Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Notes and happenings...

I am thrilled.

No - wait.

I'm beyond thrilled. I'm most likely just simply ecstatic.

I'm sitting here, on the couch, not at a desk.


With my computer (The best gift ever) in front of me. Logged in to the internet.


I never thought this day would come. A Laptop computer AND a wireless router.

Pure, nerdy bliss.

I installed the wireless router today. It wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be. My brother, Uncle Kicks-butt, even called to check to see if it was all working properly.

I told him that it was, indeed, so far. "It was almost too simple."

But we're now connected to the internet with three computers. The kids were absolutely overjoyed today. They hopped over to so they could actually "see" each other online. Then they popped over to Webkinz to wave at each other. Then -- last but not least - poptropica. Just because they could. Then Mini-me got bored and went back to playing Diner Dash.

What was I doing?? Sitting in my kitchen - typing and alternatingly connecting to the internet. Just because I could.

That's what I've been doing the last couple of days. Type type typity type.
It's fun getting all the thoughts out of your head and into print. So -- I've been having fun.

But I feel like I've been neglecting you. Of course, it's tough to blog when you have to share the internet with 3 other people. And a computer with a hubby who really likes gaming - and the best graphics card is on the computer that you use to blog. (I am not going to fix that syntax.)(I'm not sorry, either.)


Now I can connect to the internet - and blog and check up on you. Though, I am really really behind in my blog reading. I'm still here, though.

It looks like Blogger has made some changes since I was busy. Or not paying attention. Or busy not paying attention.

I've lost a follower.
I barely knew you.

And now I can make a friends list??

Is the day coming that would combine blogger with something like facebook??

If that happens, I may have to stage an intervention just for myself.

We've slipped into summer mode, I think.
Less school and more play. Though, that didn't work so well on Tuesday. It was kind of cranky around here. I had to warn the older kids that if this was the way things were going to happen, then they'd better get ready for school work.

Mini-Me and g-man will still have math over summer. G-man still needs to work on his phonics and reading proficiency. J-man wants to read, so that will be our summer project. That and getting him to hold a pencil. He simply doesn't seem to get it.

Mini-E saw my shirt that had our state's name on it -and said "O". So her horning in on J-man's classes is paying off. It made me laugh and actually look forward to a bit of summer school.

The professor is working long and hard hours right now. There is a push at his work. It will be around for the next month. Then, he exepcts, it will be quiet once again. His birthday will be at the end of June. He'll be 40. He doesn't look 40...he's always acted about 30, anyway. He wants games for his birthday.

Which will work so much better now that I have a lap top. Which is the best gift ever.

So what have you been doing while I've been head down typing?


Holly said...

Congrats on the new technology!! Holly

Mother Mayhem said...

Redneck-o-rama 2009. It's okay. I survived. ;o)

TobyBo said...

Xanga connects to Facebook. Just saying. I have a Xanga but not a Facebook for reasons I mentioned today.


The Gang's Momma! said...

Congrats on your new toy. I would love an interface btw FB and blogger. I think my head would explode. I'm already way to addicted. I'd need an intervention. But wouldn't it be dreamy?! :)

Love your other recent posts. Been staying away from blogger and reader for a few days (okay a week or so) to recharge and refocus. Didn't help. Still addicted. And now I have writers block too. :)

See ya around FB. It's so much less pressure when I'm trying to focus on real life. . . . Will be back to blogging soon tho. Got a good one floating around it there, just gotta nail it down and figure it out.