often - in the few weeks that we've been officially "doing school" - I wish I could figure out a way of doing things "Better".


I'm silly.
I believe this was God-ordained for us to use text books this year.
But then I see other people able to do fun stuff in their schools.
Mini-Me wanted to put out food and flour to check for tracks, but I had to point out to her that all we would get would be cats and maybe a skunk. Our neighbor hood is critter poor.

So when she was assigned a Mammal poster/report, she jumped at the chance.
She had to choose a Mammal to report on - and her first choice was the Blue Whale.


We started looking for information -- and found a really good "channel" at National Geographic.
They even have a video of a rare sighting of a BABY Blue Whale - which are RARE. We watched the video -- and I'm nearly embarrassed to admit it....but I cried.

One thing she learned was that a Blue Whale's heart is the size of a Mini-Cooper.

So today, we went on a hunt for a mini-Cooper.
The Salesman I talked to (I wanted to ask permission) was happy to oblige us - even moved the Mini out of it's parking place so the kids could stand next to it.

The kids were thrilled. Especially Mini-Me. -- who stood by a mini-Cooper. :-) and hopefully, that will be a not so mini-Memory.


Christa said...

Sounds like fun! I'm excited to check out the website later this evening!

Kelli said...

How very cool! You're such a great mom!

jugglingpaynes said...

I think you should put out the flour anyway. Tracks are tracks. You may only get a cat or skunk tracks, but it is a start. Your darling daughter is exhibiting the early warning signs of future naturalist/biologist. I've seen it before. :o)

And that was a fantastic idea with the mini-Cooper! I'm sure the salesman had high hopes that you might want to take it for a spin after the picture! You are doing a wonderful job with them!

Peace and Laughter,

Anonymous said...

I haven't left a comment in awhile, so I thought I would just say Hi. My dh has a mini-cooper back on the mainland in storage. Someday, it will drive again!

CrossView said...

We do fun stuff, too. Just NOT everyday. So the fun stuff is more memorable...
I used to try for the fun everyday idea but there were too many things falling through the cracks. So we'll take a day off now and then to do the weird experiments and whatever.
The search for a Mini Cooper is a great idea!