Monday, September 7, 2009

Things Heard round the Laundry Pile...

Just this evening I was reading a hidden picture book to Bubbles. It's one of those that you lift the flap to reveal the picture.

The hidden picture was a mosquito eating a watermelon.

Bubbles informed me that "Mosquitoes hurt my feelings."

I had no idea...they usually just make me itch.

Speech Therapy can often be the fodder for much said by J-man.
Sometimes though, he's pretty focused on the task at hand.
This last week was not one of those days.

He was working on words that began with the "r" sound.

He told our Therapist that "I want to be a grocery shopper when I grow up."

Our ST thought maybe he meant something like a manager. So she asked him.

He shook his head, "No. I want to be a grocery shopper." then he got this "well, you should know" look on his face. "You know. because I don't want to be an animal rescuer. Because rescuing animals and saving them would be a lot of work." With this supremely austere look on his face, "So I want to be a grocery shopper when I grow up."

He didn't want to hear about the fact that he was a grocery shopper when he went with me to the store. Mostly because he knows that he's pretending to be a spy when he's running down the vacant aisles and rolling on the floor.

He told her again..."I want to be a grocery shopper."

Alrighty then.

Another word at the same session was "Raise".

So he started immediately talking about "Mini-me's game. She can raise people from the dead." -- just so you know, she's playing Final Fantasy XII. (Actually, The Professor is doing MUCH helping in her quest to beat the game. She really, deep down, just wants to watch the movie cut scenes. Though she insists that's not entirely true.)

J-man continued, "She can bring people back if they die - but it's complicated."

Our ST said, "There's only one person I know of that's done that. Do you know who that is?"

J-man said, "Who?"


"Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah." long pause "It's complicated."

He's five. I laughed.
We'll talk about it not being complicated another time when it's not in correlation with a video game.

The things we talk about....would probably make people roll their eyes at us - -but it's certainly never dull.


jugglingpaynes said...

*snicker* I love your kids.

When we were little, one of my cousins wanted to work at McDonald's when she grew up. Maybe that's the difference between homeschoolers and public school kids? I would rather be a grocery shopper myself...Oh, wait.

Peace and Laughter,

Halfmoon Girl said...

That's great! Being a grocery shopper can be hard work too though, at least for me! I love the things kids say.

Dapoppins said...

Ha, yesterday in a conversation with my son, who is OBSESSED lately he managed to turn a talk about following rules and what to do about school bullies into what the best gave for a Nintendo DS might be.

Dapoppins said...

said son is 11