Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Necessity warrants...

Sometimes I wish everything else would stop while we do our school.
There would be no hunger, which leads to the stopping of school work, the cooking of something edible, the whining when the food is not appealing to a child (Which leads to further hunger in said child), the eating of the food and .... lather, rinse, repeat.

The other thing that I wish would handle itself -- would be laundry.
School takes nearly all day. Then comes that time when I have to start the whole fighting hunger thing with dinner... (didn't I just feed them?). You see where I'm going with this??


Homelife is full of cycles. hmmm....much like a washing machine.

I ended one cycle today.
If necessity is the mother of invention - it's also the buyer of another laundry basket.

mini-me has been unable to locate certain garments all week.
It's been a constant hunting through the laundry. Today, I ran yet another load of laundry in order to find her said garments...I told her that if there were ANY clothes in her room that needed to be washed, she'd better make certain they ended up in the dirty clothes.


So that's where the missing garments were....no wonder we couldn't locate them using normal seek and find techniques.

"Everyone get your shoes on!" I called out. The "all call" from my mouth to their ears that we're about to leave the house and they'd better move it.

Sometimes I LOVE having a loud voice.

Mini-Me asked, "Why are we going to the stuff mart?"

I just grinned at her.

"We're going to go get me a laundry basket, aren't we?"

"Why yes, yes we are."
I'd been promising that if she didn't get her dirty clothes to the proper laundry receptacle that she would have to start doing her own laundry. So, after finding a weeks worth of the lost items suddenly in a nearly empty dirty clothes basket, I knew it was time.

She's smart. She figured it out, too. I knew she would. Then she tried another bit of logic. I guess she thought it would stop my forward momentum. "I'll TEACH you." was my reply.

I would have inserted an evil chuckle right then but that might have been too much drama, so I abstained. I have to tell you, it took a great amount of will power.

so we survived the trek to the mart.
Mini-Me has a laundry basket.
Now if she can't find garments -- it certainly won't be my fault.
Just like it wasn't my fault this time.

I like that.

I think I'll throw that evil chuckle in now....


I feel better.


The Gang's Momma! said...

Oh, girl. I love the way you think. I am similarly twisted in my bent. "Don't want to follow the rules? Here, do it yourself!" :)

I tell myself that my daughters-in-law will love me and thank me. Maybe even fall down and kiss my feet.

And it's one less load of laundry I have to oversee.

Yay us.

jugglingpaynes said...

Oh thank you! I needed that laugh! It has been a long day of following around my 7 y.o. and her 8 y.o. friend. How two children can pull out that many toys and clothes in a few hours is beyond me. Viva socialization. :oP

Peace and Laughter,

TryonMom27 said...

This was funny.

I do have to say that the best thing I ever did for my home was to teach my older children (now 10, 8, and 6) for to wash laundry. I started when my oldest was 5. I also start when they are preschoolers teaching them how to divide laundry. My 4 and 6 do that with me now. So, while this may intend to keep her from griping that she can't find clothes (which is clever,) you may also solve one of those silly cycles that gets in the way. Laundry is simply part of their chores. If they drop the ball, I take their free time. :)

We do laundry on Mondays (washing everything all day) then play laundry game. This week we were out all day monday so we washed all day today. Tomorrow, during AM chore time, we'll play laundry game and then put it all away. On a good week, we have all laundry washed and folded by 5pm.

Enjoy this. It may actually simply your life. :)

Kelli said...

I bet you prefer the term "evil genius" don't you? :)

Katidids said...

I love child labor!! Let them learn young! Leaves you more time fir the feeding and stuff....untill they get old enough for the feeding & stuff