Saturday, December 12, 2009

What exactly should I say?

I must confess that I'm not exactly sure what to say lately.

Life is rather boring around the laundry pile.

The two big kids have found that if they work hard at their school work they can be done before lunch time. Which is great, but the constant questions of the morning school rush can be a bit much for me. Especially when the two littler kids want attention, too.

They're enjoying this race to beat the clock - and each other. So I guess we'll make it work for us.

The weather here is down right frigid. I love it.
Don't get me wrong. I'd rather be cold than hot any day.
But we're not used to such cold weather until the end of January. So it's been rather a trip to see frost and frozen tundra before Christmas.

I did manage to get all my shopping done.
The Professor did shop for me. I have "stuff". Which makes me happy.
I love getting gifts! So to know that it's 'stuff' from my hubby and not just a single gift, makes me giddy.

I'm rather looking forward to 2010.
The new adventures that we'll have. New things to begin.
It should be quite fun.

I finally understand why some bloggers have two or more blogs!
I mean, if that's what you wanted to do, as a blogger, more power to you.
But with all the story lines going on in my head, I decided I needed another blog for the other side of my brain. For story ideas or non-mommy things. I went with LiveJournal. I'd toyed with it several years ago. I wanted some place that my characters could say whatever they wanted to say without the mommy-blog getting in the way.

And I think that's one reason I have not much to say. Life is good and continuing on. God still sings over me constantly. But my writing has been focused on the novels and fiction in my head. It makes me laugh because I never thought I'd have so much to write about. Now to figure out how to pay attention to life -- so I have something to BLOG about.

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Kelli said...

:) I tried to decorate in phases, but I lost steam after the third phase.