Friday, June 15, 2007

Howard, who? - from my most ancient of archives...

My first blog was in Yahoo!360. I was cleaning out the folder and stumbled upon this entry. I love it - and want to keep it forever and ever.
~From my most ancient of archives ~
From October 6, 2006 -
- it still makes me laugh ~

Today, I declare, is a MONDAY!
It's been a Monday all day long, too. And it's only noon.

Actually, it hasn't been awful, just not "normal" - whatever normal may be.
The day started with me knowing that I was going to take Mini-E to the Pediatrician. I had a strong suspicion that she had an ear infection. She hadn't been sleeping the night since Thursday night - and not really napping like normal. No fevers, by the way. My kids rarely do, though.

I call the office at 8:15. "Can you be here at 9?" - I was still in my jammies so the answer was no. We had an appointment for 10:20. Great. Time to shower and get dressed.

Got the shower done. Was in the process of putting contacts in my eyes and gel in my hair when a sword fighting duel breaks out between J "the hero" (he's got a cape on)
and G "the villain" (because someone has to be when J puts on the cape. He insists that he is "Batman, or Bible man, or Spiderman" - they all sound alike when he says them.

So, G, the villain says "Come out and fight me, Howard!"
I about lost my contact...I try not to appear to laugh - "what did you say?"
"Come out and fight me you Howard!"
"okay,' I say nonchalantly, "Just checking." Inwardly I'm rolling with laughter. I'm not sure how he heard "Howard" when the word was "Coward" but hey...he's a villain. They don't have to explain anything until the final scene. So off they fight.

Pediatrician's office is surprisingly busy...The receptionists tell me that they are having a "monday" too. :-) We get into the exam room and Mini-E has filled her diaper just in time to be weighed by the nurse. So I change her and we get her weight - 20lbs 1.5oz. She's getting big and yet she's still the small one in the bunch.

Dr. K has to clean out Mini-E's ears. They are full of earwax but it must be done. He unearthed 2 nasty ear infections. We know they are due to the teething that's going on in this poor baby's head. She's been very jolly through it all - just not sleeping.

We get an appointment for an ear recheck and we head home (I had forgotten to get a check book refill) and then the pharmacy. 3 meds for E (it's never a good sign when the Pediatrician gives you a script for Tylenol with Codiene and eardrops for the pain along with the anti-biotic) - A trip to McDonald's for Me. (Pretty much, that's the reason I go to McDonald's. I don't want to fight the kids and chaos to make a lunch after that Monday.) --- And home again home again jiggety jig.

So Everyone's eaten.

Mini-E's napping in her carseat.

Suddenly, G & Mini-Me are wrestling and J-man joins in.
I was catching up on some blog reading while I ate - and Mini-Me is protesting (I think she felt ganged up on) and suddenly she starts crying true tears of pain. I was already about to tend to J-man for wrestling when Mini-Me didn't want to (that's against the rules here - just like you don't sword fight someone who doesn't have a sword). And as I'm about to administer punishment - I realize what he'd done.

So instead of disciplining him for aggressive behavior (I think I need a penalty box. It works for grown men with hockey sticks) - I have to discipline him for biting his sister on the butt.

Much to her chagrin - G thinks it's slightly funny. I guess I do, too (slightly), but I won't admit it.
I give her ice. "What's this for?" She asks through tears of pain and indignation. "Your bottom" (G giggles - he doesn't know he's in for a scolding, too.) She sat on it for a while. While I scolded G for not obeying and sitting and finishing his lunch. "You're not helping - sit down and eat" said in my best mom voice.

So now. It's time to get school work done to the best of our abilities - it's no wonder I'm not having much luck with adding other curriculum - before I have to get dinner ready early. I have a meeting I need to attend tonight.

I guess - even though it's a Monday. It is rather a funny sort of day...and I want to face the world and say --- Come out and fight me, Howard!

And from: October 11, 2006

Picture it, if you will.....

The villain and the hero position themselves for battle.
Swords in hand and knees bent they are ready for battle.
They face each other.
It is a tense moment.

"Come out and face me, Howard!" Yells the villain hoping to get his digs in to the hero and shake his confidence.

"MO o OM! G called J-man a coward!" Hollers the damsel in the wings. She is, after all, the keeper of the rules.

"No he didn't," was my reply as I put a contact in my eye (rhyme is unintended), "he called him Howard."

"Oh," she starts to say logically, "he thought it's an "h".... " But it's too late, her logic falls on deaf ears.

Plastic strikes plastic, and the battle has begun.
It's not long before the Bible-Bat-SpiderMan hero needs his cape readjusted as the villainous older brother says "Take it to Mom." (I am after all supreme High wardrobe mistress....)

A day in our house is just not complete without a sword fight....


Halfmoon Girl said...

I love the Howard story! Cracks me up to hear that kind of stuff from my kids. I love listening to my 4 year old sing our national anthem.

Katie said...

Oh yes Howard. Perhaps a good name for a dog?

Anonymous said...

i can't wait to call someone a howard...
too funny..

don't you love rereading...

Jenn4Him said...

Memory Lane.... It's nice to revisit days gone by.

Melanie said...

"Howard" is just too funny. I think having to tell J-Man not to bite his sister on the butt is hilarious. I don't know how you did it with a straight face!!

jugglingpaynes said...

I'm annoyed with you! Why didn't you tell me this story for my contest?
Now you'll have to remember it when I have another contest. I'm all inked out. ;o)

Say hello to Howard for me.

Peace and Laughter,

Vicki said...

Come out and fight me, Howard!

ROFL!!! I can't wait to use that on my sword fighting son!! I'll win as he contemplates it!!