Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Birthday on the Brain...

Back in February, Bubbles turned 4. She had a distinctive list of things she wanted.
A Crazy Castle, like the one J-man had.
A princess
a puppy and a cat
and a purple bicycle.

When you give me a specific list, you will get what you ask for. Most generally. I mean - if it sounds boring, I'll not get it.

Just a few weeks ago, J-man turned 6. OH MY GOSH!!!
I'll sit here and think on that.

For his birthday he wanted an Indiana Lego toy. A few Star Wars Lego people. Super Mario Galaxy 2 (it's on back order) a new DS game and a movie - if it wasn't too expensive. (His words.)

He got what he wanted and then some.

So now, we have birthday on the Brain.

Any time Bubbles sees something she might want, she says "I want it for my birthday." She doesn't quite see the correlation that she's already HAD her birthday. And with G-man's birthday coming up in June, we'll probably have more birthday on the brain.

For my birthday, I decided to get myself a new CD deck for the van. I miss having a CD player. We have a radio that works - but when we're traveling with the kids - I'm constantly shifting stations. Around here, we have 1 Contemporary Christian station, 1 Christian station with preaching and soft gospel, there's a Jazz Station that i would listen to if I could find it twice in a row, 2 oldies stations, one station that plays songs from the 80's. (Seriously????) we have some rock stations and scads of country stations.

I really. Really. REALLY missed my CD player.

So the Professor let me go forth and purchase. I found one, with the help of some friendly guys at Best Buy - One had the unique name of Nait. His mom named him that. It's not short for Nathan. It's not Nate. It's Nait. His managers said it was too confusing. So they made him misspell his own name on his name tag.

Being a big proponent on Naming - I nearly got mad for him.
But that's a blog post for another day.

I ended up with a low dollar Sony - and I'm so thrilled with the new CD. They installed it and We discovered something about Chevy's we didn't know. They ran all their electronics through the radio. However, only 8 percent of their vehicles have the radio that actually shows the read outs. So when you change out stereos, you have to buy a part. Or the electronics won't work.

For instance, a guy bought a new stereo. He refused the extra part. So Best Buy installer guy said "Then I won't put the stereo in, because it will mess up." So the guy took the radio and did it himself. Best Buy Installer Guy told me, "He came back later and said 'you were right'. He was in a wreck and because he didn't have the part, his air bags didn't deploy. His insurance company found out and refused to pay.

So we grit our teeth - pay for Chevy's mistakes (AGAIN) and move on.

I have a CD player again!!!
We dusted off our Veggie collection and -- I got tired of it quickly. So I put in Hillsong Kids "Jesus is my Superhero" ... Is it possible to outgrow Veggie music?? I was rather concerned.

The Professor's birthday is in June, too. ;-)
He wants a sword.

Happy birthdays abound in the Laundry pile.


Kelli said...

Happy way early birthday. ;) Music is always a good idea for a birthday.

TobyBo said...

oooooh, a sword. Now that is fun. If you want I shall ask Miss Language to send her friends over with advice on what you should buy him.

Mother Mayhem said...

I get excited about birthdays too! :o)