Friday, May 8, 2009

Free To Be Me..

The first line in this song is "at 20 years of age - I'm still looking for a dream"

I'm 35. I have a dream...

but the rest of this song fits.

Perfection is my enemy, too.
I often feel like I've nothing to bring...

God lets me be me.
I don't have to be my Mentor -- I don't have to be what other people think/want me to be. I certainly don't have to be what religion dictates.

With God, I'm free to be me.

I'm so very grateful!!!


The Old Gray Mare said...

I like this song too!

Mother Mayhem said...

I told you that you two have the same taste in music! :o)

Free to be me...

Kelli said...

:) Be you!!!

Halfmoon Girl said...

sing it sister! We like this song up here too.

Paula Vince said...

Great song and lyrics.
Loved your last post too. We are pulled in so many directions, it's a wonder we ever have dinner ready on time at all!
Blake loves "Iniana Jones" on the Wii too! Maybe when he and J-Man are older, they ought to be penpals like Mini-Me and Emma. Blake turned 4 on March 26th so I'd better mention his birthday on the blog.
Pleasure to visit as always,

Paula Vince said...

Ooops, what was I thinking? He turned 5 at the end of March. I don't why I typed 4. My baby boy is a big school boy.