Saturday, May 23, 2009

Emoting, Quotable Quotes and a Birthday Surprise...

It has been an emotional ride around here --- in a laundry basket.

I try, I do, to stick with my laundry pile theme.
It's not always easy, though. Sometimes I have to stretch it out.

So the emotional roller coaster that has been life in the Laundry Pile hasn't really been noteworthy or overly blog worthy. It has been, however, very lifey.

I honestly thought we were going to have to send Shaggy to be with Jesus. I'm not sure we aren't - but we're working with what we've got. So that is one emotional item off the list.

Child-sized training has been emotional. For me and for them. It's taking a LOT of energy. They are ALL having mental growth spurts that is keeping me on my proverbial toes.

I will not complain about the weather (that will make an awesome blog post, too.) God has blessed us with much rain and we've had to stay inside a lot. The weather was nice for a couple of days -- awesome in fact. Then we noticed the mosquitoes.

I might complain about those. G-man is highly allergic to their nasty little bites and swells up nicely and itches for days and days and days.

The professor has been working long, stressful hours (Oh - which I don't mind, really, I know WHY he's working those long hours -- but the fact that his employer doesn't see the treasure that he is -- just makes me ... it makes me ......


Being an emotional, heart-felt person is never easy during emotional times - when emotions are high.

How many emotions can I stick in a sentence???

I was talking to a friend about it, via messages. I just poured out my emotional wreckage to her and she "listened" patiently. And then she spoke (typed) life into my heart. and she pointed out in her wonderful manner that --- Breakthrough is coming!!

Often times, the war gets the worst right before the breakthrough comes.
We often say, "Its darkest just before the dawn". So -- it's been pretty dark.

Yesterday, after talking to my awesome friend, I realized that all this was to try to shake my hope. I have to admit -- it's been shaken like a soda pop. I still feel shook up and uneasy...but breakthrough is coming, and that settles the hope within me.

So -- YAY!! breakthrough is coming ---- But oy!!! until breakthrough happens!

Then today -- I got a kiss from my God and my hubby.
This morning, the Professor was internet surfing. I tried not to pay attention because I thought he was birthday shopping. Then he stood up and said "look at this and tell me what you think."

It was a laptop computer.

I looked at it and we compared a few. We talked about it.
I was told him -- I just keep wanting to ask him "REALLY?!"

He said, "yeah"
We were going to order it from Best Buy and get an upgrade on the RAM. We couldn't figure out which RAM to buy - but then we noticed that the unit was in stock at the local store -- so he sent me there to get it. LONG STORY short (which is good because it could be a blog post on its own) I ended up needing to upgrade to a different laptop and.... well... it's my birthday gift early!!


We don't have wireless internet here, though, the modem is giving off enough signal that I am able to do just about anything I want in the living room. Every good and perfect gift comes from above -- so I'm thanking my hubby profusely and thanking God for this kiss. I love it and never thought it would be possible so soon. I figured in a few years. Tee Hee...I'm giddy!!

Our quotable quote -- Mini-E & Mini-Me were my companions to the store.
Mini-E ran off and I made her sit in the basket.
I let her out while I was wrapping up the paperwork on the laptop -- she decided to make Mini-Me miserable. Mini-Me could not move away often enough because Mini-E was right there to stick a foot in her face. or whatever body part happened to be handy. I think she also used a balloon as a weapon more than once.

Mini-Me earned her battle trophy that day.

On the way home, Mini-E got really quiet. I asked Mini-Me if she had fallen asleep.

Mini-Me said, in no uncertain terms, "No. Apparently. She's quiet. when. she doesn't have any one. to. annoy."

Well said....
it became our quoatable quote for the day. Mini-E does tend to be power mad.

And I have a lap top of my very own!!!!

I wanted to explain the


Mrs. Darling said...

I got my first laptop last Christmas. I know all about the excitment of it!

Hang on things will get better. Its always darkest before the dawn!

jugglingpaynes said...

Marina has had moments like Mini-Me!

I'm glad to hear things are looking up! Take care of yourself!

Peace and Laughter,

TobyBo said...

woohoo! for early birthday gifts. :) Sounds like The Professor is a keeper.

Halfmoon Girl said...

yay! Glad for you and your new laptop! Glad you have hope of things easing. Glad you still have a sense of humour!