Sunday, December 20, 2009

I admit it....

The write up is perfectly me. Really.

Of course, my love language is gifts. Truly. Every time I take the "love languages" test, in any form, gifts is THE TOP result.

So I'm not ashamed to admit this.
Not at all.

Your Holiday Wish is Lots of Presents

Your favorite thing about the holidays is all of the great gifts you score. Hey, at least you're honest!

You try to be as patient as you can during the holidays, but you can't help wondering what sort of presents you'll be getting.

Each year you have your heart set on a few items, and you're over the moon if someone gets them for you.

You may think it's better to receive than give, but you do your best to get everyone on your list a great present. You know how important gifts are!


Kelli said...

:) Me too!! And that is okay.

Halfmoon Girl said...

love it. Proud of your honesty, lol!

Halfmoon Girl said...

Hahahahaha. This was mine:
Your Holiday Wish is Peace on Earth
You don't need anything personally during the holidays. You're not the materialistic type.
All you ask for is a little peace. At home, while you're out and about, and for the world at large.

You believe that there's too much human suffering and pain. And you're doing what you can to change it.
It just wouldn't feel right for you to focus on presents. You think the holidays are so much more than what's under the tree.

Since I am so deep and selfless, I think you should give me all your presents.