Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What she said...

Huh. I've lost a follower.
I don't know if that makes me sad or amused.
Me + "followers" = surreal.
I mean, I walk into walls. or store mannequins.

But really what I wanted to tell you were two conversations ...about me.

Mini-Me saw me in an aqua colored t-shirt.
"Mom, you look great! Is that a new shirt?"

It is.
And now it's my favorite one.

Then last night, J-man was being funny. He tickles himself to no end, by the way.
He was pushing on me and laughing (it was part of the chase and tickle game).
I walked away for some reason -- He told me "you have a santa claus girl tummy"

He's rolling on the floor with gales of laughter, it was hard not to laugh, too.

Still makes me wonder why we wanted him to talk??


NeeCee said...

Okay, I'm such a goofball! When I first read your entry, I thought, "Oh, I hope I wasn't the one to stop following her." DUH!! LOL

Just yesterday, I had dumped a few blogs that I wasn't really reading anymore and my first thought was I accidentally took yours off, not stopping to think, if I had, I wouldn't be seeing your entry now. LOL

Dapoppins said...

Hey, I thought the same thing.

TobyBo said...

lol, well, you made me realize for some reason I had never clicked the follow button so now I have and so you should be about even. :)

Holly said...

Those are adorable conversations!! Holly

The Gang's Momma! said...

Well, I'm still here. Not going anywhere. Even if you don't post in a coon's age. LOL ;P

But I did sort some of my posts and blogs this morning. I'm not feeling well enough to hit the ground running so sitting and being "hard core" about the blogs I really care about and connect with seemed easier.

Till I came here. Now I feel guilty, like I should have written a Dear John letter to the blogs I "dumped." Only, if they were really connecting with me and really knew me, they wouldn't have been needing to be dumped.

Wait, this is starting to sound like a bad D!$ney tween movie. . .